"THE NIGHT BIRDS"- Can't sleep? Join us for chats - fun,serious, shared advice, debates, wo' ever !!

Hi Everybody, a warm welcome to us all.


A few of thought is a necessity to have a nightime area, where any of us “insomniacs” can come and have a chat, whilst all the “normal” ( aren’t they a “boring” lot!! ) are in the land of ZZZZZZZ’s.


Somewhere we can chat, discuss, debate, sob, rant, complain, hopefully have a giggle, share advice, brain storm, rabbit on about ANYTHING our little or rather, BIG hearts desire.

I’ve been doing a lot of my nightime shifts on the “Just Diagnosed and needing someone to talk to” section/thread" but am sometimes conscious of interrupting the fast and furious flow of posts with my often and now famous LOOOONG ramblings. None of them about “Nothing” I’ll have you know (Don’t be so cheeky those of you who already know me !!), ALL very important stuff - but of course !! And all full of exclamation marks and CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasise certain of my HIGHLY intelligent and philosophical statements, that are all really ME tryiing to kid you all into thinking that I’m highly intelligent and know what I’m talking and going on about. Which of course I do - Hee.


I actually had a good nights sleep last night for once. But if you’re here, have a quick read of the  “Insomnia anyone ?Going Nuts” thread under  “RECOVERING FROM TREATMENT” section as an intro to the existing founder members, to see what we’ve already been discussing, giggling about.

Let’s have it as an “ANYTHING GOES” area with what we ALL have to experience/put up with/deal with with this blasted disease !!!

See you soon

Dellydoodaa xxxx



Hi Delly, 

I am sorry that you have not received a reply yet but I am sure some of your fellow users will be along shortly to offer their support.

In the meantime do give our support line a call at 0808 800 6000 who are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays who can offer their support and a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 


Digital Community Assistant 

Hi Delly, I think I fit in here, its 2am and I’m wide awake!!


My mind just won’t switch off and I find myself thinking all sorts from ‘I could be doing some washing right’ to ‘I wonder what I’m missing at work’.


I’m nearly 10 weeks post double mastectomy/reconstruction and have an appointment with Occ Health in the morning, I’m ready (I think) to go back to work but not sure I’ll be able to concentrate due to the lack of sleep so this is keeping me awake also. I was diagnosed end of May so also had lumpectomy in June so my non sleeping issue has been ongoing for many months now ??


Hope you’ve managed to sleep through tonight, Suzie x

Hi Suzie

I’m sorry, I would have been on here sooner when you were, to say Hellooooo back. but I’ve been placing a post on the “Just Diag and Needing to Talk”. They’re all asleep, so I’ve been neglecting you. 

You sound to have recovered really well and are raring to go back to work. Is your appointment today just an assessment and hopefully your lack of sleep tonight won’t cause too much of a problem with. Hope it goes well.  You’ve got the rest of the day to try and stay awake through so you’re reeeally ready to ZONK out tonight. 

Are you on any meds for your BC or Antidepressants ?? that may be disturbing your sleep ? It may be, once you get back into work mode, have the distraction and feel more back to normality, plus regular work day routine, your sleep pattern may settle down.

Are you pleased with the results of your recon ? What sort did you go for- self tissue or implant and are you part way through with other procedures to yet go through ??

Sorry for all the questions.  I’m off to bed now.

See you soon Delly xx 

Hello ladies, I can’t get to sleep, too much playing on my mind!

Have my post op appointment with the consultant tomorrow (nearly 3 weeks after my operation) and will also have my seroma drained for the 3rd time! I’m trying not to worry too much about the appointment and the results that I’ll be given as both the BCN and consultant have said that as I’ve had scans before the op they already know it hadn’t spread. I know at least one of my lymph nodes was positive and there’s probably a few others as well. I’m secretly hoping that one or two might be clear?! The seroma that keeps refilling is getting me down, I’m fed up with feeling it sloshing about and am worried that it will never go! What with that and the cording and sunburn feeling on my arm I’m wondering if I’ll ever feel well again.

Suzie, I’ve been having counselling on and off for the last year. Have been seeing her on a weekly basis since the BC diagnosis and have found it useful to talk to someone who isn’t related to me or a close friend.

