The things children say...

Many of us have children and they say that truth comes from the mouths of babes, so I thought I’d start a thread where we can share the insightful, touching, funny things our children (and other people’s) say.

To start things off, a little description of my family. I have 4 children, 2 biggies (boy of nearly 24, girl of 21, both moved out) and 2 littlies still at home (girls of 14 and 12). My youngest has always been one to come out with “deep” comments and she’s done it again, so I just wanted to share a conversation I had yesterday with her and her sister as we were in the car.

She asked what would happen to them (12 and 14-yr-old) if “it all went wrong” - I think that was her expression. Her sister was shocked and said “that’s not very nice!” but I said it was fine and that they should always feel able to ask questions that were on their minds. We went on to have a conversation about who would look after them, where they would live, “PLEASE don’t send us to live with aunty G!”, and it was really quite a giggle in the end. I said I suspected her older brother and sister would take over if it came to that (and they would save them from their aunt!) but I assured them that I have every intention of hanging around for a good long time, but I was touched that she felt able to broach a serious question that has probably been worrying her in such an open manner. We had a bit of a hug on the sofa when we got home but not a teary hug, just a nice cuddly one, which was lovely as she doesn’t “do” cuddles very often - a treat for me - and I had the chance to tell her how happy and proud I am of her and all her siblings.

So what things have your kids done or said that have made you think, or smile, or laugh out loud? Or just feel really proud of them.

Lovely thread - you sound like you have a fantastic relationship with your children.

My daughters are 15 and 12 and find it absolutely hilarious in saying (probably daily) ‘Alright, alright keep your hair on!!’ when I start nagging …


Little horrors, Rachel! But they do know how to defuse tensions pretty effectively, don’t they!

When my hair started to fall out, my 7 year old son was watching me in the bathroom mirror. So I just turned to him and explained gently him that all of my hair would fall out.

"All of it?’ he asked quite surprised.

So I told him, yes, all of my body hair would fall out.

He paused and then said “It would be good if the hair on your head stays on, but it really doesn’t matter if your chest hair falls out…”

Mummy doesn’t have CHEST hair! It was so funny.

He just looked at me and said “you know what I mean though, don’t you.”

So then I asked if he would still hold my hand when walking to school if I was bald. "no way mum, we’ll just walk by ourselves’ (I have twins).

I used to have lots of fun taking my wig off when their friends came over too. My boys were embarrassed for a few minutes, their friends intrigued (and often horrified). Then they would go off and play, and accepting it so effortlessly it was a marvel. Best of all I didn’t have to put on a front for any 7 year old boys!

I have the most wonderful boys and my illness has made them more compassionate and kind, it has also given me even more excuse to shower them with kisses…

I work with children with special needs - they really tell you how it is! Many of them are autistic and dont like change, so when I lost my hair I did wear a wig to work which was very similar to my original style. Anyway, as my hair started to come back I decided it was time to go to work without the wig as I was looking lovely and feminine! Five minutes after arriving one little boy asked me if I was “a man now” ! I said of course not and he said “well you look like a man” Ego very much deflated ! Dont you just love em x

Yes, they certainly take a sharp pin to the ego balloon, don’t they…

Some lovely stories, ladies, keep 'em coming. I’ve laughed out loud at this thread, thank you for your posts.

When I told my 14 year old son that I had to have chemo and would probably lose my hair, he thought about it for a minute and then said - “Mum. Please, please promise me that you will never go out in public without a hat on”!! I couldn’t help but laugh!

Sue xx

When my hair first started to thin I decided to turn up at school to collect the kids in a baseball cap. I hadn’t banked on one of my kids wipping it off my head and yelling ‘look Mum’s loosing her hair’ of course everyone’s eyes were immedatly on me, how I cringed. But at least after that I was spared having to tell everyone what was going on!
On another occassion my nine year old daughter offered to cut off her lovely long pony tail(which she was very proud of) if i need it to make a wig. This was such a selfless gesture it nearly made me cry.
Fortunatly I did the cold cap and although my hair thinned I managed without a wig or I expect that would have been torn asunder too.

Oh yes, the hair things!

I have long hair, so I told my girlies that if I have to have chemo I’ll cut my hair off before first treatment and send it to the Little Princess Trust ( for them to make into wigs for children with alopecia. My 14-yr-old who has absolutely gorgeous long hair said that if I have to lose all my hair then she will too, and will try to get sponsorship for shaving her head to raise some money. That was totally out of the blue, I was astounded!

