stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND) (Part 2)

Hope YD loves her new furniture and the GC don’t wear you out, Katy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on the kn*****ed bench today. Hospital appointment yesterday was, as always, not as much hassle as I feared - why do I work myself up so much about these things? However the anxiety about it - and the memories it brought back, along with the driving etc have worn me out! Definitely not as young, or resilient, as I used to be?! :smirk:

The last time I was at that hospital was, 11 years ago, for my RT, so I relived all that stress on top of that for this visit. The carpal tunnel test only took about 10 minutes (I was told it would be “up to an hour”) so I was out of there before my actual appointment time!

Good news and bad news: it’s not carpal tunnel so I don’t need surgery but now we don’t know what it is or how to fix it and my left hand - especially the middle finger - won’t work properly and can be painful. Probably Arthur and/or trigger finger. I hope it’s the latter because a cortisone injection might do the trick like it did for my thumb. Hospital will write to my GP (really? In the days of computerised records!) and I must await them contacting me. I won’t hold my breath! :roll_eyes:

GD seems to be settling OK at school. She’s mornings and lunch only, this week, full time next week. Her teachers visited them, at home, on Tuesday, and admired Loofy’s uniform. They joked that they should get me to make a jumper for their class mascot. I said I’d be happy to, if they’re serious, especially if said creature is a similar size to Loofy (and my bear!) as I have the pattern and enough left of the fabric (charity shop t-shirt).

Knit and natter this afto but I shan’t be doing much else today other than 2 loads of washing and fetching the chippy tea! :sleeping:

Glad your journey was reasonable after the anxiety, not so good you are not really any further forward apart from now knowing it’s not carpal. Maybe an xray next? Your docs were super quick last time.
GD full time next week, your YD won’t know what’s hit her, quiet times all round haha.
Did you go to your knit and natter?
Have still not contacted my doc which is really a piece of nonsense, when I come back from YD’s…
GC were good, they are lively hahaha.
Went to shop on way back to theirs and when we came out it was pouring, arrrgh.
ED phoned and said she would pick us up hurrah.
Have my covid/flu jab appointment and new appointment for mammo.
Out for lunch tomorrow woo hoo xx

Still not heard from Drs. What a surprise?! I’m just putting up with the stiff finger at the moment. It’s my left hand so it’s not so urgent.

This week has been a lot quieter than last, made more so by the cancellation of both my coffee date, on Tuesday, which was moved to Thursday and then cancelled - 6 week antenatal check up and screaming baby, respectively - and my Friday lunch out; postponed due to Covid. Noooo! Still, I’m glad she discovered she’d got it BEFORE we spent a few hours together!!

I was so bored, yesterday, I even made some bread rolls and some chelsea (rock) buns! Although I suspect the yeast is past it’s best (BB 06/22: Great intentions for lockdown/retirement baking that were never realised!! :relaxed:) because neither have risen very well despite kneading for aaaages. The rolls will be OK to dunk in soup :crossed_fingers:t3:

GD has completed her first full week at school. At a meeting with her teachers on Friday (they have them regularly instead of termly parents’ evenings: great for parents but I wonder how the staff feel about it! :stuck_out_tongue:), they were told she’s settled well, is answering and asking questions and showing her sense of humour. That’ll be a weight off YD’s mind.

Sunny today, after a damp one yesterday, so I should really get showered and dressed and get into the garden or go somewhere. Could do with getting away from the house because it feels like lockdown again! :roll_eyes:

Oh my goodness, where have the days gone??
Great GD is settling in well makes a huge difference.
Shame about your cancelled lunches, hopefully make new dates soon.
Have you had a doc appointment?
Did you manage to have your shower sorted?

Had a fine time at YD’s, managed to meet GS coming off bus, it was freezing cold and raining arrgh so we ran back to house haha.
Nightmare journey returning home, train broke down and had to wait for an hour for next one grrrr.
Managed to go to chippie on way home…
Have appointments galore next few weeks honestly everything coming at once.
Still not contacted doc yet, am just going to ask if I can send in photos.
Found a bra that is not so uncomfortable and baggy looking, hurrah, ordered another one super quick hurrah xx

Ooh! A comfy bra. Gold dust! Buy a dozen! :grin:

I hope all your appointments go to plan and are helpful. Isn’t it always the way that they all come at once?! My Dr still hasn’t contacted me. Good job I didn’t hold my breath?!

I bet your GS was excited to see you at the bus stop. :smile:

Shower engineer has been this morning. The shower is fixed. I think. I hope. :crossed_fingers:t3:Difficult to tell when it was an intermittent fault but he recognised the problem, replaced the solenoid (sp?) and will come back if it has not fixed the issue. Hurrah! I was worried because bathroom company said we had to go to shower company, direct, as we had the warranty. Shower company said call out was free but they would charge £99 if the problem was due to incorrect installation. As it worked fine when it was new, in January, but has been dodgy since it was moved, when the bathroom was done, I was convinced it was something the fitters did/didn’t do, so it was a massive relief not to have to pay the engineer today - and then have the hassle of reclaiming it from bathroom people. Phew!!

Productive morning because I’ve also booked my (annual) hair trim appointment -for this afternoon! - and a dentist appointment on Monday.

I bought 100 bee/butterfly friendly bulbs, at the garden centre, on Saturday, so now I need to plant them all. What was I thinking? Ah yes, all those beautiful spring flowers, year after year, with minimum effort. Forgot about the initial effort involved! :roll_eyes: This CBA bench is sooo comfy tho’. Maybe another coffee before I don the gardening gloves? After all, I was up ridiculously early (the time I always used to be leaving the house, for work, now feels like the middle of the night! :smile:) for the shower man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurrah not too much bother regarding the shower, everything is so very complicated just now, drives me crazy!
Has it worked fine since?
Is your hair shorter?
Did you buy wild flowers? I love them, they always look so pretty.
Not sure if GS was excited because of the gale force winds and rain hahaha.
Had my flu and covid jabs yesterday, been feeling a little nauseous today but am expecting to be fine tomorrow.
Well known store I ordered furniture for YD has been a disaster so far, after ordering, person did order all wrong so had to phone again spoke to someone extremely helpful so order was back on track. Delivery of one item was supposed to be this week. New TV ordered for delivery next day after unit arrived. Able to track online 20 mins before it was due it disappeared from screen WHAT?? 2 hours later text received sorry unable to deliver today. Back on phone to store new delivery date agreed, then had to cancel tv delivery for another date, what a carry on arrgh. They forgot to put unit on van, grrrrr. It had better be sorted, was fuming.
Fixed sliding wardrobe door, it’s been wonky for about 2 years, steadily getting worse. Torch and screwdriver at the ready, was able to see 1 loose screw and one completely missing. New screw and other one tightened, slides along brilliantly now hurrah xx

Hurrah. Well done super DIY woman for fixing the wardrobe!

I hope all YD’s deliveries have now arrived.

My hair is just about 2" shorter than it was: just had the tangly ends removed - and most of the rest of the brown :scream: - like last year. When I got their number up on my phone, to book the appointment, I saw that the last time I rang the hairdresser was September 2022. So, literally, an annual event! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

All 100 bulbs planted this afternoon. My a**e hurts now after all that bending!! I put 20 yellow crocuses in the lawn - in the patch I let grow long this summer; the gladioli and something else tall all went in the borders where they will have some support/shelter; and most of the remaining 40 mixed randomly together in amongst the red tulips and grape hyacinths in the front border to, hopefully, prolong the prettiness - and bee/butterfly attraction - into July. The rest went in the front bed where I have also thrown some wild flower seeds. It might be too shady there but, with a bit of luck, it’ll look amazing next summer. Surely SOME of them will grow?! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Got a busy week next week: dentist and swimming on Monday, ambling at a nearby water park, with U3a on Tuesday. At last! I’m not away this time, although I did have to rearrange coffee with my new-mum friend, which is now on Wednesday. OH to library on Thursday, as per, and then the bathroom people are coming Friday morning to fit another grab rail because OH wants one by the toilet. They’re very kindly only charging us cost price with free fitting because of the hassle with the shower. :grin: OH yes, and it’s knit and natter on Friday too. I’ll definitely be having a lie in on Saturday!! :sleeping::grinning:

Right I’m off to watch Strictly on Iplayer. Roast chicken dinner followed by plum and nectarine crumble and ice cream in the Lost Plotting shed. You’re welcome.

OOh so very busy, hope you enjoy everything!
Remember planting lots and lots of daffodils, could hardly move afterwards but had a beautiful display. Tried wild flowers and poppies and none of it worked, just think they look so very pretty. You will need to post pictures of all your hard work.
Been reasonably quiet, catching up with housework, ironing, hoovering etc arrgh, even cleaned windows.
YD now has 2, tv unit and new tv woo hoo, sofa should be next week and there is no date for sideboard, hopefully not be too long, latest date is Dec but they said should be before. Fingers crossed.
Had certain days I could go into town because of GD being here, so now am chopping it up haha. So if it’s not pouring will be off tomorrow.
Weather is awful, hope it’s not raining for your walk…xx

Housework? Remind me again: what’s that? :blush: My windows need cleaning. I’ve promised myself I’ll do them when the window cleaners come to do the outside… but they’ve already been twice since I said that… and they only come monthly!!

Tired after my busy week but I’ve still managed to get both “lawns” mowed and edged this afternoon - after fixing the plug on the extension lead! It’s so warm today; had to hide in the shade with a mugatea and slice of sultana teacake, afterwards, to cool down!

Dentist still couldn’t find a reason for my super-sensative 2 back teeth so he “just” charged me £61 for the check up and a scrape and polish which made them hurt even more! :roll_eyes: He says if I can’t live with the discomfort he will remove the filling of one of them (it’s almost all filling!) and replace it with an anaesthatising filling (whatever that is - I should probably do some googling?) which sounds very expensive. I think I’ll carry on being careful with hot/cold/sweet things and chew them on the other side!!

Ambling was good. It was a lovely morning, the people were friendly and the walk was at a gentle pace. I had a coffee, by myself, in the sunshine by the lake, afterwards, and went for another little walk. Lovely.

On Thursday, I had to pick up my online order of 2 new t-shirts from C****n T*****s, at the nearby garden centre, so I treated myself to lunch while I was there. I sat on a table behind a banquette bench and had the fright of my life when I was minding my own business, looking at my phone, and something clobbered be on the head!! :astonished: It was someone’s coat: they’d lobbed it over the back of their seat - as you do - not realising there was a table - and me! - behind. It made me have a fit of the giggles. :joy:

Grab rail could not be fitted because it’s a hollow wall so it wouldn’t be safe; the rail would just rip out with any weight on it. He said he could only do it by dismantling a (possibly large, depending on the location of the supporting wooden slats) section of the wall and inserting a wooden block to fix the rail to, like they did, apparently, with the shower seat. Nooo! After all my decorating!! So we’re going to investigate floor-mounted or free standing options instead.

OH’s PD is definitely getting worse. A couple of times, recently, I’ve seen him just stop and be unable to move for several seconds. It seems to happen when he’s tired. His appointment with the specialist is in December so, hopefully, they can add some more meds and delay the inevitable a little longer. :crossed_fingers:t3:Sometimes I get very scared about what his/our future holds. :cry:

Lamb steaks, roasties, veg, mint sauce and gravy for dinner tomorrow and bangers, mash and onion gravy tonight. Haven’t decided on tomorrow’s pudding yet. :smile:xx

The pudding was chocolate orange sponge with defrosted frozen raspberries and salted caramel ice cream. Absolutely delicious - even if I do say so myself. :blush: You’re welcome.

