Please can someone try and calm me down just a tad!
Been to the doctors today and have been referred to Breast Clinic for the ‘3 tests’. My moods are swinging from ARGHHHH to ‘don’t be stupid take one step at a time’. I only noticed the offending article a couple of days ago, and swear it didn’t feel it before then?? Since the news I’ve had every ache and pain imaginable.
There’s definately a HUGE black cloud over me at the minute and you feel like you’re the only person going through it so it was an immense relief to chance upon your forum. I’m 45 feeling 80 at the minute (not that there’s anything wrong with being 80!)

Hi there!

Sorry you’ve had to join us, but you’ve come to the right place! There is a huge ammount of support and information here, ask as many questions as you like - someone will have the answer!

“Normal feelings right now?” - well, just about any emotion really!! Head all over the place"; “this isn’t happening to me” all normal!

The 3 tests will involve mammography, ultrasound and a manual examination. They may also biopsy any areas they want a closer look at - this will be done either under ultrasound or mammography control. Its all doable, bit uncomfortable, but you’ll be fine.

Have to say - and everyone on here says the same - the waiting for the results is awful!! Absolutely no point in saying “Don’t worry” - course you will!! Also, ignore well meaning friends telling you to “take your mind off it” - nothing can do that!

However - try not to let your imagination run away with you - I know that is easier said than done - but take each day at a time. Hopefully, everything will be OK, but, if there is anything that needs to be dealt with, again, take it one step at a time.

Stay in touch on here, I found this site so helpful.

When is your clinic appointment?

Take care

I have posted this on behalf of new user Claire

Regards Sam

Hi there…know EXACTLY what you’re going through!! I too found a lump 3 days ago, promptly off to GP, who’s refered me to Breast Clinic. Awake most of the night worried…perfectly normal!!! Take comfort from the fact that more than 80% of lumps are innocent. If it is the nasty C word, when caught early, is totally curable. It’s the waiting though eh?

As we all know the waiting is the worst part!!! Emotiona are all over the place and you go from the worst thoughts to I’ll be ok in a very short time. It does get easier…I think!! especially when you know whats ahead, we all seem to cope somehow! This site is a life saver and so many lovely ladies become friends and give support!So Claire and Smithy keep posting we will try to help!!
love Debs xxxxx

hello all
yes the waiting is the worst, your mind goes into overdrive,what if what if, my lump was bc i had my op nearly 2 weeks ago and am now waiting for results of that, but smithy2104 there is alot of other types of lumps, there was a lady when i went who found out she had a cyst, please lets us know how you get on and fingers crossed for you
luv julie x

hi there - hopefully it’ll be nothing but I know that doesn’t help you cause your head goes into overdrive etc etc as we know…if its bad news there is great support here, believe me - we’ve all said it and knowing that its so common sort of helps too - but we’ll cross all for you - so many boob probs are not cancer and so common, take care, mary x

I have posted this on behalf of new user Claire.

Regards Jill

Hi there…hope you’re feeling calmer today, having had things sink in a little. Have you been sent an appointment yet? I actually contacted Breast Clinic today, and they actually gave me an appointment over the phone for Mon. Feel much calmer knowing I don’t have to wait too long. Aren’t all the ladies on this site fantastic? Have been reading everyone’s postings, and am truly inspired by their courage and wisdom…well done all you girls out there you’ve
been a light at the end of a dark tunnel…
Bless you all…
Claire xx

Claire - hope appt goes well today
Lizzie XX

Claire, good luck for today, keeping everything crossed for you.

Luv to you all Pauline xxxx

Claire - hope it went well today…


no news from claire yet, hope thats because she’s too busy to post because she is out celebrating…fingers crossed

Luv to you all Pauline xxx

still no news from smithy2104 and claire…

Anyone out there ???

