Starting a new thread for September surgeries. I am having a Wide Local Excision and auxiliary node clearance today. Not too concerned about the WLE but dreading the node surgery. Would liove to share experiences with any one else having surgery this month. 

Hi JacqB, I’m in today as well for smx on the left with LD Flap reconstruction and symmetry to the right. Looks like my nodes are clear so they’re just going to biopsy one oe two. Good luck with your op xx

Im having right mx and bilateral diep reconstruction on 24th of this month, very nervous and frightened now. Had left mx and node removal in July 2017, recovered well. Also had 6 months of chemo and still having Herceptin 3 weekly.
Good luck for those in surgery today xx

Hope all went well today MrsLET. I’m home now enjoying chicken soup and toast prepared by my OH. it’s only the third meal he’s ever made me in 31 years and was delicious! ?
@Sib, are you nervous because you know what to expect? I too am on Herceptin and have found it quite tough. Makes me very nauseous. Will be thinking if you on the 24th.
Jacq x

Hi JacqB, glad to hear all went well, make sure your OH continues to look after you! I’m currently propped up drinking hot chocolate feelng somewhat like I’ve been hit by a bulldozer, but better than I thought I would as long as I don’t stand up!! Keep you’re feet up for the next few days and rest xx

Hi All, 13th September, having mascectomy implant in right breast and 2-3 nodes are being taken for biopsy, as so far showing clear. Bit of a shock because my consultant had me pencilled in for lumpectomy this Thursday. MRi and second biopsy picked up other cancer in same breast. Second amount found are that small, the ultrasound didn’t pick it up and showed up just as fat necrosis. I have a suspicious third as well. So losing breast and nipple. Then treatment plan 4 wks after surgery. Hopefully one of the lucky ones, no radiotherapy or chemo but tamoxifen. But if I’m not so lucky then i’ll face it,

Hi ladies, I thought I’d join this thread and say hello. I had a sentinel node biopsy on Tuesday and feel pretty well already so no major side effects. Felt rough the first night as I could only pass a bit of urine (but I was desperate to get out of hospital) and then it all got released overnight with about 8 trips to the toilet! I go back next Monday to have a marker inserted in my tumour as my chemo will start soon. Also another 2 lumps showed up on my mri in the same breast which may be biopsied too if they can find them on the ultrasound. I don’t get my biopsy results for another 2-3 weeks so I’ll try and busy myself whilst I wait

Hi - thought i’d join this September surgery thread - I have my pre op assessment on Monday and in for a mastectomy of my right breast on 24th Sept with reconstuction and SLN biopsy - lymph nodes look OK so just 3 or 4 being taken to doubel check that is the case. Hoping that will be the end of it and no chemo required - although surgeon couldn’t guarantee that aspect.

Really feeling quite nervous about it all now and reality is staring to sink in - 6 weeks of scans, biopsies etc have sort of kept my mind off what was really going on - but it’s hit home now.?

Good luck to all us September Surgeries.

Hi Lovely ladies hope you’re keeping yourselves well and strong. HELEN You’re exactly the same as me and the little sh*ts are in my right breast too. i’ll Just have my surgery before you. Fingers crossed, for both of us that nothing comes up in the Lymph’s and no chemo. I have to go on Tamoxifen, which I’m dreading!!! If you don’t mind me asking what stage Breast cancer do you have? Xx

Pula I’m having my nodes tested same time as my mascectomy reconstruction. They warned my that i’ll a go a grey colour from the dye. I replied i’ll have to wear ab extra coat if fake tan!

Good morning ladies
A quick update four days post op. Feeling rather fragile emotionally but not in any pain, As I suspected the boob surgery is not bothering me much but I hate that the lymph node clearance has caused disruption to the function of my body. The big drain bottle full of fluid that I have is a constant reminder that my body can no longer do what it should. I will have the drain removed on Monday which should help. I’m also starting a savings fund as my NHS authority will not fund balancing surgery. It does seems cruel that you can only have a matching pair in Somerset if you have the cash!
How are you doing MrsLET? I hope your recovery is going well. All best wishes to those of you who have surgery planned this month.
Jacq x

Big hugs JacqB. It’s an awful emotional rollercoaster and mine is about to go up and down again next week after my surgery.

I had 2 breast reductions 10 years ago, so I do have a small insight to what the surgery is like. To be honest the drains are the worst, they really drag you down and you will feel a relief once the drain is out. I hated them so much, that on my second reduction, I requested not to have them. They didn’t and I ended up with much more bruising. Take care with the rest of your journey and look forward to reading it! Xx

Helen, I was asked my BCN not to google but couldn’t resist, yup scared the crap out of me too! My sister in Oz (who’s a GP) says they warn their patients not to go onto American websites. So at least I did that. Regarding stages or grading, I was informed that I had Stage 2. I think it has a lot to do with the results I got from pathology. I think it al comes into size, if it’s hormone receptive, if it’s slow or fast growing and if it’s in the nodes. But since those pathology results have changed. Thet thought it was just one little sh*t, as the mammogram and ultrasound weren’t picking up anymore. But they took another biopsy and MRI, found another sh*t and one suspicious. When my consultant told me about finding more, I had read up on this site, that if you get more than one area in a breast, they remove the breast. So at least I was prepared. Got lots of booklets off my BCN that are provided by this site and they’ve really helped also.

