Starting chemo in September???

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has a September start date for chemo? I thought I was going to start in August but now looking very like September. The lovely Amazing Maisie’s have such a large group I thought I would defect and start a September thread. I have had 2 WLE ops then an MX as didn’t get clear margins! Had lymph nodes removed with 2 out off 16 positive, now after meeting with onc today am expecting to start chemo round about 4 September and would really like to trade notes with anyone else unfortunate enough to be doing the same. I’m thinking September stars but if anyone’s got a better idea I’m cool with it! I live in Lincoln and it would be great if there was anyone nearby going through the same sh*t!!! Barbs

Hi Barbarella63

Im expecting to get a September start date for chemo, i live in Kent so onther end of country to you. be great to have someone to trade notes with


Yes definitely Sue it is so nice to know you’re not the only one going through this! Had my appt with the Onc yesterday and signed the consent form so no going back now! Felt very real when they gave me the form to get the wig prescription I’ve been putting off buying hats and stuff but guess I’d better get on with it! Am feelinga mixture of wanting to kick cancers ar*e and being scared to death about what the chemo is gonna do to me! at least we can do it together! Xxxx Barbs

Hi both, jury is still out on if i get chemo or not (DCIS, lumpectomy, snb, then anc and only sentinel node affected)
Go to see Onc next Friday and if she decides chemo is the way forward i’ll be September too . Really fed up of the wait to see if I need chemo

Barbarella,Simon the August group but think I will start in Sept so will have duel membership if thats ok? September stars sounds great. Still waiting for my onc appointment but I know once you have seen him everything starts very quick.xx

Hi Sam and Sarah! Four of us already and we are only half way through August! Wonder if we will end up as large as theAmazing Maisie’s! Lets hope not as its so sad to see how many people find themselves in this awful nightmare of a situation! Sam I hope you get an Onc appointment soon, you must be so sick of waiting, and Sarah hopefully you will escape the dreaded chemo but if not, rest assured we will all be here for you as we tackle the b*gger together!! Sam I thought once I saw the Onc things would happen really quickly but for some reason I’ve got to wait another 3 weeks to start! No idea why!! Am booked in for an echocardiogram on 30 August but not got an actual chemo start date…frustrating! Is anyone having radiotherapy afterwards? Big up to us stars I’m sure we will get through and come out the other side together

Oh dear, so sorry to hear you are all waiting to start chemo. I wondered when a September group would be formed. I’m from the February Valentines, and we are all now great friends.
Here is a useful thread, which gives helpful tips on coping with chemo:

Barbs, have you considered trying ‘Cold Cap’ to try to avoid losing too much of your hair? Here is more info about it from the Macmillan site.
This link takes you to information about chemo side effects.

Hope reading this information helps a bit.
It might be worth reading one or two posts from the July or August thread, or even ours (although we are all finished with chemo now and moved onto other treatments).
Wishing you all well, try not to worry too much. It really isn’t as bad as people expect it to be.
Big Hugs
Poemsgalore xxx

Thanks Poemsgalore I have been following the August thread (and poor Sams leaky boob saga) as I was originally told I would def have chemo before they did anc so thought I could sneak into their gang - September is now looking like being more likely.
Barbarella, i’ve got my hand up for the radiotherapy after the chemo (if it happens - small moan about the delay in the onc appointment) followed by tamoxefen

Sam your leaky boob is legendary on this website ha ha!!!
just popping head over fence for a gossip from the August lot!!!

Lol chezzap you’re right there - mind you so is Brenda’s roadkill. At this point I must confess I really wanted to be in August (in a funny sort of way) as you all have such a giggle. I think September must set itself the target of giggling more :smiley:

ha ha yes theres loads of us though
You will have a great group in Sept.
It may help you reading our thread too as we will have side effets few weeks before you. I find reading June thread prepares me for the crap to come!!!
Ill keep bobbing over and see how you are all doing as Barb was gonna be in August first too so still like to keep a virtual eye on her and see how she is doing
keep shining bright stars

Hi I think I will be starting chemo in September like you I have seen onc but as yet not given a start date not that I am in a hurry scared stiff!! In fact.I am 65 and you just seem to think you got life sorted and it comes and kicks you up the bum!! I hope we coath help to get each other though this. Jenny xx

Yes definitely need some humour inject to get us through it!! I too have read all the Augustposts and wanted to be in their gang but now I’m not starting till Sept it seemed a good idea to start a new thread! Chezza check in whenever you like gotta admit to still reading your August threads! Sam your leaking Betty boob is indeed legendary…you’re famous! Lol! yesterday I got a letter inviting me for a smear test! Deep joy that’s both ends out this week wtf???

Hi Jenny welcome to the club no one wants to join! Got a bit trigger happy with your post lol it’s gone on about 5 times hehe

Hiya all, I am starting chemo on the 2nd of september. So that means i can join your gang xxx

Hi everyone I too would like to join the September stars (great name) I had a mx and ANC on 30th July for triple Pos 45mm grade 3 idc, 24/43 lymph nodes affected. Am seeing onc on 28th Aug so should be starting chemo etc soon after. sorry that we all have to be in this horrible place but hopefully can support each other to make this journey less dark and lonely. I live in Warwickshire. Hope you are all ok today under circumstances xx

Hi Hazey and Tracey 2 Morefor our little gang! I reckon Tracey you will be first up so as you are leading from the front you’re the benchmark we are all gonna be comparing ourselves to! Whatcha having at the chemo cocktail lounge? I’m having 3 cycles of FEC (appropriate name as I wish it would all fec off lol) and 3 of Tax am starting to feel a bit scared! They gave me some leaflets outlining the lovely side effects I’m just hoping they are do able! The lovely August ladies are coping really well so I’m determined we are gonna too! Has anyone got a wig yet? I’m going next week, tried on some scarves at home…OMG I look like an egg! Had envisioned a sort of bald Jackie O reality was very different! More like Matt Lucas lol Don’t think it’s gonna be a good look for me! I have had my eyebrows tattooed on though and I LOVE THEM!!! at least thats one set of hair that will not drop out! if i could do my whole head i would! Guess we are gonna need a BIG sense of humour to Get through the next 6 months or so! Btw I’m in Lincoln anyone else near at all? Hope you all have a lovely Sunday doing nice things whilst we still can xxxxx Barbs

Hi Ladies- Sam The Legend with the leaking boob(still) here. (Northants)
Hello to all you other ladies who have now joined the group. My OH found the forum for me, he thought it might help me and he is so right, especially when I am having a bad day.
Barb I am having Rads too, and Tamoxifen (dreading that for 5 years). Lso my picture is me wearing my £7 wig!!! It’s fab not sure the one I will get from NHS will be any better to be honest. I ahve also brought loads of stuff from Annabandana.

Hello all you September Stars and Legends, from a May Moonbeam. Although I started in May I have been enjoying myself so much that I have managed to add two weeks onto the process…by getting neutropenia twice and thus having had to postpone twice. At this rate I may be finishing the same time as you lot. Anyhow the only advice I have for you today is don’t accept a gift of lillies and then wonder (as I have been) why you are sneezing all the time. No need to panic that you are coming down with a cold! Good luck to all and may all your side effects be tiny ones.

Sam I’m loving your wig! Which supplier on eBay did u get it from? How’s the boob? Hi penny that’s rubbish adding weeks to the process what are you like?? Mental note no lilies lol