starting rads on 10th nov

Hi ladies is there anyone else that is starting rads on the 10th november that would like to go on this journey with me for company, i am having 23 sessions thsts 15 plus 8 boosters and will be finished on 10th december all being well


Me too on the same date but with just 15 sessions. I have read in a number of frums about using creams before the sessions start but at my preparation meeting they told me not to. Different hospitals have different instructions.

Hi there,
I wondered if I could join? I started my rads two days ago and am also having 23 sessions (15 + 8 boosters). I used e45 before starting and was given Diprobase by the hospital during my planning session. Some ladies received their cream on their first day. I’m a little pink already but I slather lots of cream on during the day and am keeping my fingers crossed! My appointments are roughly at the same time each day, but unfortunately for me all in the middle of the day.
As far as rads vs chemo argument - I thought this would be a breeze compared to chemo but think I underestimated how draining it is going every day. I suppose I’m surrendering my control and freedom once again to this disease. Now I’ve accepted that I feel much better, so we’ll see how today goes!

I’m currently sitting in the hospital car park killing time as arrived way too early. Just want to get this first session out of the way! I think I’m having 15 fractions plus 4 boost but forgot to ask and don’t remember them saying. Just know 19 in total with the last on the 1st December. It’s just over an hours drive each way so think I’ll be feeling it by the end :slight_smile:

Thanks Boa and Deelush. It went well - arm got a bit achy holding the position so long but the radiotherapy team were just lovely and completely put me at my ease. It’s all a bit Space Odessy with the machine and couldnt feel a thing. just pleased to know what to expect now. I can see that the daily trek is going to get boring very quickly but at least everything’s moving in the right direction. Good luck with yours - not long to go now!

How you doing Mel51 and daltocat x

Just got a call from my hospital , my rads is being delayed by one day, (i was informed previously that there may be a possible appointment change so no great surprise there)  so will be starting on Tuesday 11th now instead got 11.50 a.m time slot so should be all good to go on tuesday .

deelush x

Hi ladies


I too start my radiotherapy tomorrow (10th) so can I tag along to the group of fellow zappees?


I’m having my treatment in Guildford and am on the IMPORT HIGH trial 2.  I have the intense radio in the tumour bed in the same session as the regular radio to an area surrounding the tumour bed then no radio to the remaining breast.  My total number of sessions is therefore reduced from 23 to 15 so I shall be finished by the end of November. My journey without traffic is about half an hour each way and apart from tomorrow at 11.20 I’m hoping most of my sessions are at about 4 p.m. so I can go home and take things easy for the rest of the day.  I had my 10 mm Grade 3 tumour removed at the end of August so I’ve had quite a wait for radio.  The surgeon found some LCIS surrounding the tumour but I decided not to have a re-excision, so that delayed starting the radio.  My onc said that as I had choices and was referred to him, the decision to have radio and Letrozole was a good one so I’m keeping very positive.


Won’t it be wonderful to get the radiotherapy out of the way and put the procedures side of all this behind us.

Diane xx

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in replying. It’s been a busy few days. The rads this week have been fine but quite a few delays and I always seem to turn up early ?. Skin a little pink but not sore, but the hospital told me its be the end of the second week before any reaction will start. Let’s hope it’s minimal! I’ve been trying to limit the amount of water on the breast area and limiting showers until gym days and applying the cream three times a day. We’ll see if it works.
I didn’t think it was having much impact on me physically, but I was in bed on Friday night at 10.30 and slept until 9am - wow! Been a long time since I’ve done that! I also fell asleep on the sofa for an hour Saturday afternoon whilst the Xmas cake was in the oven! I now feel refreshed for a new week of rads.
Hope you’re all getting on well. How’s everyone’s skin holding up?

Forgot to answer the questions I was asked! Doh - chemo brain!
I got all of my appointments at my planning meeting and was given Diprobase to use throughout treatment. I used e45 on the run up to the treatment to get it all moisturised up!!

Thinking of you all today :slight_smile:

Deelush x 

Good luck all starting today! X

Hi Forties and welcome to the november rads club, sorry to hear your  having  such a poop time dealing with different things, but hopfully this is the last hurdle to concur then we can all enjoy christmas and hopfully  be in a betrer place by then than we were several months ago. I got diagnosed on valentines day and it seems such a long hard year cant wait to see the back of it,.

take care hope it all goes well for you , keep us posted

deelush x x 

Hi ladies

I’m, back from my first session, so 1 down 22 to go ;/

i left a little earlier than i needed to as wasnt sure about traffic in this horrid rain we are having, it was a good job too, as i had to drive round and round the allocated car park (free parking with a ticket if your a rads patient) for about ten minutes to find a place. Its a multi storey carpark and i hate them i went up all levels to the top then back down again and ended up with a space at the bottom, typical. 