Hi ladies
I’m sorry I’ve not posted since the first time, my mind has been in turmoil. I’ve waited 10 days for todays appointment and I’m even more worried now. I’ve lost weight due to not eating properly and basically being worried sick. I’ve also suffered from anxiety in the past so recognize the tell tale signs but I’m now thinking it’s all related to this lump. I’ve been so wound up I’ve had nagging aches in my back and I’ve an stupid habit of feeling I have to clear my throat all the time and my voice doesn’t sound my own (probably because I’ve been so quiet and not used it much of late).
Anyhow, I had the exam, mammograph, ultrasound and biopsy today and I’m convinced it’s bad mainly due to the consultant ending the conversation with “and IF it is nasty the lump is small and can me treated!”. He never gave me any indication as to what it may be. The lady who did the ultrasound went up into my armpit, when asked why she said of was normal as the breast tissue extends to there, she couldn’t see any nodules as if she had she would have biopsy those also but now I’m thinking there’s something there and they’re not saying.
I’ve got to go back Friday for the results but with all the other aches in my back I’m just convinced it’s bad.
Thanks for enquiring of my whereabouts!

Hi Smithy - sorry you are going through this worrying time…:smiley:

I think if the ultrasound lady had been able to see anything when she looked in your underarm area she would have taken a sample - so i am sure she was telling the truth when she said she couldn’t…
{{{hugs}}} i know what a worrying time this is - i am coming up to my first anniversary on May 27th…

I really hope it is good news later this week…


hi smithy
when i had my ultrasound she went up my arm-pit and then took a needle biopsy and 3 of my nodes were involved, so theresa is right if they thought something was there they would take biopsy,but i no how worring it can be, yes every little pain feels sinister, i nhope everything goes fine on friday, i have been really axious and have been advised to try bach rescue remidie which i am going to try, maybe you could to
take care julie

Hi thanks for the replies.
Sorry if I sound frantic and paranoid, the ultrasound really scared me, considering it has been ‘just’ 2weeks since the doctor found the lump, I’m thinking it’s spread in that time.
Even the lady doing the mammogram had to keep telling me to relax my shoulders so in normal circumstances I would think that is why my backs aching.
Because of all this stress my period arrived a week early too, I had a feel last night and I thought it felt it moved from side to side, so hoped he’d say it was a mouse but he didn’t.

As for the rescue remedy… I’ve nearly downed my first bottle! (spray type).
I just cannot think of any positive thoughts. Apologies for the disjointed post.
It’s so satisfying knowing there’s so many nice people out there xx

hi smithy,

i think we have all felt as you do in some way or other, so take comfort in that you are not alone, loads of people on here know how you feel and will journey with you as you take the next step. it is so good that you are posting on here, it is one way to calm yourself but don’t read too far along the stages as it is too much info and will only stress you out more.

i’m sure you are trying all the stress relievers but just in case have you tried deep breathing so simple but often really works as does a warm lavender bath. just remember you only have to get thru the next moment and then the next one…

we would all like to say that everything is going to be ok but we live in the real world and know that sometimes it isn’t. you are in the right place whatever happens, love and support are already coming your way and that will only increase if you have to join us.

but so far you haven’t and don’t loose sight that there is a 90% chance that on friday you will be celebrating! the odds are in your favour.

so be kind to yourself… you are very special and keep us in touch with what is happening,

love and prayers,


hi all
hi smithy, i have gone from crying to feeling very angry at the moment, i am like that bear on that advert, my poor kids cannot do any thing with-out me moaning at them, and the thing is i cannot help it,i feel i can say things on here that if i said to my oh, he wouldnt no what to say, hopefully you will get the right result
kaz hope all goes well today
love to all julie x

smithy2104, sorry to see you are still with us. I was hoping no news ment you had good news and had moved on.

Like you i am waiting for results, although mines following MX on a grade 3 lump, on thursday. So i know exactly how your feeling. No one can make it better you just have to find ways to get through one day at a time. We can do it.

good luck to everyone else waiting for news or undregoing treatments

Luv Pauline xxx

(((((Hugs)))))) to all going through this rollercoaster of results hell. You’ll get there, we’re all with you
Take care