too stressed for words

i found a lump just over 2 weeks ago was sent to hosptail within a week i had a needle biopsy done there and then and after 30 mins or so was told it look like it is cancer so appointment was made for last monday to have a mammogram and ultrasound scan
then acore biopsy i have just had my cancer nurse ring me to tell me results are in but inconclusiveand that a new appointment is being made for yet another biopsy to be done but this time under an ultralsound scan i dont know wot to do with my self my mother had breast cancer some yrs ago and lived to tell the tale but my mother in law lost her battle with it is it normal to have 1 test show up as cancer and yet another to say different?


So sorry that we have to meet on here but you are in good hands.

Like you I have just had a diagnosis of bc after a five hour appt at the hospital on Monday. Like you I went to Doc with lump last Wednesday and an appt was made for Monday. I had all the tests done that day, needle biopsy, several mammograms and the ultrasound scan with core biopsy. I was told there and then that it was cancer and that an appt was made for the following Wednesday (9 March) for my action plan to be given to me and date for surgery. It does seem odd for an inconclusive result to show after they told you it appeared to be bc but I guess it is not beyond possibility.

I can totally relate to your fears and anxiety as I too am feeling just the same. It is normal and that is one thing you must remember. You must also remind yourself that bc is treatable and that many many people after treatment go on to live very happy and full lives. Like me you found the lump early and this is so very important, try to think positive and keep talking to us all on here, we are with you every step of the way to give love and support.

Big hugs
Tracy x

thanks tracy im going to think positive i have too got young children to think of and a new grandson on the way which helps but you know some days its hard and after the phone call today it just became 1 of them days to think i have to go through it all again im already black and blue all i was waiting for was the next step, it nice to know we are not alone cos that feeling is one of the hardest parts
hugs to you too
maz x

Dearest Maz

I too have had a very bad day today more tears and “why me’s” than you can shake a stick at so as you can see it is perfectly normal. I know what you mean about being black and blue, my right boob has many shades to it and the incision where the core biopsy was taken is very tender…women we get it all don’t we!!! But as you can see sometimes the only thing you can do is try to laugh to show to yourself if no-one else that you can get through this one way or another. Like I said before we are all here for each other and you will be in my thoughts. Keep updating on here day to day as well it does help really it does.

Fingers crossed for the next biopsy let us know how you get on and remember keep smiling we will get there.

Tracy xx

Oh poor you! The Waiting Room is the worst place to be, and to be dumped back in there again is the pits. We’ve all been there so we share your pain, and the anxiety is almost a physical pain it’s so intense. What with that and the multicoloured bruises, it’s the pits.

I developed a one-armed hug where the sore boob didn’t get squeezed, and having a second biopsy just adds to the colours.

Hugs to you both.


Glad you have found this site. It has been an absolute saviour for me, from diagnosis to finishing treatment. On the plus side (yes there is one) you meet such lovely people along the way. I must admit that the waiting game is the worse part and so drawn out but once on the journey you just get on with it as you can see an end in sight. BC is so treatable these days that the shock and horror or the diagnosis is the worst part. Good luck. Nothing is as bad as it seems. xx

When i went to my one stop breast clinic i had all the tests under the sun, finally after 4 hours the consultant came in and said to me it looks like breast cancer! Wow i was completely devastated. He then did a FNA on the suspicious area but the results ( after another hour )came back inconclusive.
I didn’t know what to think. I went back a week later for a core biopsy and unfortunately after another weeks wait it came back as cancer.
I know how you are feeling at the moment, not knowing for sure, and it is horrible but hang in there and stay strong, the waiting is the worst part of all this.

when i first went to clinic last jan, doctor couldnt feel my lump only i could and after having a couple of mammograms and ultrasound they did a biopsy guided by ultrasound cos the lump was tiny just 10mm . when i went back in to see consultant he said" well we dont think its cancer but come back next week for results of biopsy to make sure" i went back following week after not orrying at all seeing these ppl see cancer all the time and that didnt think it was, well you could have knocked me over with a feather when they told me it was!!! consultant (a different one) said " you wasnt expecting that was u? " i said no!!! i was told last week u didnt think it was he replied we didnt!!!
so they got it wrong but at least it saved me from worrying for the week i guess. however last week i found a lump in my neck after finishing 9 months of treatment, the fear of god set in, omg not again!! i went the following day and they did a scan an FNA the consultant said it was likely it had returned abut on a scale of 1 to 5 they were sitting on the fence at a 3!! this was same consultant who got it wrong last time so im praying he has got it wrong this time.
the waiting this week has been horrid ive done nothing but sit and cry cuddled up to my hubby. im not scared of going through the treatment again im scared it cant be treated. i was in hospital on sunday and had a chest xray and it showed i had a chest infection, could this be why my nodes are swollen?? im clinging onto the hope it is, i get results tomorrow,the waiting game is the worse and my thoughts are with u maz, but you are not alone , good luck and take care xxx

Hi Kaz!