I am still waiting to find out whether I have to have chemo or not, so I don’t know whether she’d go through with it, but I thought it was a lovely thing to say and showed real solidarity with her mummy.

I’ve got two fantastic kids, my eldest (16 boy) had a bet with me when I got recalled from mammogram & before DX that, if it was cancer, he’d dye his hair bright pink. The youngest, (13 girl) wanted to do hers too but would be “put on ice” by school if she did, so volunteered to help big brother. This is not a usual occurance so I was somewhat surprised.
So, this weekend the bathroom got turned into chemistry lab / hairdresser’s. After several hours and much hilarity, my son emerged from the bathroom with, what I can only describe as, strawberry blond with pink tipped hair.
What makes me so VERY proud of him is he’s not the most confident of people but he’s done this for me! Plus he’s weathered the storm at his college from all his peers and told them exactly why his hair is as it is. He now refuses to change the colour to anything other than pink!
I’ve also been told that if /when mine falls out I’m being used as guinea-pig for how long his will take to grow back after he’s shaved his head!( I didn’t like to tell him his will probably grow faster than mine)
Helen xx

Hi, great thread.
My little girl who turns five next week has asked lots of questions and even asked my consultant if they’d used scissors to cut mummy’s booby off? (She is a big art and craft fan and loves cutting up) But i think the funniest thing she has done was when i was trying to explain how mummy would look after sugery. Being only young we didn’t use medical terms or the word cancer just simply mummys booby was very tender and sore and the doctors have said it is poorly so the best thing to do is cut it off because now her and her brother are ‘big’ mummy doesn’t need them for milk anymore. We was at my mums at the time and my mum and husband were there but my dad, her grandad was in the bath. She seem to accept it all very well and carried on draing pictures… she jumped up and proceeded to place a picture on my mums fridge and annouced very proudly “I drawn Grandad a picture so he will understand too…” “Understand what?” i asked looking at the picture “What you will look like with one booby” she smile. She had drawn before and after pictures of me.
Keep the tales coming
Take Care
Jo xxx

I have told this story on here before but it still makes me laugh as my 15 year old son is a bit of a joker and we have a lovely relationship. When I told him that chemo would make me lose my hair he said “Well look on the bright side, at least you’ll lose your moustache!”

my partners girls 7 and 9 asked when we told them the medicine i needed would make my hair fall out could they have my straighteners and hair products!!!

also that the good thing is i wont be able to actch nits !!!
they have alos made a bald mee wee on the wi for me. lol

Nice to think they won’t be going rusty through lack of use!
Would be great to see your bald mee wee.

Stella xx

This thread has made a bad day brighter as it made me recall some of the things that have been said to me by kids;
I work in a secondary school and during chemo wore a headscarf all my students were aware of my cancer on one particular day a 16 yr said" miss are you going to die" i said “no i have no plans for that just yet” he replied “good I still need help to finish my english coursework!”
another day I was sitting in class with y10 and a 15 yr old girl was complainig about her bad hair day a 15 y old lad called out " at least your having a bad hair day miss is having a no hair day".
My 6y old nephew when being explained as to why his aunty had no hair (due to medicine) he said " oh I thought she wanted to be the fat controller!!" I was only a size 12 and was rapidly loosing weight obviously he still thought I was fat!

I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer March 2009. Have been fighting it as hard as I can since. My youngest, who is now 7, told me a few months ago that I needed to keep the cancer under control until he was grown up because he is going to become a scientist and find a cure for cancer. Huge cuddles and lots of tears… followed by a reality conversation about how aggressive my cancer is… to which he responded “nothing’s impossible”. A phrase that he keeps repeating to me. The optimisim of youth… bless him.


Daisy, I roared at the school comments, they are so funny! Nice to know you’re needed though, eh?

Snoogle, what a lovely, lovely little boy you have! Your story definitely brought a lump to my throat and moistened the eyes.

My lovely children aren’t ‘littlies’, but youngest does have ‘blonde’ moments, whilst I was having rads he wanted to know what happened to me so I explained you lie on a hard bench, they move you round, adjust the machine etc… he asked does the bench move , yes… oh, in a circle he asked, well it probably could… wow, does it ping when your done?, you know like the microwave… me - speechless! We’d already had the chat that rads ‘cooks’ your skin, definitely made me chuckle, as I imagined all of us spinning round the rooms!

My 2 yr old believed the wind blew my hair off as we have been out the day before i shaved it off and it had been blowing a gale!

Poor kid hates the wind now.

Awww, bless! :smiley: