Hi Sib yes my arms are sore from my swelling rubbing against skin and clothes etc.
Seeing the surgeon and my breast care nurse this morning about my fluid collection and swelling. See what happens ?

Mine was not HER 2+ so went straight to surgery. I’m finding out on Friday if I need chemo or not. Seen my consultant today and she removed one drain but said the swelling is not all fluid it’s just swollen from surgery and will go down but to take rests on the sofa. Tomorrow my last drain is being removed can’t wait it’s like removing chain and ball from me, I’m free again ?
Friday all my dressings are coming off too can’t wait ???

Hi Choxcie I just read your post and thought I would tell you of my experience. I was diagnosed in March with grade 3 HER2+ and started chemo straight away. I had 2x FEC and 4x Docetaxol (T) with Perjeta and Herceptin. I had been told all the way through by my oncologist that I would have a mastectomy. At the end of chemo I had a mammogram and ultrasound and they said it looks like the tumours have been annihilated completely. On this basis the surgeon decided to just take out the tissue where the tumours had been and a Level 1&2 lymph clearance. The pathology report showed there were no cancer cells in anything that they took out, i had a pathological total response.
The medical team said the results they are getting with Perjeta and herceptin combined have been amazing. I think if I’d had a mastectomy I would have had a recon so I am glad to have been saved that and able to keep my own boob. Although it looks slightly smaller than my other one you can’t tell with clothes on.
Although chemo is a hard treatment for me it has had the desired result and from what I have read has improved my chance of long term survival.
This is just my experience but in this horrible situation has been positive. Hope this helps x

Hi - joining this thread as my surgery is this Thursday.
I will undergo smx and immediate DIEP recon.
10 wks since recall appt and 9 wks since DCIS diagnosis, been kept busy with appts but now a tad anxious. At least the SLNB results came back clear, so for now not expecting other treatment … fingers crossed.
Hospital bag packed and double checked, hopefully have everything required for the 7-10 day stay.

Drain removed yesterday, oh joy, oh bliss! Slept well last night and starting to feel like me again! I’ve cheated and removed my gorgeous green surgical stockings a couple of days early ?
All the best everyone
Jacq x

That’s great news JacqB, I’m really hoping my drain comes out tomorrow.

Hi SuperDi, I was really nervous a day before my op, but everyone was so nice and reassuring. Hope everything goes well for you and enjoy being looked after! Update us when you feel able. Xx

Thank you MrsLET, my OH is taking me for a special lunch tomorrow before my admission at 4pm. I doubt I will sleep at all tomorrow night ?. A whole load more unknowns about to come my way I guess, so glad I have the group to tap into. Having read so many of the threads, I realise you are never on your own … thankful for that.


JacqB You sounds like you’re doing fantastic. I remember the relief of having my drains out after reductions surgery. That was on after 24hrs, god knows what I’m going to be like this time, as been told it can be up to 2 weeks. Someone described it as the ball and chain. That’s exactly what they’re like xx big hugs Alex xx

MrsLet, my surgery is Thursday too. I’m only being admitted in the morning at 7.30. sentinel node injection being done at 10.30. Had my pre-op today. My family are going for a meal the night before so looking forward to that. Can’t wait for a decent sleep under anaesthetic, feels like I haven’t slept for weeks xxx Alex xx

Oops sorry MrsLet that was for everybody but especially for SuperDi because we’re having surgery on the same day!! Xxx

@ Xela, Yes the drain removal is a big thing, a huge relIef ?
I also got my softie foob from my BCN. it makes a huge difference to not be lopsided in clothing even when pottering about at home. Side effect wise, the nerve pain is kicking in in my arm. It’s only on the inside of my arm but is a really intense tingly sensation, the skin feels like it is sticky but it’s dry, really weird. I was given a horseshoe shaped satin pillow when I left hospital and that feels lovely between my boob and arm. The gentle pressure is a relief. Off painkillers except at bedtime and managed to cook a wicked chilli today so feeling positive. Results of surgery on Thursday. ?
Jacq x

JacqB so wonderful to hear that you’re up and about doing well. Mmm yummy chilli sounds great as Autum is drawing in. I’m warning my family about looking a terribl grey after my op, due to the blue dye injection for the nodes. Warned my boys 12 & 15, I could look like a Zombie ?‍♀️,
they can’t wait to see me now!! The Sister I had a pre-op with today, told me that when she first saw someone come out of theatre looking like that, she nearly pulled the emergency alarm, someone stopped her. ??