I walked into the dept at 10.40 my time slot was 10 50 and they were running a little over but i got changed had a sit down and waited, was called in had a quick chat got sorted then had zaps and i actually left at 11.47

so wasnt too bad, i am by nature quite patient when it  comes to treatment appointments and delays etc, as long as i can get my daughter to and from work withourt problem then i dont mind waiting, my times for the rest of the week were sorted whilst i was being treated and they fit in just fine this week, she took my daughters shifts for next week as she said i needed to be given a bit of priorty over times seeing as i was resposible for my daughter, which i thought was lovely of her, (she actually wispered so noone would hear lol)    but by the looks of it all the other patients in my treatment room were pensioners so i guess she was just thinking they would be more flexible than me, made me feel quite special, lol there were three ladies today doing my treatment and they were all lovely and introduced themselves to me, wish they wore badges on their tops with their names on as i forgot them all vy the time i had left lol.

so tomorrow im in at 17.20 traffic will probably we worse coming home than going but hey what can you do about it we got to have our treatment.

hope your all doing ok and everything is going to plan, take care

deelush x x 


There are 11 treatment rooms at my hospital all with their own little waiting area, the top i wear for the procedure is supplied by the hospital and its stored in a box at the end of each session with your own number, so when i arrive today it’s, , appointment card into the box outside the room i am being treated in, so they know i am there, then collect my top out my box, then into changing room, then wait to be called in, then its back out get changed and top back into box. Its a very good system, the top i have to wear has press studs down the front and across the shoulders, so i get onto the bed the the ladies just unpop me and fold my top down to just below my breasts, when finised they fasten me back up and away i go, , simples lol.

deelush x x


sorry to hear your having to deal with the shock of something that you were not aware of, do people not understand how it affects us by keeping details from us when we should be told, i would be wanting to ask the consultant the question of why were they not removed and hopefully getting an answer that puts your mind at ease, it not good enough to simply so they were cancerous with out any further explanation, its your body and you have a right to know why the deciaions were made on your behalf, there may be a perfectly good reason why they were not removed, but you need this information to understand it, i would deffinately be on the phone asking to speak to him/her dont carry on worrying, its not good for you to worry.a little reassurance goes a long way.

deelush x x 

Hope all of your rads sessions go smoothly and ate on time today. May there be a parking space available when you arrive, just to slide into as if it was made for you! Let’s face it, fate owes us at least that :slight_smile:
I’m doing well. Day 9 today and a little pink but skin holding up still. A few shooting pains in the evening, but that’s normal I’m told.Struggling with sleeping the last two nights, so looks like this weekend will be another snooze fest!
Busy day today: rads, haircut then Kylie!! I’ll pay for it tomorrow I’m sure!
Have a good day,

3 down 20 to go x x

Well ladies,
Kylie was her fabulous self and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Forties - I too wore a bra and had a couple of drinks! Well, it’s Kylie isn’t it?!
On day 10 today and skin seems fine apart from a breakout of red spots which is apparently due to the Diprobase blocking my pores. I need to put a thinner layer on - easier said than done! It’s like trying to spread treacle!
Well, it’s another miserable day here so at least I’m not missing out on the beautiful weather! Off to the gym now to try and fight the chemo bulge.
Have a good day,

Hi ladies,

glad you both had a good time last night with the lovely Kylie. Glad your zaps are going well. And yes  Forties i get a new set of bright purple ink marks on me every day, i have a packet of wipes in my hand bag and as soon as i get back into the changing room i wipe it off , well as much as i can manage, stubborn stuff, it does come off in the shower though with the simple soap. off for my fourth zap at 16.15 today then we all get the weekend off for good behaviour.

oh and Boa i had a young male nurse in for my session yestersay, he was very pleasent , i just lay down and let them do their stuff not worth getting flustered or embarrassed about, bet he has seen plenty over the day and i was the last one in last night so didnt let it bother me, thats not to say that i wouldnt rather have just ladies because beleive me i would, but i reckon there are more men that have seen my boobs over the last 9 months than in my entire life lol .

take care

deelush x x