Surgery morning

The day has finally arrived , leaving home at 6:30am for Raigmore Hospital Inverness . I feel strangely calm after all my upsets over the last few months . I know I am in good hands and everyone in this group is so supportive


Wishing you all the bast for today, and your ongoing recovery.

Best of luck with your surgery, you will be out the other side before you know it. X

Will be thinking about you today, you will be back home before you know it

Take care

Wishing you all the best for today and for the days to come.

Wishing you all the best and sending love @llanwinno123 :heart:

Yes I remember that calm place . Hope everything goes well for you . Xx

Wishing you all the best for your surgery today. Take care, and give yourself time to recover emotionally as well as physically. Sending hugs :hugs:

Sending all of the good vibes and well wishes your way!! :heart:

Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery! One day at a time. Enjoy the little things.:smiling_face::pray:t3:

Hope all went well and that you are tucked up safe and warm at home by now :hugs:


Hope you are home and cosy now. That was a difficult stage of treatment done and you should feel proud. Take it easy…netflix, chocs and cosy blankets. X

Thank you to all you lovely people who wished me well . The day surgery turned into a night in the hospital after reacting badly to the anaesthetic. I have vague memories of the surgeon telling me everything went well . I feel so much better today , a little weak and sore but nothing that rest and painkillers won’t sort. It’s just the dreaded wait for the results now ……


Hi @llanwinno123

Sorry to hear about your anaesthetic experience. Horrible!

Just take it easy now and look after yourself. Apart from the painkillers, I prescribe lots of crappy TV. It worked for me☺️

Karen xxx


How has today been other than exhausting. hope you are having a cuppa.

@giilid Slept 4 hours today , think I needed it as no sleep at all last night in the hospital @casey4jc now set myself up on the sofa , wood burner crackling away and Netflicks for entertainment- pure bliss to be home and grateful for the small comforts


Crappy TV is definitely part of the rehab . Irs great for a day or so then I start to think I must get better so I can do something else and not have to watch this anymore :grin:


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And glad to hear you are now home and settled xx

I feel for you on the anaesthetic front. I felt really sick and had a crazy high pulse. Great they got it all so it sounds. Well done for riding it out x

Absolutely!! It drives you off the sofa eventually :smile:

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