Sarah here again (not stalking you, honest!) Just wanted to say quickly that even if the worst DOES happen, and it IS cancer - God forbid it isn’t! - it CAN be treated! OK, it’s terrifying and not at all nice, but they can treat neck/clavicle lumps. I had similar dx. last Feb ('10) - a recurrance just over 2 years after original dx- and after 8 months of treatment, have been NED for 6 months.

Hang in there!

Love, Sarahx

i thought if it was secondary cancer it cant be cured???, plus im worried its gone somewhere else like my brain, lungs or liver! what does NED MEAN??

Hi Kaz!

Sending you a PM. Got your contact request - accepted!


NED = No Evidence of Disease.

And if you’re talking about lumps in breast or nodes, that is seen as a local recurrence or a new disease, not secondaries.

Hope that helps, but you might find it useful to call the helpline for a more detailed conversation.


thanks every one
kaz good luck to you this isnt the first time i have found a lump infact its the 3rd but never have i gone this far very first lump was almost 10 yrs ago now went to doc as you do she gave me the once over and went and found 2 more lumps was sent to hosptial only it was very much different i didnt get the once over or any scans i was ask questions and set away with the its hormons dx , then about 4 months ago i found a pea size lump under my arm doctor said they thought it was just a cyst and sent away again well im any very awear of changes in my breast after having my mother go through bc im always checking mine in fact there isnt aweek that goes by when i havent checked so this time was no different only the lump was huge infact i didnt even have to press to find it wots mad is i have always had small breast but the last 10yrs (since the birth of my son ) they have grown and for once in my life i was very happy well as i have told my 17 yr daughter i would be happy to be small again if it ment not having to go through this

its a swollen node in my neck same side i had my mx
kaz xx

good news x

thanks good news i take it kaz

i didnt have a good day today thought everything was going well but i crack in the shop of all places couldnt for the life of me buy the right paint felt like a right plonker couldnt wait to get home laughing about it now tho still no news from hosptial which is the pits the not knowing wots next it so hard maybe something in the post tomoz

Honeybee-I finished Chemo in November and Rads 1st feb and now on Tamoxifen but I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you felt in that shop today. I remember going into Asda to buy myself some PJ’s for the hospital (lumpectomy) and up until that point I’d coped fine but I found myself walking down the aisles with tears streaming down my face.
But…it’s ok. we’re allowed to sometimes lose our way. This is a pretty darn big thing we are having to deal with.
I hope the news you are waiting for is good news but even if it’s not, you will get get through it and this is a fantastic place to share your thoughts and feelings and ask all the questions you want.
My best wishes go out to all of you waiting for results or just starting on this long, and sometimes difficult, journey.

no unfortunatly it wasnt good news, the node in my neck that was swollen had cancerous cells, so now im awaiting a ct scan to see if it has spread anywhere else, inc a brain scan as i have had a constant headache for over 2 weeks now, im sure the stress of the last week hasnt helped that. its odds on i will have chemo again regardless but all i can think of is that they are gonna tell me my days are numbered i am terrified all i can think off is my family cant bare the thought of leaving them, ive done nothing but cryi have to wait til next friday now to know my fate :frowning:
kaz x

Dear Kaz

So very sorry to hear the news and as hard as it is you really must try to think positive. I know what we are all dealing with is the most scarey thing any of us have had to face but you know you are not alone. Crying is good, never apologise for crying. If we did not cry how else would be get through the waiting and then the treatment. The waiting is very very hard, I have to wait until 9th March to go back to hospital and it is impossible to function properly. Do not think of leaving anyone, you can fight this just remember to be strong. I only wish I could come and give you a big hug and a shoulder for you to cry on today.

Keep your head up and try to smile through those tears. I am thinking of you.

Tracy xxx

oh kaz im sorry to hear that c how new to this i am i dont know nothing nodes ??? im just going to go with the flow they can do wot they want i want to be a great grandmother and seeing as my only grandson is 4 i mean to be here a long time yet thats wot is keeping me going and the fact i still have 3 children at home youngest having autism and my 3rd daughter due to give birth in may so they keep me on my toes ,this waiting game is killing me on top im trying to give up smoking not going to well but i have said once i have no more i aint buying anymore talk about stess head and seeing as 9th of march is none smoking day i might just say enough is enough and keep to it might be taking on more than i can chew but ay thats life wot i do know is your not alone and we all know wot you are going through be strong hun dont give up maz xxxx