Had my last drain removed today, it feels great not being attached to anything now. Being able to have a shower freely.
It’s exactly 7 days ago since I had a LD flap, still have quite a bit of fluid in that area. As I have all nodes taken out it will take a long time to get reabsorbed I guess. It does feel uncomfortable. I have a follow up appointment on Friday and hope they will be able to drain some odd that fluid. Has anybody else have the same problem and how long did it take for the fluid to reduce?

Hi Luthien and Michelle21, thanks so much for your replies, they have helped a great deal. I still don’t have the result to the test, I’m hoping it may be in tomorrow. In the meantime, I have a pre-surgery meeting booked for this week so, although it could still go either way, I’m feeling more positive whatever the HER2 shows up.

Chockxie7 good look with results and keep us upto date on surgery or treatment. I’m HER2- so they’re going for surgery first. It’s on Thursday. Fingers crossed my Lymph’s are clear but if not i’ll have to have chemo. Love hearing about everyone’s journey. Especially at night when my heads usually whirling!

Good evening Lovely Ladies,
Surgery Thursday, but admission tomorrow at 4pm.
To say I am nervous is an understatement, but a g&t has hit the spot, hoping for a decent sleep, but hey if I don’t, then Thursday under anaesthetic for most of the day will be welcome.
I am a newbie at all this, except for the core biopsy and the SLNB. I am comforted by the wealth of knowledge and information I am reading on here. I know for sure I will be popping on here for advice and reassurance.
My Team at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire are lovely, have made me feel comfortable so far, are any of you Lovely Ladies from this area?
Xela thanks for your reply, and I wish you well for your surgery on Thursday too, make sure you enjoy your family meal. I look forward to hearing your progress.


So been for the follow up tonight, drains have been removed, dressings off and they’re happy for me to now lift my elbows above my shoulders so I can have a shower and wash my hair … yay!!!

Luckily he also had my results which confirm DCIS, no invasion, nodes clear, lymph clear and margins clear. They got all of it :-). Big relief.

Time to focus on the healing and movement now, my brain needs to learn that this muscle has moved from my back to my front ?


Hi Ladies,

Thought I would join this thread as I’m having surgery next Wednesday (21st). I’ve had such a long wait for surgery since getting diagnosed on Friday 20th July. I was originally meant to get an Lyumpectomy and a reduction on both breasts. On 8th August I went for an MRI and it presented an abnormality in my right breast. Very long story short as I have dence breasts the clip they inserted bounced back and no where near the little brut! I’m getting another MRI on Friday (14th - this will be my 3rd) for an MRI coil guided biopsy. Unfortunately the decision was made I will not get my right breast reduction at this time due to them not knowing what this thing is. It could take 6mnoths for symmetry.I’m heartbroken, I really don’t want to go through this again and also having one breast smaller than the other.

I’m only 42 and like everyone else on here my world has been turned upside down.

I’m really worried about surgery, the drains and how I’m going to feel emotionally after it. This cancer business sucks!

I have found so much comfort, support and just lovely women on this forum.

Sending Hugs

Sorry ladies it’s Wednesday 19th I’m getting surgery.

MrsLet brilliant news! Everything clear that’s suck a relief and hoping to get that news too. I’ve had two baths today and washed my hair as I know that I’m going to miss that luxury for a while. Feels like I’m going on one of those survival tv shows!