I will start by making a comment about the next poster (the person below me) the next person to read this will respond with either a true or false and perhaps a comment as to why. Then they will in turn post a comment about the next person.

Here’s an example:

The person below me is spending Saturday night relaxing at home.


i like saturday night in front of the telly with a drink in one hand and something to nibble on in the other.

the person below me is planning a holiday.

Sadly, not true. We were going to Toronto to visit my cousin before dx. Now its back to the caravan.

the person below me is always going to the gym

NOT TRUE!!! Tho funnily enough I did join a gym just prior to dx, I think my body knew something was wrong before I did.

the person below me drives a Porsche

False. But I do wish…nice, sleek black one I can race bout town with…oh well. How bout a Subaru?

the person below me is itchng for a fight

true - have now had hubby at home with me for over a week. I’m not getting any peace and have to get up at 5am to do the suduko in the paper in peace. The house is never quiet now what with him AND son at home (exam leave - HAH - unless he’s doing media studies he’s screwed).

The person below me inherited money in the last year

I wish!!! My parents died years ago and neither of them had anything to leave except a lot of hassle from my loving brother! Oh well, have to keep up the day job at the lap dancing club to pay the bills for the time being

The person below me has a really exciting profession

No sorry not exciting but i do like what i do.

the person below me has been up in a hot air balloon.

False - but it is something that I always wanted to do … my son did suggest that he pay for a hot air balloon ride for my birthday last year, but we changed the plans and had a joint 18th (his) and 40th (mine) present of a week in Salou.

the person below me lives in a big house

no sounds big its a four bed 2 bathroom terrace but i do have a husband and 3 teenage sons!!! we only moved from a tiny two bed terrace two years ago but now we could do with something bigger i suppose!

The person below me has wrote a novel

False, I would love to, was thinking about doing a Bridget Jones style novel of all this stuff but can’t keep a diary up to date.

The person below me has done a bungee jump

False - but I have done 3 charity abseils - 1st down the back of the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow raised money for Cancer Research - 2nd from the Forth Rail Bridge and raised money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland - 3rd was again from the Forth Rail Bridge but this time raised funds for RNLI.

The person below me has red coat

False - although i used to have on a few years ago

the person below me eloped

false but i should never have married!!!

the person below me is a vegan

No, false, but my son is a vegetarian and wants to become a vegan. I have nothing against his choice but I am at a loss how to feed him. He eats his own body weight in food and without milk, cheese and eggs he would live off that horrible Quorn stuff or tofu - yuk! (no offence to anyone who likes it!)

the person below has dogs

No,no,no but I do have three cats …Monteegoo, marmyduke and Luba (Russian for love)

the person below me is retired

No I wish was but keep hoping that I will be offered early retirement don’t think I have much chance though!

the person below me loves the theatre

Well I went to see ‘‘Joseph’’ last year…!!!

the person below me is happily married

Just got back from a weekend in London saw Margarite is was a lovely story met up with my youngest Donna -Marie and her hubby plus mine.

the person below me is slim!

yes - I am a size 10 - I would have been able to fit into Cathy’s gown 10 times over.

the person below me is using a laptop