Stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND) (Part 1)

Hi everyone,
Have read a couple of threads on here that have made me angry today, maybe the tamoxifen?? First being that people would pretend to have cancer on this forum and another, people spying on very personal statements and heartfelt private stories, as someone else said why don’t they just ask? Made me feel sick that some people now on here feel they have to edit their feelings, how very, very sad, as I have felt relaxed and comforted by the comments I have received over the last few months.
The next rant is feelings of guilt or being made to feel guilty because you have not received chemo or not received rads, or not had a mx or had no node involvement etc. What everyone has to realise is that we all have bc . We didn’t want it, there are no feelings of superiority and we all just want to help and support one another certainly not judge or belittle others.
My friend told me a story today about two women who both had bc, one had a small tumour had a lumpectomy, rads and tamoxifen no node involvement, the other lady had a large tumour removed chemo, rads , lymph nodes removed (cancer 18/24), first lady was congratulated regarding being cured and second lady received great sympathy, turns out first lady is now terminal and second lady is living life to the full.
I think that story puts things in prospective, we all matter.


well said, i think u just about summed everything up x

Wow! Here, here katytc XxxX

thank you hjv123 and flutterby80, felt I just had to unload, well had to get things of my chest (pun intended) haha x

tee hee!!

No it is a disgrace that some people can no longer dicuss how they really feel, and also to have feelings of guilt. Terrible! I couldnt have put it better myself. x

hi, flutterby80 very best of everything for you on Wed,will be thinking of you x

like it!

Agree 100% …cancer is cancer , everyone needs support !!!

Couldn’t agree more! I was astonished that someone’s friends(?) or relatives were reading their posts on here, the first thing that sprang to my mind was “eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves”. Unless they have been invited to look they should bog off!

And a message to anyone who feels guilty because their treatment has been less severe than others, DONT, you have been through hell, there is no pecking order as to who is more worthy.

Sorry, I think that ended up being a little rant of my own there! :slight_smile:

DaisyGirl xx


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Some of us are atuned to feeling guilty at the drop of the hat. I know I’ve had lots of stuff happen, but I’ve still felt guilty that I haven’t had the massive SEs that some people have had to put up with. I just can’t help it - at my worst I would wake up feeling guilty that I hadn’t woken up half an hour earlier! So if you’re one of that kind of “feeling guilty” people, don’t make yourself feel guilty about feeling guilty. If that makes any sense…

And most certainly don’t think that anyone who’s going through the mill with treatments feels you’re any less in need of support. It might be “just” grade x, stage y, no need for this treatment or that, but it’s still cancer FFS, nobody going through this will be thinking less of you. If anything, it’ll be people who HAVEN’T been through it might come up with “but you didn’t need chemo so it can’t have been serious”.



I really connected with this thread about feeling guilty. My tumour was quite small and even though I have had chemo and rads I always feel when I see the oncologist and BS that I should n’t make a fuss or ask any questions or should tell them I am fine because I caught mine early and there are lots of people worse off than me!! Irrational??? I still have cancer but I do feel as though mine is minor compared to some people and I should just carry on as normally as I can. Am sat here crying as I write this as I think it has just sunk in (8 months down the road!!) That my cancer is cancer and I shouldnt feel guilty because I found it early! Hope this makes sense and not make me look a complete idiot???

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Norberte, your career as a stand up comedian awaits you!

hi everyone,

maybe I am completely missing the point here, whether you have a small tumour, large tumour, one, two, three etc, etc, why on earth should you feel guilty, why should you feel guilty for having found it early, being given the all clear, or not being as bad as it could have been.

Whether its cancer, or some other disease/ailment, the time to feel guilty is when you make on you have got it when you havent really, I personally know people that use any way they can to get money for their’ailments’ it makes me sick, thats society for you,

I have almost given up being nice, people I seem to come into contact with take me for a mug, maybe I am mixing with the wrong type of people!

Oh god! I forgot about the oxygen!!! Aaarrrgghh!!!

Seriously though, tolliebelle, I’ll shuffle on over and you can come and sit on the guilty bench beside me. I know EXACTLY how you feel, and it’s NOT logic, it’s emotion that does it to us. I try to get through the guilt web (bloody great big guilt spider in the middle of that one - ugh!!!) by acknowledging to myself that I do this guilt thing, and trying to recognise it when it happens, then trying to get on with whatever needs to be done anyhow. It’s a part of me like my hair colour or height (did I really say that? Wish it would go away like my hair did!) but if I acknowledge it to myself I can start to feel guilty but do stuff anyhow and just let the feelings of guilt sit there feeling sorry for itself. Not always easy, not always possible, but it’s something I try to do. And sometimes need someone’s size 11 up the bum to remind me when the guilt stuff gets too firm a hold of me.

Does that make any sense?

Hi to you all,

Thank you for your comments on this thread I say “yeah for the ladies”. I was so annoyed yesterday, still am today! I really feel disgusted by people spying, I realise that it is human nature to be inquisitive but sometimes in some circumstances there are lines that should not be crossed. So if anyone is spying on me you now know how I feel!!
This is a hard journey for us all therefore this forum is especially helpful. I have found that when I was worried and needed reassurance someone on here would reply and I would feel so much more positive, to think that your comments may now have to be guarded is really sad. This is a lifeline for so many people’s fears so to all those spies please take note.
Regarding feeling guilty, that too is human nature and we all do it, DaisyGirl you hit the nail on the head saying there is no pecking order we are each as important as each other!!! You know what I mean, I hope!
Thank you for listening and please feel free to rant, hugs to you all, x Special hug for Tolliebelle x

Hi Again

Thankyou everyone for your hugs and comments. Think just having off day today!! it. Will join you on that bench CM thanks. I met a friend last night who I havent seen for a good few years we were at a 50th birthday party. She has just had mx and started chemo and has suspicious area on her lung and I felt awful that I was doing so well. She is soooooo positive and was actually at the party with her baldy head on show ( I was sitting with hat on even though I have hair now coming through did take it off though!!! ) I think it was seeing her that made me feel bad as she is not having a good time she is back at hospital every other day having wound drained and is sooooo cheeful about it all. She always was a mad person ( In a nice way) and I thought here am I with only a WLE still got boob and started feeling I guilty that it wasnt as bad as hers I KNOW ridiculous!!! but there you go it is amazing how the mind works!

Any way feeling better now thankyou and will not feel guilty anymore!


oh what a fab thread-i had a colleague ask me if the surgeon said that my being overweight had a bearing on my diagnosis ??? had people say-"well-you are lucky aren’t you ? you’ve only had a lumpectomy “eh-yes-and radiotherapy-”-yeah-but that’s not as bad as chemo is it ??also-this is a shameful moment but i loved it-an aquaintance said-"you’re dead lucky aren’t you-you found it from a mammogram-i said-"not as lucky as you-yours was clear !!! but actually-i do feel very lucky but it’s up to me to say it-have felt very guilty that i’m not as badly effectied as some-but i am a catholic and feel guilty just by existing-not trying to be controversial-just honest-guilty is my middle name-nite all-pleasant dreams x

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