Willowherb. My surgery is tomorrow 13th. Mine is quite small too but there’s more than one, definitely 2 and maybe 3. Was supposed to have lumpectomy last week but now mascectomy with reconstruction implant. I had an MRI but not CT. im going for my my sentinel node injection at 10.30 am so god knows what time i’ll be in Theatre. Good luck on Friday and let us know how you get on.

Good luck today Xela, hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Maggie, hope you’re ok. I was diagnosed on 11th July and had my op on 3rd September, partly my choice as I wanted to go on holiday, but it is quite a time for the tension to build.

At 47 I’d never had a general anaesthetic or surgery bar a mole removal, so I was pretty scared. This group has been very supportive and all the medical professionals I’ve come across have been great too, I hope you’re as well looked after. Make sure you have one or two good friends on hand to pop in, they’re the best medicine. I did feel terribly down on day 3 and 4 and I can’t put my finger on why, I likened it to the baby blues, but I guess surgery is going to do that to you. Take one day at a time and look after yourself.

It’s a shame the reduction isn’t happening at the same time, but I suspect you’ll get a different and possibly better result by waiting as the first one will have settled and they’ll be able to see what it looks like. I had an enlargement at the same time as my mastectomy and I look in the mirror at the moment wondering if they will ever be similar again.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on. Big hugs xxx

Just had the injection at Nuclear department to help detect my sentinel node. My consultant said i’ll be going down about lunchtime. Surgery will take 2.5 to 3 hrs. Just want it out now xxx

Hi September Ladies
So I was supposed to receive my post surgery results today but had a phone call while on route to hospital to say that the results hadn’t come through and my appointment was cancelled. I now have to wait another week ? Consoled myself with pizza and Frascati at Zizzi with my darling husband which was lovely. The nurse said I could remove my dressIngs at home so I did and I have to say that I am really disappointed with the shape of what’s left of my boob. I know the goal is to keep me alive but I thought there might be some attempt to leave me with something vaguely boob shaped. I’m trying to be philosophical about it but struggling. Thinking now that I should have had the full MX. Sorry my post is a bit of a downer but I can’t discuss this stuff anywhere else. Sending healing hugs and best wishes to everyone. I look forward to hearing how you are all doing with surgeries and recovery.
Jacq x

Hi JackB, after my reduction I was bitterly disappointed, it looked like I had been hacked at but it was far far too early to judge. There is extra fluid,
the tissue has to fall into place, that takes time to shape. I rang the breast nurses and cried, I looked like something had taken a big bite out of me. But it settled down very quickly and I ended up with great breasts. 10 years later people would ask if they were real. I know it’s Little consolation but it’s far too early to judge. If you’re not happy they won’t leave you like that. Yes we’re happy to be alive but we’re women and to some of us our boobs are very special. I’ve always had boobs and I understand totally how you feel. It’s our confidence. Big hugs

Hi Xela
Thank you for your response. I know it’s early days and I am trying not to get too wound up about my square boob. Sadly because I live in Somerset they will leave me like this as there is no funding for balancing surgery under any circumstances ? My surgeon explained this at the very beginning. What’s annoying is that he is the same surgeon I will have to pay to reduce my other boob. It’s a Postcode lottery so I’m saving my pennies for a private op sometime next year.
Jacq x

Fingers crossed it will move into shape as mine did.
Yes I remember the square boob. You have big ridges? As the tissue softens it will start moving into a much softer shape. This is the one and only time
you want Gravity to work on your breasts. ? Oh that’s so bloody unfair. Yes I did read your earlier posts, sorry only had op today and full of
Morphine. I was given so many options that should be so for you. Good luck with saving the money! We all deserve the same. Raise A go fund me page. Anything would be a help. I’m sure some of the girlies on here would try and help you out xxx Alex xxx

Thank you Alex you are so kind. ?. I hope you are feeling ok after your op and wish you a speedy recovery.
Jacq x

Willowherb good luck today! Alex

How did it go SuperDi? Apparently mine went really well but quite sore. Feel okay though. Can’t sleep at all as I’ve got the machine massaging my calves and can’t take it off until I’ve seen my consultant and move around more!! Hope everyone is good

Thanks JacqB! It’s for all our ladies to show support.
Let us know about your shape improvements. I’ve also said that if I’m not happy i’ll save my pennies and go private but luckily I’ve been reassure that just won’t happen. Move house quickly and get up to East Yorkshire ??‍♀️??.


