They minimise BC.

They minimise BC.

They minimise BC. In the daily mail again today i was furious.

Breast cancer surgery in your lunch hour was the title of an article in the mail.
i was furious how misleading it is, first of all the surgery so far was for benign lumps under 2cm.

Alot has to be researched before its usued for cancerous lumps.

it minimised BC and its affects on a person once again.

its like Kylie and the being all clear article.

This year has been horrendous for me i wonder if i should write to the daily mail and describe the ‘life of a BC patient’ in the last year bloody lunch time surgery get a life!!!


I agree Hi Ruth.,
I quite agree with you, over the media reporting . I get quite fed up of family ringing and asking why! for example, why I didnt get an all clear like kylie, and why I havent been given herceptin etc. So I have to keep explaining myself.
I think I might write to them as well,.!! just to ask them to try and report the facts properly.
Bet it was a man that wrote it. Have just finished reading Bathsheba’s breast. And even though I am not anti men. After reading the history of breast cancer I feel like giving a few of them a swift kick, I bet if it was about an intimate part of their body and they had to go through the humiliation, they might have been a bit more quicker to find the money to fund research.
Sorry about the rant,. but it feels good to get it off my chest!!
Take care

me too I was annoyed by that article too, I think that they think it is titillating!! At least it wasnt accompanied by their usual picture of a semi naked young woman looking like the last thing on her mind was bc!!

Rosemarie x

Hi Ruth I think perhaps you should write to them…this procedure might only take a few minutes, but how many women diagnosed with breast cancer would actually feel like ‘returning to work’ the same day as having their tumor removed or ’ going for lunch’…please Daily Mail…this new procedure might sound fantastic re., limiting the amount of time someone has to stay in hospital…but at the end of the day it’s breast cancer…which incase you’ve forgotten is a life threatening disease…not something, unfortunately, that gets sorted in your lunch-hour!!!

any new procedures are welcomed, especially if it means having to spend less time in hospital, but this article read as if it had been written about having an in-growing toe nail removed instead of surgery for a life threatening disease.

feel better for that moan!!!


I had my tumour out as day surgery I would have been quite happy to have it out in my lunch hour, it was removed at 8 am, the problem was it hurt like hell afterwards and someone else had to drive me home from the hospital. I’d been told I’d be pain free. But I was also told it was definitely benign, so in a sense I was like those people mentioned in the Daily Mail article.

except for the pain. I was out of hte hospital by 11 am or so, but it would have been a long lunch hour so I don’t know what my boss would have thought. As I had general anaesthetic I also had to have somoene stay with me for 24 hours after surgery in case I developed complications. I live on my own so arranging this was a pain,


did it Well, have just been on the daily mail website and posted a comment, just waiting for it to be edited before they post it if they do.
Bascially just said that although I welcome new technology, I did feel they belittled our experience by making it sound if a woman can just pop out in her lunchtime and then go back to her life as if nothing had happened or words to that effect.
Glad I got that off my chest

Karreanne Karreanne

It was an intimate part of my body!


I AGREE Things like this make me really sick if the boot was on the other foot it would be different…

Go get them RUTH we are all behind you.

Janet x

Daily Mail Someone once told me that they’d heard that reading the Daily Mail was one of the top 10 causes of Clinical Depression in this country. Someone else told me that they’d heard that it was responsible for 95% of the food scares in the country.

Coincidentally, before I saw this post, my son told me he’d heard that 50% of Aussies get skin cancer during their lifetime. I asked if the source was the Daily Mail, but apparently it wasn’t. Actually, I’m surprised about that percentage, I thought Australians had got prevention of skin cancer sussed.

I think the best place for the Daily Mail is the bottom of a pet’s cage.

Karrenanne Just thought I would let you know - Men get Breast Cancer too - could I ask you to try and say People with Breast Cancer, the next time you want to get something of your chest. Thank You

David W

message for David Dear David,

I unnderstand your wish to raise awareness of the fact that men get breast cancer and you had been highly successful in doing so.

However, breast cancer remains overwhelmingly a disaese which women get and in the context in which Karrenanne refers to women in her post I think she has expressed her view very appropriately.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use the phrase ‘people with breast cancer’ and sometimes the focus should remain on women.

Best wishes


Agree Jane. Best Wishes.

sorry Sorry to the all the gentlemen, I have offended, but the article was about women taking time off at lunchtime to deal with breast lumps, and then going back to their lives as if it was an everyday occurence.
I do realise men get breast cancer there are 6 being treated at my hospital. And if it was about the book i mentioned bathsheba’s breast, I am sorry to say that men are only mentioned in a professional manner ie, as doctors and oncologists. Men are not mentioned in the book as breast cancer patients, so again i apologise for offending you and anybody else.
I will take note of your comments, and try to use the term that has been suggested.
Take care

Message for Jane Dear Jane

In registering the fact, in my earlier post, that it was an intimate part of my body, too, I was taking issue with Karrenanne’s statements:

’ Bet it was a man that wrote it.

I feel like giving a few of them a swift kick, I bet if it was about an intimate part of their body and they had to go through the humiliation, they might have been a bit more quicker to find the money to fund research. ’

Men do go through the pain of identical treatment for the identical disease - along with the added mental trauma resulting from the prejudices and attidudes of many who still regard breast cancer as a ‘women’s disease’.

I am no less of a man now (apart from being minus my right breast!) than I was 6 years ago when I contracted breast cancer.

Perhaps David feels the same.



JIM AND DAVID… …Please accept my apologies as i have just re-read my post and see that i put ‘women’
this is after i’ve just posted on ‘men with breast cancer’ forum and said that i say’ people with breast cancer’…my only excuse…that i am still trying to re-educate myself to say ‘people’.

I apologise to everyone in advance…but i do see where David and Jim are coming from in their comments…yes the emphasis will always be focused more on women as more women than men are currently diagnosed…but lets not forget that men do get it, maybe the media etc., need re-educating too…i know alot of people who didn’t even realise men could get breast cancer…probably due to lack of knowledge…which again the media etc., could help by referring to ‘people with breast cancer’
and giving statistics for male diagnosis as well as female.

Statistics In the UK about 300 men and 41,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually.


People with Breast Cancer Of course men get breast cancer too, but personally, I find it very tiresome when a woman refers to women’s experience of breast cancer or articles like the Daily Mail one (that refers to women only) and then she gets pulled up by men for not referring to "people with breast cancer or “men with breast cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that afflicts large numbers of the female population each year and that is why breast cancer has such a high profile for fund raising and publicity and why so much funding is invested in research into causes and treatments. The 300 or so men diagnosed with breast cancer each year benefit from all this focus that is given to a disease that overwhelmingly affects women.

If men with breast cancer are going to bully (an emotive term, but that’s what I think it is) a woman with breast cancer every time she posts something that doesn’t specifically mention that men get breast cancer too, and try to make her feel guilty and wring an apology out of her, they seriously risk reducing losing some of the sympathy and support they currently get from women with breast cancer and they do a disservice to the cause of all men with breast cancer, whether or not they use this forum.

Thank you so much Daphne. Thank you so much for putting into words exactly how I was feeling after reading this thread.

Belinda Thank you for your support. I know there are a few of us who feel very strongly about this.

I have also posted my comments in the “Men with Breast Cancer” section as well.