Oh my it does sound delicious…so thank you.
Aaaah not so good about OH, appointment not too long away though. Does he realise it’s happening?
You wouldn’t want to have to redecorate, arrgh.
Glad you enjoyed your amble ramble and people were friendly, is it a large group?
Not so good being whacked ouch hahaha.
Had my mammo this morning, asked about ED because of Mum and myself have been wondering if a letter was going to come out or did ED have to contact someone?? We can’t remember what the genetic clinic said haha. They gave me a number so she can contact and see if she is on referral list.
Walked into town thereafter and did a little shopping came home had something to eat and fell asleep haha. Lido is due next week, it’s crazy how tired I feel prior to…if that’s all that happens can live with that.
YD was at dentist too, emergency appointment her wisdom tooth is still coming through and gum is infected ouch. 2nd time in a few months, usually wisdom would just be removed but she had teeth removed so it would fit in, dentist is hoping it resolves itself as he is loathe to remove, fingers crossed.
Yes, it does sound expensive JCJ, will have to google too haha xx

Ah. I see I didn’t reply. I thought I had! Marbles AWOL again?! :grin:

Ambling group was about 17 of us but we were meandering along all spaced out so it didn’t feel like that many. Apparently it’s usually between 15 and 20.

OH is aware of his “freezing” episodes. He’s mentioned them to me so I hope he does to consultant.

Hope your lido goes/went OK and does its thing. Hope YD’s tooth is improved. Ouchy.

Sunny today but so much colder, after a day of ridiculous amounts of rain, yesterday (although not as much as you’ve had “oop North”! I had lunch with a friend at the garden centre (full of C-word stuff already! :roll_eyes:) and we got soaked getting back to our cars. Luckily, it stopped before I had to go for our chippies.

Talking of C-word, when I did the 3 week shop, on Wednesday, I bought the ingredients for the mincemeat and puddings so that’ll be a job for some time in the next few days. Probably should make a start on the cards too. I know, I know, Katy, you’re all ready: probably wrapped everything by now as well?! :stuck_out_tongue:

DIL and GD have chicken pox. Again. Neither are particularly I’ll, though, but it’s rather disrupted their newly established school routines! Fortunately, they should be better by the time I visit in 10 days time. Hmmm. That reminds me: I must book my train tickets.

Hope YD and GD are well on the mend now, not to long till you see them all, woo hoo.
Antibiotics have worked a treat for YD, thank goodness am just hoping tooth breaks through super quickly.
Yes, cards written, stamps bought, everything wrapped and food ordered hahaha.
Nothing like being prepared…
Had my lido yesterday and slept again through most of treatment, came home and fell asleep, then went to bed and slept again haha. No sickness or headaches, hurrah.
Had to go into town today and struggled to motivate myself, arrgh.
Glad I did go though cause managed to buy 2 puzzles that I have been looking at for a while. They were in a charity shop so was well pleased.
It’s been very cold here, frosty this morning brrrr, heating on, brrr.
Is your walking group monthly?
Still going to the sewing club? xx

I like the sound of treatment that you can sleep through! :grin: Glad you escaped the headache and nausea. Perhaps lots of sleep is the key?

Also glad your YD’s tooth is not so hurty now.

Yes, sewing and ambling are both monthly: first and 2nd Tuesdays respectively. Now I’ve just got to find something (not school) for the other Tuesdays. This week, I prepped the puddings, which marinated overnight and are now steaming for 6 hours; and the mincemeat, which needs to marinate for 48 hours before I bung it in jars tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will be helping me make the pies this year: a bit trickier now GD is in school. :thinking:

You have shamed me into finally cleaning the windows. All of them. We have lots and most of them are BIG. Now I’m on the K bench but they probably won’t be done again until at least the spring. :smile:

Of course, it’s started raining now. Ah well, it’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors and get my blanket finished… or at least ready to finish at K&N on Friday. Then I can start a festive jumper for GD’s teddy.

All October and November birthday cards are made ready for me to make a start on the C ones. Usually, I’m annoyed by people who put up lights really early but, since lockdown, that seems to have changed. I saw the first ones - a full on display - at a house we drove past, last night, as I was fetching OH back from the pub. Made me smile. Brightens up the evenings that are already getting dark too early. I’ll still wait until 1st December before putting mine up, though. Otherwise, it’ll cost a fortune in batteries!

Train is booked for next week. It’s a 2 hour bus instead of the 1 hour train from Ely. Both ways! :roll_eyes: Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. At least it isn’t Avanti West Coast… and I’m not going via Preston so I can’t be abandoned there again!

