Stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND) (Part 1)

And it’s finished. There are several mistakes but, hopefully, only I can see them… and I’m giving it away so they won’t torment me! ?


All knitted in one go so very complicated looong rows but no sewing up! 

Sewing Group is on Tuesday - my first proper one. I think I’m going to make a new outfit for GD’s teddy. That’ll be a talking point! ? Not sure I can concentrate enough to do my counted cross stitch and meet new people at the same time. 

Aah it’s beautiful some baby will have a lovely gift.

Chalet? That sounds very Swiss haha do you have a hot tub?

Enjoy your club today.

Yesterday was cloudy, water was freezing brrr no attempt from me to go in…

We went to bed early last night, the heat is so very tiring, not complaining though.

Forgot to say food is delicious we are breakfast and evening meals. Large variety.

And WiFi is brilliant, a hit or a miss last year’s hotel xx mostly miss xx

Still very rainy here. Some sunny-ish spells and not particularly cold. Hope the weather improves before we go away next week… although we don’t want it too hot!! 

Sewing group was friendly and welcoming. I made a t-shirt and shorts for GD’s teddy. 

Aaaargh! Why won’t it let me put the picture in?! Grrrr. 

Lunch out tomorrow: My monthly meet up with a fellow retired TA. Taxiing OH to a pub so he can lunch with an ex-colleague on Saturday. His friend said I could lunch with them but I’m going to take a picnic and escape for a walk - weather permitting, or I’ll go to a nearby cafe. It’ll mean missing the Wimbledon Ladies Final ? so I’ll have to avoid any news so it won’t spoil it when I watch on catch up! 

No, no hot tub. “chalet” is just a glorified shed. ? Probably similar to a static caravan. Cheaper than a cottage (which are ridiculous prices in August!) but less exhausting/exposed than a tent. ?


Loofy’s new oitfit

Had to use the desktop version of the site to get it to work. In the process of trying to do it, I’ve lost the photo of my bear modelling it and I’ve posted the clothes to Norwich so can’t take it again. Boo hoo. ?

Ooh GD will love, well done magic one, easier than knitting?

Glad you enjoyed club and did you have a nice lunch out both times?

We have arrived back am at YDs we have a christening tomorrow and YD has a dentist appointment so am staying a little longer.

Have been busy with the washing arrrgh am aching not used to hanging out so am really feeling it…also YD has stairs…

Forecast was awful rain supposedly all day but it stayed dry woo hoo so everything is done, brilliant.

GS was just fab on holiday both me and his mum were super pleased and proud, he coped well with everything, all the changes, we have fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow. If he gets overwhelmed we have a plan haha.

Have two outfits to wear trousers or dress think trousers will win, don’t really wear dresses anymore, except the ball gown of course. Xx

Oh my gosh…

Forgot to say there was a rather strong argument between two couples on the plane WHAT??

We watched mesmerized, plane staff calmed things down and other passengers.

When we left plane the couples were met by police, saw one couple being escorted from the airport, don’t know what happened to the other two.

Excitement indeed xx

Good grief! I wonder what that was all about? Not the kind of drama you want to be cooped up with 1000s of feet up in the air?! I expect the cabin crew alerted the police: disturbing the peace or something.

Glad you’re back safe anyway, and that GS coped well with it all. 

I thought you said you weren’t back until 21st? Or is that when you get back to yours?

Hope the christening goes well tomorrow. 

Sewing wasn’t easier than knitting but it was quicker. Didn’t do my hands any good though! 

Lunches were good. On Friday, friend and I had what we saw someone else having, last time we were there, and both of us immediately looked it up on the menu! ? It was a sharing platter of: chicken goujons, breaded mushrooms, onion rings, garlic bread, tortilla chips and wedges with 4 different dips. It arrived on a stand like an afternoon tea. Yum. Yum. I regretted having that on the same day as chippy night though. Couldn’t finish my chips. Couldn’t handle all that fat. ?