Sissy xx

Hello Dear Friends

I’ve spent most of the afternoon, trying to send a post of massive proportions, but I stupidly did a bit of “tweeking” to my settings last night, which has blown up in my face. So a bit frustrated, as like some of you here at the moment. AND, it had some very important, significant FELLOW RANTING in it + very helpful food for thought for all of us - a reminder/refresher for me toooo. Am hanging onto it for dear life rather than it disappear into the ether, never to be found. I hate these blasted machines, But, I am not going to let them beat me. So, until I find a way of saving and then sending it, I shall try and repeat some of that looong post and then concentrate on the here and now with US !!


I was given these very WISE WORDS a couple of years ago. Actually wrote them down, and ‘I’ need to keep re-instilling them into my everyday life vocabulary :-


“Go forward with confidence. Deal with MORE, if and when you need to”  (Tricia - Cancer Buddy Network (CBN)). . . . . . and


"We need to CHANNEL our minds  BACK to BETTER thoughts. Which takes PRACTICE (Sharon - aka Shazza - also CBN)

Both of those two lovely ladies were understandably “Moderators” for the CBN Forum.


Our minds are our own worst enemy in dealing with this new or old to us Bleep disease, still an unknown situation. And we therefore have to adopt/learn new strategies to either keep IT or rather US in control “HEADWISE”, otherwise it’s gonna drive us “bonkers” and off our heads, as.it has done to me!! But, thanks to you lot on this here Forum, I’ve now got a grip back on life again and hopefully from now on.

There’s still always going to be that FEAR, that you never know if . . . But there’s also a need to be sensibly VIGILANT about anything “unusual” we’re experiencing without becoming paranoid, - difficult to balance. It helps if you have a really understanding doctor. Mine, where I lived previously, was fantastic at putting me at ease or conscientious to check further into certain things that had come up for me following my BC, such as a lump in my neck - sent me to have it scanned immediately. I’m just being realistic, as none of us ever know if those repetitive twinges aren’t being caused by a possible  “secondary”, do we - Right?? I’m not doom-mongering here, just being pragmatic - realistic.  


But, at the same time - we have to try to not let it “rule” what future life and years we do have in front of us don’t we? I’m 9 yrs down the “Clear so far” line and I still struggle at times this!

In the process - I think it’s very important to communicate how or what we are FEELING/THINKING to all our beloved family and friends because they “can’t read our minds” and usually want/need  to know, that’s if they truely care about us…

Personally, I also think it important to gently educate anyone else who comes into my path that says “So you’re “cured” now then” with “No, I’m not “cured”, because as yet there is no cure, nor any means to check into every cell of our body to see whether there are any cancer cells that have lodged elsewhere. But thank you for your sentiments, I appreciate that you mean well”.


Suzie - So you’re waiting for what i call the “Icing on the cake” with tattooing areola’s. Now there’s an unusual, interesting and somewhat rewarding job !!

If you’re STILL not sleeping well, have a glance at our suggestions in the “Insomnia Anyone” thread on “Recovering from Treatment” thread for sleeep aids/advice zzzzzzzzz… There’s loaads of helpful stuff out there that we can get our hands on and use to help us sleeep better or tackle other issues of BC.  But, like with anything and any “muscle”, we have to learn to use it, REGULARLY, 'cos we can all be lazeee can’t we?? OHHHHH Yes we CAN. Well, we’re getting into Panto season, so you’ll have to forgive my excitement, 'cos I love 'em.

However, Thinking back to the words at the start of my post - takes “practice”. ‘I’ myself also need to keep it in mind for myself.

With ref to your recon, a “dermal sling”. Are you meaning with use of "Strattice/tissue matrix and perhaps combined with a “Back Flap” AND implants or just implants ?? I was amazed that you had nipple recon at the same time. Talk about “all-in-one” ! Once I have my expanders replaced with silicons, I have to wait 3 months to allow “them” to develop a “drape” (droop!) to avoid an unlevel position for nipp recon.


I forget just how heeealing music can be in putting something “uplifting” on, in that it makes you wanna dance around the kitchen. But, also how CATHARTIC it can be in releasing pent up sorrow/emotions. My brother and I were huge music lovers and we shared a lot of similar musical tastes. I played Stings “Fragile” at his funeral, even had the words printed out on the service sheet. It’s just one of many pieces of music that reminds me of him (same goes for my Dad).  I’ve just put it on as I’m speaking to you, and I’m in floods. But . .it’s good for my soul to let it out, and/or show my emotions and vulnerabilities. But. . . only to myself or those that we know love and care about us!!


I’m afraid this disease and experience has made me faaar less tolerant of certain things and certainly certain people and their actions, yet more tolerant of others and other things. Take for instance my cousin (like a so called sister at times). I was, and still am, shocked by her attitude towards me immediately following my brother HANGING HIMSELF, in her ability to point a “finger of blame” at ME for what he did. Ironically, she didn’t even know my brother, and really, had had very little interest in getting to know him as a person his whole life. She knew something of the complications between us concerning the sale of our parents house, but not ALL of it. Yet considered herself an AUTHORITY on HIM, his and my relationship, and his state of mind. I tell you - hands in air !!??.  I had no option, for the sake of my own self preservation, to just “cut her out of my life”, in that her words were such a cruel, dispicable, ignorant KICK in the face and . . HEART.  I’m already on the fffflippin floor, literally wracked in grief! Not just about the loss of my brother, but it also only being two years following my Mothers death!! She could do to read this post about it all and maybe it may cause her to “self examine her behaviour” and MAYBE then humble herself and A-P-O-L-O-G-I-S-E !!! Had my previous post not been “held” in limbo, it would have explained far more eloquently, some of the “Ins and outs” more. Jeez, I would challenge HER, and anyone else for that matter, to still be STANDING after what’s happened to me in the last 12 yrears. No, I’m not wanting or looking for sympathy - I don’t need or want it thanks. Am just wishing to state the facts.  


My Dad was diag “Terminal”.  Mum and I had it to deal with. He died a month within the 1 1/2 yrs predicted for his particular type of aggressive lung cancer associated with asbestos -2003,

I had to give up my business/profession for health reasons when I’d studied/trained HARD  to provide myself with a lifelong profession/ income. In the process of having to give up my business, I had to give up my income, a home I loved and spent a fortune on refurbing and worked hard for, plus a lifestyle I loved and had also worked hard for.

My relationship also broke down because of the “stress” of the above, so was also LOST.

I then lost one boob - bounced back incredibly well and got back onto the “life” horse again.

Then lost my SECOND boob, only 9 months later and did NOT bounce back. Sank into massive, severe depression

2 years later, I lost my Mother SUDDENLY - which completely blew me and ANY strength I still had to bits and into even further decline.

2 Years later, I then lost my Brother to him HANGING HIMSELF at 56!! We expect our parents to go before us don’t we. Suicide leaves you with a extra horrible feeling.  


It seriously grieves me to have to act this way with my CUZ, but, I’m better off without such destructive, torturing people in my life. I have faaaar more important issues to be dealing with - such as LIVING -full stop, and still with the breast cancer issues itself. Difficult, because deep down I still love her, plus she’s one of the now FEW family members I have left. She got married in May - I had an invite but couldn’t allow myself to attend a “Happy” event of someone who’d caused me so much extra grief to what I was already in at the time.


It’s only with THANKS to certain people on here, that I’m still alive - seriously !!! Cos I’d already been to where my dear bruvs head was a number of years and TIMES before HE actually did what he did. And, really, I had greater cause and reason to “do myself in”  than he had - having this potentially life threatening disease, on top of loadsa other life traumas and GRIEF!! I no longer have the time or energy to WASTE on ANYone who causes me extra grief, and makes my life and MIND/HEAD any more, (in the words of Sting) “FRAGILE” than it already WAS. Other people reaction to me telling them about what my cuz said was jaw drop open in disbelief, disgust, incredulity!! that someone could behave and say such a thing to someone who was in the state I was in. Anyway . .


Sorry folks , thanks for allowing me to off load. Had to get all of that above out of the way and now  apologise to ALL of you for it. Let’s get back to what is actually MORE IMPORTANT i.e. “US” helping each other through all the vagaries of this BLEEP of a disease. Yes ??


Not-gonna-let-such people-and -things-wear-me-down-any-longer-Delly xxx


Now - THANK YOU so much for allowing me to get all tha sssstuff off my chest. I feel a darn sight better for it, hence me always saying to ANYONE - better out than in. Had tears for my bruv and a stompoing rant about the cousin person.

Can  now more importantly catch up with you’s.


