Struggling to cope and accept

I feel all the stress and worry in your message. Firstly, don’t jump to conclusions about losing your breast or your hair because not all women have the same type of treatment. It’s quite normal to feel worried about the future but for the moment, just take one little step at a time. Sit down, take a deep breath and tell yourself “I will get through this”. They will need to do a biopsy to find out the type and adapt your treatment. There are a lot of people on the forum that will help in any way they can. So sending positive vibes your way today.


Hi, my journey sounds similar to yours I’m 43, I told my two kids 19 and 15 as consultant advised me that honesty was best as they were at home and would know something was up. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I feel like for me keeping normality enabled me to keep strong. I was at my laptop 3 days after my mastectomy (20 May) and I have to go back and have my nipple removed next week as I had a marge amount of DCIS in the removed breast. I had reconstruction at the same time so hopefully nipple is the last thing. I was ER positive too. Try to keep a focus maybe on your work as it sounds like you’re awesome at your job, well done you’re clearly a powerful lady and draw strength from that. It’s hard and I focused on work and getting fitness levels up before my op, that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze as I had bad days, but having a positive focus can shift the negativity and bring forward the positives. Going through this will undoubtedly make you stronger. I accepted the cancer in the end as a part of me, one that would be gone or managed but a part of me. It’s so hard but we are all pretty damn amazing on here and you are no exception to this. All the best and remember when you hear the word cancer think of it as “can I do this? Yes I CAN-SIR” and change your brain’s perception of what the word means. You’ve got this. X


Thank you and glad you’re on the mend. My mum ended up telling my daughter as I couldn’t keep it together but we spoke about it after and she just kept asking if I was going to be okay :heart: but was fine. It’s a relief she knows so just have to get through this now :muscle:

@jnra Hi :wave: totally understand it’s a shock but you will get there. I was diagnosed with DCIS which resulted in a masectomy. Having a family to rally around you is crucial
Try not to think about too many things otherwise you will wear yourself out mentally. Lots of love and hugs :people_hugging:

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Evening all, hope everyone is feeling okay. So I had my second ultrasound today to see if they could identify other abnormalities that came up in mri but surprise surprise he couldn’t see anything. TBH I could have told my oncologist this as they done a thorough check the first time. So now I have to wait to see him on 17th only for him to refer me for a core biopsy. So far I have had three mammograms, two ultrasounds a biopsy and a MRI. I know they’re being thorough and I appreciate it but this just seems to be taking too long and I’m worried my tumour is getting bigger. I was first told I had BC on 26 June but at this rate I probably won’t even have a proper diagnosis until mid August. Is this normal, has anyone experienced anything similar? I’m thinking of talking to PALS to see if they can help push me this through faster… so stressful!!!

From what I have heard from others this is normal and in many cases people have waited longer. I’m not saying that this is right just that I know it happens . Not everyone needs the MRI and extra scans - I did not but for those of us who do it can be a long frustrating wait . The worry about the tumour growing inside you while you are waiting is very common. I had a failed procedure that I knew had failed at the time but the wait for that to be confirmed seemed interminable and I had all sorts of twinges which I kept thinking was my tumour growing but I’m now sure was psychological . It is frustrating and it’s scary but it’s important that they get everything right so that you can get the right plan and the tumour won’t be growing significantly in the meantime . Xx

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Thanks that’s make me feel better. I’ll leave PALS for now :sweat_smile: but it is a great service, I managed to get my ultrasound a week earlier by speaking to them :raised_hands:

It’s often worth a try as they do get cancellations which have to be filled xx