Today, I just had a sandwich and pot of tea. I had intended to sit out on the terrace of the cafe, overlooking the lake but the weather dictated otherwise! Dashed in with my tray - and several other diners - as the first few drops of rain fell. Within minutes it was absolutely lashing it down with thunder and lightning! I’d paid the £1 to do the walk around the grounds. Mmm. Maybe not?! Maybe just stay in here until it’s time to pick up OH? However, by the time I’d, leisurely, finished my lunch, it was sunny so I braved the walk. Beautiful blue skies! ? It just started to rain again after I collected OH and we were on the way home. That’s my weather luck all used up?! 

On the FF bench when we got back. Turned on iplayer to watch the Wimbledon women’s final but it wouldn’t let me watch the match from the beginning, only live, and immediately they were showing pictures of the winner holding the trophy aloft. Not the one I wanted to win. ? No point in watching the match now. All the excitement spoiled. Grrrrrrrr. ? I watched some other matches instead. Definitely not going out tomorrow afternoon!! 

I know, crazy or what?

Ooh your lunch sounds tasty will that be choice every time now??

Good you managed your walk too and a chippie tea albeit the chips.

Such a shame about the tennis arrgh enjoy today.

Has GD received new outfit?

Am just lounging around about to have breakfast…

Will be back at mine on 21st, are you looking forward to your holiday, is there a lot to do? Remember and spoil yourself not too much cooking xx

Christening went wonderfully and reception afterwards woo hoo.

GS excelled himself xx

Bleurgh! Up at rude o’clock to take car for its annual pampering and check up. Now in a cafe awaiting delivery of coffee and bacon roll. Sooo glad the Drs appointment was cancelled.

Glad christening went well. What a star the little man has been! ??

Oooh…coffee! ? Ow! Its hot!!

GD went to her hearing appointment and was an angel this time. Phew! Loofy’s new outfit can be her reward… although it hasn’t arrived yet, which is a bit worrying. ? Swimming didn’t go so well as Mama took her, not Mummy, so she refused. Ah well, you win some… ?

Don’t know how much there’ll be to do next week but it’s by the sea and has a “private” garden (and proper beds under a solid roof!) OH won’t want to do much anyway and I plan to walk on the beach. May even swim in the sea! Not done that for YEARS!

Car has clean bill of health. Not even any advisories. Whoop, whoop! (So the service & MOT cost only one arm and no leg ?) 

I’ve spent hours wandering about, sitting reading in cafes and buying the odd bits. When I got fed up, I walked back to the garage to wait there, as they hadn’t called me, and discovered it had been ready ages! Doh!! Don’t feel very well so I’m glad to be home now… Although OH wants me to take him into - the same! ? - town in a bit, for his monthly chippy tea and night out. Hurrah! Peace!

Hurrah for car being sóooo good, makes a huge difference cause you always think the worst. What did you buy? Nice to be out and about on your own.

The hearing test is more important than swimming well done little one.

Maybe magic nana can take her swimming next time you are there?

GS after clinging onto mum for grim death thinks he can swim on his own now haha so am sure she will eventually enjoy.

Weather is lovely today hurrah xx

Weather better here too - although I did just rescue the, dry, “last minute” washing as the sky looked threatening.

Only bought odds and ends yesterday: socks for OH, stick on cable clips for kitchen radio ariel and some of my favourite shampoo that happened to be in a charity shop. All fairly boring! ?

Found an NHS letter on the landing windowsill this morning that OH thought it would be appropriate to dump there! What?! We never put letters there! Good job I spotted it as it was the letter telling me to book my appointment with the carpal tunnel consultant!! OH no! Was hoping that wouldn’t come until after our holiday! Hospital is the scary one involving motorway and city driving ? and impossible parking. Where I went for 3 weeks of RT! Then OH could still drive and he used to drop me off and park at a nearby supermarket and come and pick me up after. Ah well. Needs must. ? Went online to book and the only available appointments are on the 2 days when I’m away on a mini seaside break! Ho hum. Will have to try again when we get back from Yorkshire. The letter doesn’t say I have a time limit…and lots if people are on holiday in July & August?

Talked with YD this morning. She’s planning to visit with GD, and possibly DIL, for the B. Hol weekend as she’s just realised she’s only got 7 days holiday left before January- including Christmas and GD’s October half term!! Noooo! I’ve offered to go and stay for a couple of days in October to help them. If OH stays at home, they can put me up on an airbed in their home office! Or I’ll stay at the pub a mile away so I can walk to and fro.

It’s all happening today and I’m supposed to be getting organised for going away on Friday! ?

Right. Back to sorting out the garden so it’s not a jungle BEFORE we abandon it for 2 weeks!

Have a very lovely holiday, woo hoo?

Hope weather is kind, makes a huge difference.

Goodness you have a lot going on, holidays and hospital, hopefully an appointment can be made soon. It always happens, just typical, when nothing is planned appointment is months away haha.

It will be good if you can help out with GD, more time to spend with her and family. Maybe a magic nana swim??

Am back at home, never going to believe it but train was broken and we all had to be transferred to another because it couldn’t be fixed. Honestly travelled miles no problems, get back and first journey is a disaster…

Have eye test today so can’t be bothered but it’ll get it out the way. Have been tempted to cancel, just being silly.

Later will go along and see ED and family, feels ages since I have seen them xx

Typical about your train, Katy! The simplest journey causes the most hassle?

Hope eye test went OK. I bet the family were pleased to see you.

We made it to our seaside shed. It’s very compact and there are hundreds of other sheds - sorry, “chalets” on the site but it seems reasonably quiet ??. There are minions on my bedroom wall. ?

I found the sea, and an enormous sandy beach, which are just 5 mins walk away, as is the park and ride for Bridlington. The beach has a seaside award and lifeguards so, if the weather picks up, I might get that swim. ?? Plenty to keep me busy. The forecast for the weekend is pretty rubbish though. Knitting and reading might be the order of the day. 

Won’t be able to post on here next week because they’re finishing off the new look website. Let’s hope we don’t all get lost like last time?

Sooooo tired now after 7 hours driving - including lots of stops for OH! Snzzzzz. 

Hope you are having a lovely time and weather is behaving.

It was chilly here, thought summer is over already arrgh.

Was out for lunch yesterday it was yummy, we were there for ages…

Tried to get an appointment at docs, no have to phone at 8 am if I manage to get through, then I will have an phone appointment arranged and then send in pics. Then another phone appointment finding it all very disappointing.

Thinking about moving near you haha x

Ooh! We can post on here! I had an email saying this site would be read only this week so I haven’t bothered trying.

Weather has NOT been behaving. We have had a lot of rain. And a lot more rain. Yesterday, we had some sunshine but there was a very cold wind. OH managed to stagger to the benches on the cliff top and we had takeaway cuppa tea and a yummy scone watching the world go by, huddled up in fleeces and coats. I went back later to walk on the beach as the tide came in. Lovely.

After that marathon effort, he needed a rest today. ? so I’ve been food shopping and had planned a paddle but of course the sun disappeared and the rain started. Again. Should’ve paddled first and shopped after. Ho hum.

OH wants to visit Brid tomorrow but his lack of mobility is really going to make things difficult. Holidays make his deterioration more obvious. I wish he’d swallow his damn pride/stubbornness and use a wheelchair!! I’m trying not to sink onto the CSL bench with frustration. ?

The girls never received Loofy’s new outfit. Boo hoo. Must’ve got lost in the post. I sent them a photo, which they loved. I offered to make another when we get home. Today, YD messaged me because they’ve had a card through for an item with underpaid postage. She’s paid the £1.50 and it will be delivered on Thursday. We’re crossing everything that it is Loofy’s parcel. It’s got to be … surely? ???

Such a rigmarole trying to see your Dr, Katy, I hope you manage to get it sorted. (Though I’d be quite happy if you lived near me!! ?)

Currently hiding in bedroom because he’s got the TV on too loud and it’s too wet to be outside. That’s one thing I liked about camping: no tele!! ?

And we’re back. After I eventually got my reset password email! BUT I am typing this completely blind because the keyboard on my tablet… and phone… completely obscures the text box. Humph! :angry:
Just closed the keyboard to check and I’m amazed there are no errors in the above! But that’s enough. Too much concentration. required. Might have to download the forum app after all. Which will require deleting something else off my full tablet. progress?!

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