Third Excision

Hello @Appyartist thank you so much for your positive message :blush: it is lovely to read good news!

Thank you :sparkling_heart: xx

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I had 3 as well - clear on the last one. Hope it all goes as well for you both xx

Hi @willowherb thank you so much for message … definitely helping to increase my positivity. Thank you :sparkling_heart: xx

Hi @bluesatsuma

I hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow. I also hope you get clear margins this time. My third op is Wednesday. Praying for us both :pray::pray:

Sending hugs xx


Thank you @tracy1. I am nervous but im an operation expert now! Ought to get a frequent flyers loyalty card. Good luck for you on Wednesday too. Third time lucky for us both. 3 is the magic number! Xxx

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Hi @bluesatsuma

Great way of looking at it!!

It sure is!!!

Keep in touch xx

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All done and eating my sandwich in recovery. First on the list today so hoping to be home before kids get back from school. @tracy1 hoping you are seen quickly tomorrow too. Xxx


@bluesatsuma , great to hear that all went well, take things steadily and look after yourself x

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Thats amazing @bluesatsuma !! Well done !! I really hope you are home before the children. How are you feeling?

Thank you so much. I’m on the afternoon list this time xx

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On my way home. Feeling very good. Probably still high! Fingers crossed you are in and out too. As it was just the one incision today it was quick and straightforward. Surgeon said she’d taken as much out as she could in order to try and het the clear margins this time but I’m just hoping they don’t uncover more! Hope all goes well tomorrow for you. Keep me posted xxx

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That’s sooo good!!! Well done you!!! Mine is the superior margin they need to take more from. What margin is yours?

Get your feet up when you get home and enjoy the rest!

Thank you soo much and I will.

Sending healing hugs to you xx

Mine was inferior. When they marked me up they wrote inferior with a sharpie on my boob. My husband thought this was well funny. Xxx

Least he can have a laugh :rofl:

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Do you mind me asking what trust you are under please? I am under Coventry and Warwickshire xx

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB). Which is probably why waits are so long…it’s a big trust and a huge population. X

Not far from me then. Yes it is a large trust. Similar to mine. My operation is at George Eliot in Nuneaton, but the path lab is at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. I’m really hoping this isnt another 6 weeks wait for results! xx

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I hope not too. They gave me a results appointment for 5 weeks so that will be faster than I’ve had before. Still ages though. I have my fingers crossed for you to get a quicker appointment too. Good luck tomorrow. Xx

Thank you sooo much. Let’s hope we both get good results too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How are you feeling? xx

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Wide awake! 2am and my anaesthetic is wearing off. I’ll sleep in day tomorrow. Other than that, absolutely fine. Not sore at all. X

So good to hear you are not sore! I’ve been awake off and on since 4am. Leaving for hospital around 11am. Enjoy your naps today :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xx

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