Taxotere - Docetaxal Question

I’m going for my 3rd chemo session tomorrow and switching from EC to Taxotere/Docetaxal.

What have been other peoples experience of the move to Taxotere? I had a lot of SEs on EC on my 2nd treatment, hair come out, constipation from hell, exhaustion, pins and needles in hands/feet, sore throat, everything tasted bad, everything smelt awful, burning in back of throat like heartburn, furry mouth - for 10 days.
I felt very down the last few days of it, mainly cos I was worried it may stay like that until after all sessions of chemo, so was relieved when it ended after 10 days.

Be honest now :smiley:

hi el katrano, i had fec then tax and would have tax over fec anyday due to no sickness, it affects everyone differently but i was really worried about going on it but as i say there was no nausea didnt have horrible smell as on fec but taste did go and flu like aches several days in good luck x

FQ - Thanks! Would be great not to have the horrible smell and things tasting really odd! I hope I have less SEs, the constipation I’m getting under control in advance this time, just in case. No point in them giving me things as I’m switching and they said it could be different on this lot of chemo.
I’m hoping for a smoother ride.

Good luck with the TAX - everyone is different but I found it “different” to FEC but not easy - nausea/digestive issues not a problem (hurrah) so enjoyed eating again but very tired and got Thrush badly so if you get any white on your tongue I’d head straight to GP for drugs before it gets to other parts of your body. Other issues are finger and toe nails - I put my in frozen peas during the treatment session and my nails are not too bad compared with the reports some other posters give - felt silly taking in the peas and sitting with nails in them but it has helped me save my nails - so I think it’s worth thinking about
Good luck

hi i had FEC (3) and then 3 TAx. the first TAX hit me like a ton of brick. with a dicky tummy and i was also neutropenic. however for my second tax was more prepared. had lucozade lite as i couldn’t eat. i used paracetemol for aches and pains. Had some immodium in for just ain case and also rested as much as possible. i was better with my second TAx as it wasn’t pleasant but copable with.
also paint your nails a dark colour ie purple

Louise xxxx

Sounds like everyone has a different time on it.
Would be really great not to have the burning throat, bad smell and horrid taste to everything (even water?!) but don’t like the sound of aching and the idea of having sore hands and feet sounds horrible - and if I can’t physically DO anything then I think I’ll feel very down, even just doing domestic stuff gives me some sense of purpose, sad as that is :wink: but with me not working, I have to DO something to keep some sense of normality.

Well, today is D-Day (Docetaxal Day) so I’ll soon find out how it affects me! This is my 3rd, so will now start the mantra “Half way through, half way through…”

Thanks All xxx

Hope it’s not too bad for you

Hi ,I go for tax 4 today, all being well with bloods, I have to say the first was horrendous I had much the same SEs as you did on your first Fec and was neutropenic, however I now have Neulasta injection and Tax 2 and 3 were much better, the fatigue is the worst really so I rest as much as I can but still do much of my housework myself ,like you I need to keep busy and its my way of having some control as much of that has been taken away by this awful disease.
Good Luck with your first tax today.

OOoh, hadn’t heard of neutropenia Tillybob - eeek!!

I’ve just made the mistake of chopping onions… that was clever of me. Made a soup this morning, it sees me through if I get the bad taste thing again, packed tonnes of veg into it, carrots, leeks, onions, parsnip, potato and some fresh herbs from my patio garden (eg Yorkshire Terraced house front yard with some decking and pots :wink:

House spick and span, washing done, fresh bedding, bath bleached, toilet cleaned, plants watered, cat litter tray clean etc. Prepared myself in advance for being out of it for 7-10 days. Anyone would think my OH wasn’t about to help - ha ha.

I like keeping as busy as I can.


thanks for asking the question EK… like you, my next one will be Tax… and from today (more or less) it’s half way… so every day is a day nearer the end…
The Ondansatron causes constipation (even if the chemo doesn’t) and I’ve been given that to take the day BEFORE Tax (as well as three days afterwards), so, I shall be taking preventative measures too!

Hope you feel better soon Rachel… love Jane

Hi el katrano. Like you I have been on EC, had my 4th last week and going onto tax, am a little bit worried like you because I have had dreadful symptoms exactly like you are experiencing, especially for the first week. The constipation was very bad and then after 5 days it turned to horrendous diarrhoea with stomach cramps, I certainly don’t want to go through that again. I commence my tax on the 14th June so hopefully it wont be as bad. I am having chemo prior to surgery to reduce the lump but up to now nothing has changed so I do feel down about it. Hopefully for you the symptoms will lessen and after reading and sharing other views it gives you a little piece of mind and also to know that you are not going through this alone. Take care Pat

Well after all of that, I had another dose of EC today, I was definitely told by my onc. that I’d be on Taxotere for the next session, but apparently that isn’t today, that’s NEXT time??? Grrr. I specifically said “What on my 3rd session? I thought it was 3 EC e Tax” - mustn’ have been listening properly (Not me, I know I was right, I messaged my OH and he said that is what they said so not going mad)

Oh well, looks like SE’s for another session then, bugger.