Claire, Tina - We have to learn to TRAIN ourselves into positive AFFIRMATIONS as below, use ANY tools possible - hypno cds, "mindfulness etc to put our minds BACK onto a MORE POSITIVE track. NO-ONE can give you an answer to “Am I cured” or “If not, how long do I have”.  Thinking about it - I’m still a lot healthier than certain other people I know, who may drop dead TOMORROW from a heart attack !!

All this talk from ME to YOU is helping me to REAFFIRM this stuff in MY head. I need to start doing it on a regular basis - so do YOU. So let’s do that and give each other a gentle “STICK”/STRENGTH or SOOOOOOTHE each others souls if we go off the rails. Put a bit of gentle Eva Cassidy on in the background and have a chat. What d’you think??


Suzie - I’m sorry about your ovaries. Are you at an age where you’ll ever want children or have you had ??


Sissy - ‘Ello Darlin. You, Claire & Tina feel like we’re old (young!!) friends - a pair of comfey slippers or knickers !! HAHA!  Yes, your seromas WILL just eventually just dwain away (DWAIN - pun on DRAIN - you get it ?? Oh well never mind :wink: )  You need to get work done to and extra help with your “cording”. Please DONT leave going to see someone - PHYSIO about it. It WILL require you to do EXTRA  (!!)      E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E-S  for it tho’. The “sunburn” feeling can be due to IT (cording) and/or slight nerve damage from your underarm surgery that’s repairing itself. I still have a slight lack of feeling in my right underarm and thumb + first two fingers (Yes those two fingers!!)  so don’t expect miracles there. None of it stops me performing my daily tasks, but it did mean I couldn’t return to my profession which required me to have full sensitivity in performing my work tasks using sharp instruments and scalpels SAFELY. Trust me - “I have a round neck”. Think about that one !!


I’m sooo glad this thread has got up and running. It’s all due to us chums in the “Insomnia anyone - going nuts” on the “Recovering from Treatment” section. Have a read of,  'cos we’ve made loads of useful, helpful suggestions as to how to help us sleep better !! I have suggested we join them together, but I’ve not had word back from the SLEEPLESS committeeee yet as to whether they wish that to happen.


I’ve been up all night - much of it spouting off FIRE and VENOM in my previous post, along with having  already typed a post, that had disappeared into the EEEETHERRRRR !! Culdn’t be bovved to repeat it ALL, but have pretty much done soooo, I’ll post my cuz the web address so she can have a looksee for herself - YES ??

Loadsa love to everyone

Doolally xxx


 Claire and Sissy - Both of you are complaining of/experiencing “sunburn” down your arm. No doubt it’ll be explained to you when you next see your Oncs or BCN. Whole load of damage/trauma from surgery to your underarm tissue and more importantly, the delicate superficial nerves that feed your arm. Most of it will come back to norm BUT, I can’t help thinking your “cording” is also a reason for it. Pleeease do get EXTRA help with and then be VERY STRICT with your stttrrrretching exercises. Just DO IT/THEM will yer!!


Jobes - aren’t you luverrrly. Thank you soooo much for your always, sensitive and caring messages to me. I’m always hoping that you also are WELL darlin.  Folks - Jobey has an absolute GEM (as I call him) of a husband, who cooks for the two of them. I keep threatening to go round on a Friday “Steak and Chips” night !! Right Jobey? - lovely man your hubby. (He emails his complaints about YOU to me, but I just ignore them flower).

I’m not yet quite sure if I make more sense early hours of th morning as oppo to daylight hours. I’m now leaving myself wide open to all sorts of ABUSE from those who know meee. ALL of you fellow BC women - Do yourselves a huge favour, give yourself a pressie and order a copy of Eva Cassidy’s “SONGBIRDS” - it’s HEEEEALING. Put it on when you’re struggling, and NO I don’t have shares in the record company. Good stuff - get it ordered right now  or ask for crimbo. Trust me - I’ve got a round neck !!! Mwahaha. 


Love Yers, Dellydoodaa xxx 


Kiki and cjrd - hi to you both.

Yeh, Kiki - it’s difficult to find a balance between being “sensibly aware and sensibly vigilant” but not paranoid and allowing this disease to rule our lives. Hope you both managed to get back to sleep. I’ve just woken up still on the sofa, last I knew it was 10.30 !! But I am going to bed now !! I’ve had a gippy stomach for 3 1/2 weeks, finally got myself to the docs (with sample !!!), blood test and gave me anti sickness tabs which make you sleeeeepy. Hate taking tabs, but my appetite’s been so poor and then when I have eaten, I feel sick partway or after. I’m slim anyway so can’t really afford to lose more. Maybe something like salmonella, liver prob or poss something more sinister. You never know.


Where are you both up to with things ? treatment etc? Neither of you said, but I hope you’re doing well. Sorry I missed you both for a chat

Lotsa love

Delly xx

Coo wee Kiki  (That sounds like something out of a musical don’t you think)

Have I just missed you again ?? or are you still up.

Thanks for the low down on where you’re up to. It;s all a bummer really, has taken me 9 years to get to a better state of mind following losing my two. Would have been much easier for me and I KNEW it would be, had I been able to have recon at the same time. So, I’m so glad to hear you had immediate recon lovey. Espesh important for any fellow singletons. Don’t know if you are ? but it’s been the reason I haven’t had or even pursued the “possibilty” of a relationship / partnership.

Anyway, are you happy with your recon? and the balance/match with your own boob ?? you’ll have to forgive me, I ask lots of questions, so tell me if you don’t like what I’m asking. It’s simply because I’m sooo interested in my fellow womenkind, and how we’re all coping with “IT” etc.!!  Sounds like a fast, great “physical” recovery by you. Keep on with your exercises Kiki - can’t stress them enough to get your FULL mobility back.

Are you married, partnered, single ?? Fanatastic you’re back to work so soon and maybe in 6 months or so, you may feel like returning to full time. Yeh, it does tend to give you a different perspective on an number of MAJOR things in your life. Has given me less tolerance for certain things, i.e. s**t from people, but given me more tolerance and COMPASSION about other things. Am farrr more openly emotional - wear my heart on my sleeve as oppo to being a “difficult to read” person, because I WAS quite outwardly controlled in showing emotions. Now, I don’t give a toss where I am, in front of whom.

Don’t be too hasty with, or expect too much of yourself. You’re very early stages. You’re already sensibly being “careful” mentioning your addressing work/life balance which sounds great as long as it doesn’t cause you financial difficulties.


If you’re ever struggling, try going back to my beginning “post” on here to refresh yourself in those “wise words” I was GIVEN, and still keep drilling into my own head, cos we can all forget or get lazeeee, until it becomes INSTILLED, DRUMMED (tattooed!!) into our subconscience and is then 2nd nature.


Do you post on any other thread / section?? If not, have a look at those others on here, "Going through Treatment/Surgery, and Recently Diagnosed/Diagnosed with BC, espesh the “Just diagnosed and wanting to Talk”. You would be a good support others from your own experience - there are many out there who’d welcome it, Kiki (love your name by the way - reminds me of “Lambchops” friend on a kiddies tv show yeeeears agooooo - might be before your time!!) I’ve received such fantastic support from the gems on this forum AND have been thanked profusely for mine. Helped me recover mentally, regain MUCH of my old self back. In fact - BETTER than my “old” self !!!

Stay in touch, whatever time of day - hey?


CJRD - you’re obviously a woman of few words !!!

Lotsa love



Awwwwww Suzie. I’m sooo sorry to hear that. You sounded reeelly close ?

What age was she Suzie. And Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst. Sending you a big hug, my sympathy, commisserations and love. Painful I know, let it flow and out. 

Wishing you strength

Delly xx

Yeah Suzie, it’s fffffflippin awful. I feel very upset to hear you and your Dad.

We’ve not got to let it get the better of us, some how got to Kick it where it hurts and thats MALE genitalia delicate bits I’m afraid. Sorry to be so sexist. 

I’m waiting on poo and blood samples for a month long stomach prob. Feel dreadful this morn. Went to bed 12.30 and woke up 4.15, been up since. I’m abfab mentally but horribly washed out physically with not getting much into me poor little already skinny bod. Lost 5 lbs in four weeks. Thinking of bottling it to sell as a Slimming Aid. I’d be a millionairess and be able to afford the new helicopter I’ve been saving up for. My other’s getting a bit worn round the edges of the rotor blades !!


Can’t wait to hear about your tattooing experience. Ironically, I have a tattooiist contact who is reknowned internationally. Works on the likes of Beckom and is “flown” out to various countries to work on the rich and famous. Incredibly talented. Where do you have to go to have it done ??? Hosp or a “studio” somewhere ??