So sorry to hear you’re waiting again Jacq ? and that you’re not happy with your shape, but Alex speaks a lot of sense, do give it time. I was feeling pretty low about my shape this morning as the uplifted one doesn’t feel very uplifted now the swelling has reduced and the food feels massive and rock hard. I was regretting having a recon, but I gave myself a good talking to and will try not to judge for 6 months … it’s coming up to baggy jumper season so from the outside all will be fine whilst I wait for it to settle. I really hope all is ok for you, it is still early days.

Glad you’re ok Alex, I made them take that machine off me overnight for a few hours - it drove me insane and was very hot!! X

MrsLet just got home. They wouldn’t let me take it them off. Not had a great experience this time. Didn’t see a Nurse until gone 12pm yesterday. Just ran through all the paperwork gave me a gown that was ripped. This morning heard them checking people in - gave them instructions how to do everything in the room. What would be happening etc so I was ?. Then my consultant comes in this morning and checks everything, I was following him out the room asking questions, apparently he was heading a meeting ?. So rang my breast care nurses very upset, left a message. Then in walks one of my consultants team, thank god. Answered my questions. I know they said it went well recovery but wanted reassurance that they hadn’t opened me up and it was worse that they thought. She said it was exactly how they expected. I have scattered v small tumours. They only took 2 Lymph’s so I’m not that sore in my armpit. Then BCN called me back and was concerned about me.
told her but said I’d had no sleep and grumpy. She wanted me to tell the head nurse on the Ward what happened but they hardly lifter their heads to say goodbye. I had a marvellous time, last time. Honestly I had to keep reminding the nurses of what to do ?. I was supposed to have my blood pressure taken before I left. Asked them 5 times and gave up! My night staff were great and she was Bank nursing. Anyway off to clinic on Monday and things will be said!

Sorry rant over

Thank you MrsLET I will give it time but when I see my surgeon next week I will ask him why it is such a weird shape. Sorry you are not too happy either, sometimes we have to give ourselves a talking to but it’s only natural to feel sad at what we’ve lost ?
Alex, don’t apologise for your rant, sounds like you have every right to feel angry. It will be good to have your say on Monday. Hope you have a good weekend ladies.
Jacq x

Thanks JacqB. The breast ward is a huge long corridor with reception in the middle. All private rooms and Ensuite. I believe all the other breast ladies were on the other side to me, as we all went down to Nuclear together and they were the opposite end. I’ve heard they stick people in that ward, when they haven’t got room in the other part of the hospital. So there was a lot of men on my side. I remember being on the other side last time. Just one of those things, my surgeon did get me in very quickly. Hope you’re having a good day and all the ladies too. My sister is arriving in the next half an hour teavelled from Brisbane, so going to have a great 2 weeks. Plus she’s a Dr and is very calming!! Xxx

Hi Xela
Enjoy time with your sister. Put the ward experience behind you and have a blast ?
@willowherb, good to hear that you are home and comfortable. Rest up and take it easy.
We are oiling the decking this weekend. I say we but in honesty I will be Captain PoInt and my dear OH will be my minion. Oh the power! ?
Enjoy this glorious late summer day ladies.
Jacq x

Hi Alex


I had my surgery on 20th August but I’ve just been reading this thread and I noticed you mentioned East Yorkshire - is that where you live?  I live in East Yorkshire and was wondering if you had your surgery in the same hospital as me.

Linda yes it will be. I’ll PM you.

Glad you’re back Willow. I’m sore today and a bit spaced. But to be expected after a Mascectomy and implant. Just been for a very small walk with my sister. Resting again now.

Thanks JacqsB already having a ball. She cooked me Eggs Royale for brunch delicious and a star. She’s a v healthy eater so having high protein meals made for me xx