I’m dosing myself RIGHT up on Lactulose and I’m going to try some Loparamide seeing as the Laxido sachets they gave me at the hospital taste vile and make me feel queasy when I take them, I’ve gone for some self administered cheap tablets instead and see if that helps.
Probably go the other way now and have horrendous diahorrea cramps, can’t win - LOL. Stupid body work goddamn it!

At least I’m well prepped in advance for tax now and can buy things like dark nail varnish etc. Where I live is hardly a thriving metropolis, so have to plan getting hold of some stuff.
Time to look like a goth for a few months, black nailvarnish, headscarfs, pale and withdrawn looking (well, that’s if I run out of fake tan or can’t be bothered with it, OR can’t stand the smell of it when I’m on EC)

Does anyone know if you stil get the funny taste with Tax?

GOd I hope not, I’ve started with that a bit as well now, not as bad as last time though still annoying!

Hello El Katrano

I’ve also had 3 x EC and then 2 x Tax with number 3 Tax this week.

Good side - little or no nausea; slightly unpredictable stomach and bowels, but nothing horrendous; no aching veins; weight neither up nor down. Bad side - very painful muscles and bones from Day 3 to Day 7. Howver, I learned from the first time and on cycle 2 I took stronger painkillers before it arrived. This definitely kept it down and allowed of some sleep. Nails sore and slightly yellow but not coming off.(Although onc said he’d never heard of it, I have been rubbing nail oil into them and then coats of strengthener, hardener and truly awful purple varnish. Does it help? No idea…) Halfway through cycle 2 very watery eyes. For the first week to 10 days food tastes different, not nasty but not exactly nice either. TAT, of course. Isn’t everyone?

I find sharp fruit tastes the best and I start the day with a pint smoothie of banana, pineapple, mango (etc) with spoon Manuka honey, oats, orange juice, lower-your-cholesterol drink and milk. I’ve become almost addicted to it. I’m hoping that helps digestion. And - yes - I’m not working; I couldn’t have done all that if I was off down the motorway at 7 a.m.

You are right that it isn’t always clear what’s going on. I get different answers at different times… Good luck with it. I’ll be very pleased to get it finished. best wishes HP

It’s great to have all your comments. I have had 3 FEC and have 1st Tax tomorrow. I was very sick and nauseous with the FEC, so I’m really hoping this is better with the Tax, although I’m not looking forward to the sore feet, nails thing. I was dreading having another canula put in as the veins in my arm have packed up, but I had a PICC line put in today, which was easier than I expected, so that has taken away that anxiety. Good luck to everyone else having Tax in the next few days.

Glands up, throat sore, ear ache (no temp) general ache of shoulders/back/tum…sore nails/finger tips on thumb & forefinger; horrid taste back, thrush back, heart burn, now constipated (having not been at teh beginning)really really tired and wondering if I will EVER feel normal/healthy again? My question ladies, is, do you get a good week at the end of this (like with FEC) or are we so FECCED that’s it? Presumably I’ve still got FEC going through the system AND Tax? Do you get good days as the whole thing trundles on… sleep depravation doesn’t help the coping mechanisms does it? (and people tell me how WELL I’m doing!!!)

My TAX starts on Tuesday - I’m enjoying not having SEs other than tiredness in Week 3, at least I get some bloody respite. Dreading chemo on Tues, I’ve done 3 EC so far and I’m sick to death of it all and the boredom, tiredness, lack of life, lack of money etc.

It’s my birthday on Friday, 35 years old, and I’ll probably be ill. Oh well, may I have many more that aren’t in the future!

GIJ - Sorry, but yes I think pretty well everyone gets horrid mouth and unpleasant taste on Tax. Not usually any sickness though. Also you get two or three days grace after chemo before the SEs kick in. It is also a less unpleasant experience when being administered as it’s just a bag of stuff that drips in through the canula - none of those syringes full of horrid red poison.

Good luck all. You will get to the other end. It seems such a long haul though.

Stella xx

hi everyone,

i had 6 tax, it was very tough on me, day 3-9 the fatigue was the worst, couldnt even get out of bed, very bad thrush in my mouth with no taste, sore and white all over,

some ladies have said it not too bad, but i really suffered with bad ses,

all of my finger nails have gone rotten and are at various stages of falling off,

it is very difficult, i had times when i didnt think i would finish the course,

i am currently having rads, and getting there slowly,

keep battling with it, you will get through and at the end of the poisoning will know you have done all you could to get better,

all the very best love liz xxxx