Is everybody else on here doing okay?? You must all be sleeping better or have got fed up with my wittering on ?!!

Lotsa love Dellypoo’s (literally!) xx

WOO - HOO, lets have a SUZIE’s NEW AREOLA party !!! That’s interesting you talking about feeling “sensation”. I went to get my back massaged last week and when I turned over onto my back for the last 1/2, I felt “goosebumps” in my front bumps area !! Weird hey? 

GHave to go for Ultrasound on tum in two weeks. Meanwhile, 3 days ago, my right knee locked. Had a major ACLR op 1995, with an arthroscopy “clear out” 4 yrs ago after the same thing happened so go to see the darling man next wk, probaqbly book me for another “clear out”. My stomach certainly doesn’t need a clear out !! Had eyes tested ‘cos finally had to “give in” Anno Domini in the specs sense to be told early cataract. Have to allow to ripen. Not bothered about that, it’s a quick op and relatively simple to sort out. Don’t like the sound of it tho’. My Mum had hers done years ago and wasn’t a problem for her and she was more squeemish than me + older. Sniff, sniff - falling to bits - boohoo

So another step over for you then. Wonder why it’s only semi permanent ink?! Hope you go on all right tomorrow lovey.

Delly xx 

Mornin Kiki,

I hope you managed to get back to sleep. That’s particularly tough for you, 23rd December. I hope you can manage to find distractions until next week, Tuesday/Wednesdaty?? I can completely understand your fear that you may be affected in your natural boob. What type did you have in your other ? was it DCIS or an actual lobular or ductal tumour ??  Are you feeling “even” from your recon, they managed to match you up well ?? Never ceases to amaze me what these surgeons can do. 

I back at the docs this after to get poo and blodd results, ask to be re-referred to another surgeon to get back on the recon horse AND ask to be referred for hand and finger prob - see if anything can be done to help with it. PLUS !! - I’ve now gone deaf in one ear, so need it syringed. Falling to bits or what ?! Difference is, I can cope with ALL of this, now being in a good, buoyant mental state, rather than it being another thing one on top of the other and each one pushing me down further. 

Saw my knee man on Monday, the only guy I take my trousers off for these days (or that I want to for !!). Am now waiting on appointment to have a “clear out/tidy up” arthroscopy op under his NHS work. Hope it’s not too long 'cos I’m hobbling about at the mo. In fact I’ll phone his secretary today to say I’m available at the drop of a hat, should there be any cancellations even if it means I’ll be out of action should one crop up before Xmas. I don’t have any major commitments, family kids to run around after, and medical establishments are often quieter at this time of year. The hospital I had the private consultation at is in my old stomping ground so as my appointment was early evening, I’d already decided to go to the nearby cinema and eatery complex afterwards - treat myself to a bite to eat and film. Every road out of this town has roadworks, plus it was getting peak traffic time so after a horrendous hour long journey in jams, I was glad to have some “calm” time. I absolutely love an occasional Pizza Hut pizza and many of those I used to go to have closed down to relocate out of town in entertainment complexes. I knew there USED to be one next to the cinema there, so was hoping it was still open and I could have a  long awaited “fix”. Yes, it was. Ooooooo, yummy (for some reason, their pizza’s are one of the few things that can really tempt me when my tums off/gyppy. Noticed the whole of an area of the restaurant was full of kids in cubs uniforms, having a party. Sat down at a table, had a look at the menu, but the NOISE from these kids was so horrendous, I left !! Went to one of the other fooderies that was peaceful. So still haven’t had my “fix” (boohoo). Then went to see “Spectre”. I’m way behind on films, ANYthing and EVERYthing in fact (bar Emmers and Corrie, which, now that I’m so much better mentally and not watching so much tv, am way behind on too - but that’s a good sign !), with having just crawled out of my recent 20 month “black hole”. Really enjoyed it, fantastic thrilling and exciting opening scene with helicopter acrobatics. My only criticism was it being a bit too long at 2 1/2 hrs. Would have been better at 2 hrs, as was getting tired and fidgetty the last half hour. Wanted to see the film  “Carol” but it wasn’t on. It stars Kate Blanchette, who I think is a really good actress, and is about lesbian love affair - I’m guessing it’s all a bit of an intense love story. I forget who the star"let" in it is.

Am off to see my fave uncle tomorrow, in Nantwich. Haven’t seen him and Mo, his wife, for 3 years and he’s had a tough time in the last 2 years with bowel probs and complications from surgery. I was gonna jump on a train, so that I could enjoy a couple of drinks with our lunch if I wanted to, without having to worry about driving. But since I’ve been in a more UP state mentally, I don’t have the same interest in or need of alcohol, so I’m driving. Although, I enjoy travelling on public transport - it’s far more sociable. I invariably get chatting to and have interesting talks with people, but you have to be able to have extra time to be able to “enjoy” public transport. Anyway, we have a lot of catching up to do and are going for a nice lunch to a nearby gastro pub. I’ve got a bag of “cheer you up” goodies to take - funny DVD’s and a beautiful opera cd by Jonas Kaufman - the latest hottest tenor on the classical music scene, who also looks “hot” too, not your average overweight Pavarotti type singer. More in the vein of the handsome, slimmer proportioned Placido Domingo, but with an even more passionate and sensual voice than HIM !! Handsome AND with a stunning voice to boot ? - corrrrrr, slurrrrrrp of slobber !!

Stomach’s STILL off, though I’m managing food a bit better, but still having to chuck it away. Ultrasound scan is next Wed. I don’t feel an ultrasound is gonna show much up, as it’s only superficial in it’s depth. Anyway, see what happens.


Am signing off now, think I’ve bashed your ears and eyes long enough, hopefully not bored at the same time.

Keep in touch everyone. Love to you all

Dellywellydingdong xxxxxxxxx 

Where’s my Xmas Day invite then ?? !! Have Helicopter with worn rotar blades, but still flyable. I’m an ORPHAN - need ADOPTING - oy are you listening out there ??!!

Please will you let me and us know how you go on. Understand if not immediately.


Well CRJD - I gathered as you were on here, something was up. Keep in touch lovey. Do you feel like giving us more info on, such as, what surgery you’ll be having. We’re here for you if you need some support, or need to offload or wo’ever !!


Yeh, Nic. Good Luck for tomorrow. Let us know how you go on will you please, when you’ve a mo’ 

Dellywelly xxx 

Hey girls - missed it. Come down with flu - think this may have been what’s been brewing with tum. Projectile vomit to boot. Afraid I’m just keeping warm and in bed. Have to go get some Beechams Hot lems + obligatory bottle of whiskey for hot Toddies. Xmas is going where the sun don’t shine - don’t care anymore. Duck can go get you know what. Not going to see my Parents oldest friends today - Aunty Margaret and Uncle Alan. They’re elderly and don’t wanna put this on them. Have to catch them in the N. Y. Gotta get right for party 16th Jan - important. Having paella catering, plus need to get fireworks before close down for the N. Y. You coming ???

Love to everyone,. Have a lovely Xmas and NewYear .    

Dellysnottysnoz  xxxxx

Have a good one Nic. Same to everyone else.Off to bobies with a hot lem.

Delly xxxx

Mornin little Darlins

MERRY CHRISTMAS - have a lovely day.  Please make the most of time with your family - hugely important. Miss mine espesh this time of year.

Spent all day yesterday keeping warm, cutched up in dressing gown or in bed - sore and aching all over, joints and muscles - eyeballs even !! Likely to do the same today, drink copious mugs of tea. Am not bothered honest. Mentally I’m good. Just wanna get the bod sorted, recovered ready for birthday mid January. Got some partying to do WHOO HOO !!! You coming.

Kiki/Nic - fingers crossed for your results two weeks, but yeh, put it away for now and enjoy. I think onco staff are trained not to “give anything away” in their expressions !!


Love to you all

Dellydoodahdey xxxx


Breast Cancer Care publications – can you help?

We are currently reviewing our Breast cancer and you publication and are looking for quotes that reflect the patient experience.

Breast cancer and you is for anyone dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer and its treatment. It outlines some of the emotional issues that may arise in the early weeks and months following diagnosis. This booklet deals mainly with primary breast cancer.

If you would be happy to fill in a questionnaire about your experiences and willing for us to use your quotes in the publication, please contact publications@breastcancercare.org.uk by 12 January.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who were single or in a LGBT relationship at the time of diagnosis.