Oh JacqB that’s rubbish, I’m so fortunate that my company insurance has picked this up so had a lift and small implant on the right at the same time. I get what you mean by fragile, the last two days have been really tough, I appear to be able to cry for absolutely no reason. I’ve never had surgery before and I think it’s a kind of shock, but I’ve turned a corner today and we’ve had no tears. Having said that I’ve reached a whole new level of tired!! My son had a melt down today he’s 10 and scared to go out in case I’m not here when he gets back ?.

Helen Ann it sounds like you’ve had a tough decision to make, but it sounds logical to opt for the mastectomy, it sounds like it would almost be putting off the inevitable to wait again. Lots of luck and love and tiredness will be around for a while. You’ve embarked on a very emotional journey, rest when you need to. I found it very odd to need an occasional nap before I was ‘ill’, but I think I was drained with all the tests, waiting and decisions.

Xela I too am hoping for no chemo or radio, fingers crossed for final analysis.

Pulapula, the waiting is hard, holding your hand virtually

I never really paid much attention to the abbreviations. I’m getting the feeling that if it’s invadive it gets a stage and if DCIS then it seems to be a size. So for me I had a 50mm patch of grade 5 (which just means malignant rather than suspicious 0 being definitely benign) DCIS oestrogen receptor positive.

Best wishes to you all xx

Hi I am 3 days post surgery, skin sparing mastectomy, LD flap and axillary clearance. I was sore the day after but had fantastic pain relief like oxycodone tablets and paracetamol which was enough for me but could have had other things too. I had 3 drains in which were reduced to 2 now.


My axillar and below my axillar or next to the recon there is a build up up of fluids and i am wondering wether that drain had been removed too soon?? Anyway got the district nurse coming tomorrow and see what they say. 


I feel emotionally ok so far, physically i am still stiff with some discomforts, I take regular Paracetamol. It is frustratrating at times as I can’t yet move around or do things as I like.


I take small walks everyday dont want to over do it but it is boring at times as I normally have a busy working life.


My surgeon said I can have correction surgery to the other side once I am fit from this episode


Hi, I’m new here and have copied this post from the new post I created this morning, sorry, should have looked at this thread first.
I’ve recently been diagnosed with Stage 2 IDC and I’m pencilled in for a left breast mastectomy on 24th September. The reason I say pencilled in is because my HER2 result is still not back (biopsies done 2.5 weeks ago) and, if positive, they’ll recommend chemo first.

I’ve read some stuff that suggests it might not be a good idea to have the chemo first and just to go ahead with the mastectomy. Does anyone have any thoughts/ experience? I’m so confused and just want the 24th to be here, so I can get on with the inevitable.

Thank you if you’ve taken the time to read this, I’m so sorry if you’re in a similar situation.

Wow Pippi1969 you sound like you’re doing remarkably well! What did the district nurse say? I only had one drain which is still in, but think I may have some fluid on my back where they did the flap, need to get hubby to take a look. I had surgery Monday and am still incredibly sore and stiff. Only taking paracetamol and ibuprofen. Good luck with your recovery xx

Sorry Chocxie7 it looks like I don’t need chemo. Hopefully someone else will be able to help soon. Best wishes for your treatment xx

Good morning ladies
Off to hospital this morning to have my drain removed yaaay! I shall be so pleased not to be carrying it around with me and sleeping should be easier. Just the lovely TED stockings to go on Thursday and I should start to feel more like me. Still feeling a bit tearful and low, no real pain but lots of discomfort in my arm. It’s definitely the nerve pain I was told to expect and it is quite uncomfortable but manageable with painkillers. I decided to take the max doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol each day to stay topped up and that definitely helped. Now just having the occasional ibuprofen.
I hope you are all well and all the best to those who have surgery this week.
Jacq x

Hi Mrs LET the district nurse didn’t feel confident about removing my drains and it’s difficult on weekends to get a specialist to make a decision on what is best to do. So i should be able to see the breast care team today and hopefully they will remove them. I feel fine pain wise, i keep topped up with paracetamol it just feels tight due to fluid build up but it might settle down soon ?

It’s amazing how different authorities do it differently! So my stockings came off when I left hospital as I was classed as mobile! My drain however is in until it stops draining when I have to phone up and ask them to take it out. No district nurse visit here either.

Anyone got really sore skin under their armpit? Mines really annoying me!!