Pinger going off. Must make my hourly check that the steamer isn’t boiling dry…

2 blankets finished. Ready for snuggling under on the cold evenings and keeping the knees cosy. The blue one isn’t as black and white as it looks: pale blue, navy and teal. :grin:

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Aaaah they are really pretty JCJ, lovely patterns.
Are you off yet? Hope chickenpox is over now.
Weather sunny today first clear day woo hoo. It was very wet and windy was fortunate only managed to get soaked on Thurs was only out cause had an appointment.
Had 2 GC Fri/Sat, ED’s birthday today hurrah, cake in shed later.
Bought a card that throws confetti in the air on opening fabulous but messy haha. Said to ED just open here cause will be hoovering later, hundreds of confetti pieces…
Glad you managed to do windows, saw your huge bathroom window saw can only imagine the rest.
Have ironed this morning, 4 things that have been sitting for at least 3 weeks haha.
Out for lunch tomorrow, we are off somewhere different hopefully be good.
Hair highlights on Wed, hair seems to be getting darker and darker.
Then off to YD’s, busy but have paced things out, still not phoned doc, will do at some point obviously not urgent…do you have an appointment yet?
Have a lovely time with your girls xx

At station. Allowed over an hour for a 40 minute drive in case of flooding/traffic (made YD and GD miss their train, last year, due to traffic jams!) Of course, I drove straight here: didn’t even have to stop for a single traffic light! Arrived over half an hour early to have a leisurely coffee and discover my train has been cancelled due to “trespassers on the line”. Next train in an hour or go via London, involving underground and buying another ticket; mine’s not valid for London stations! :flushed: I’ll wait! Thank goodness, after a lot of indecision, I chose to put my big coat on (first time this year), not just my mac! Brrrr!
Trying to remember what you asked,Katy, and discovered there’s a down arrow at top right of screen that minimises this screen and lets me see your post. Hurrah!
No I haven’t heard from Drs. Didn’t really expect to, to be honest. Hand not really causing too much problem and now I know it’s not CT and going to get worse, (making it sensible to get on the waiting list!) I’m just going to live with it… for now. Knitting helps so I’ll make sure I keep doing that…as if I need any excuse? :grin:
Hope the new place is good and you have a yummy lunch.

Had a super time with the girls. GD has been angelic with very short spells of demon.
Now starting bus leg home on a nearly empty posh coach.
Sad to be going home although I am tired. We’ll see them again at some point over the school Christmas holiday. :disappointed_relieved::grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Aah glad you had a lovely time, not too long till next visit.
Did coach stay empty?
Brilliant just the peace.
Am on train at the moment lots are being cancelled as I text arrgh. One I was meant to go on was cancelled.
Not sure how I will get home, never a dull moment xx

Hope you got there OK. And get home without too much trouble.

My return journey was a breeze. The fancy 50 seater coach (usb charging points in every seat - where the ashtrays used to be. How times have changed?!) had only about 10 of us on. Pleasant 1 & 3/4 hour drive through Norfolk as the sun set. Half an hour to visit loo and get a cuppa to have with the sandwich YD had made for me before my train came. On time and not at all crowded. Restored my faith in rail travel!

I’m not sure where yesterday went. Apart from taxiing OH to library and back, I spent most of it on the CBA and K*******d benches.

Today we had our Covid jabs. I wasn’t sure they’d do mine as it’s only over 65s this year (makes a change to be too YOUNG for something?!) but I just said I was OH’s carer and got stabbed for free! I don’t remember my arm being this stiff and sore last time… and I had the flu jab as well, in the same arm!! They weren’t doing flu ones this time, so I’ll book them at the chemist.

Some of OH’s fellow volunteers, at the library, we’re saying the Covid vaccine made them feel ill for a few days, this time. I hope that doesn’t happen to us. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Won’t be long out of my bed tonight. So tired. Had a rubbish night last night. When I eventually slept, I had a very realistic dream about being back at uni - for a 2nd degree, for some bizarre reason! - and facing exams when I hadn’t been to any lectures or done any revision. I woke an exhausted, emotional wreck. What’s that about? I keep getting that dream. Retirement guilt? My subconscious telling me there’s something I should be doing that I’ve forgotten? Who knows?