Turning a negative into a positive!

Hi, I wanted to share some positive things I’ve done to help occupy my mind during this **bleep**ty situation!


  1. when I was first diagnosed and was pre op, I invited my five besties over to feel the lump! I thought it may as well serve some purpose while it was here. They were all surprised by the feel of it and how far in it was. If nothing else, this has helped them understand how to check their breasts more thoroughly!


  1. I set up a Facebook page for my friends to follow my progress, this way I have only one group to update and don’t have to fend off a gazillion people all asking the same questions. I have since used the group to share info on how To check your breasts and signs to look out for, along with advertising the charitable things I’ve done. (See below)


  1. I cut off and donated my hair! Knowing I would lose it, I was not going to lose my hair and let it just go to waste! I cut off three ponytails of 14-15" and have donated them to The Little Princess Trust, an amazing charity that supplies wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer and other illnesses!


  1. I set up a Just Giving page for donations to Breast Cancer Care, as I have found the information given at hospital and this forum have really helped me keep perspective. It’s my place to look for safe advice and I have signposted my friends to this site also. **edited to say in 16days my friends have donated £1000!!!**


Off the back of my hair donation and raising raising money for bcc, my sister is taking part in the little princess trusts “chop to your chin” by way of support for me and also to raise more money for bcc! Love her ?


So going forward into my second chemo, I feel fairly happy with my achievements so far, though I’m wondering what else I can do for later in the year (to stop me dwelling on me!). Any ideas?!

Wow Xena,you seem to have done such a lot of positive things already !!!



What an amazingly positive post


Helena xx


Wow, Xena!! Now I understand why your name sounds like a superhero. I haven’t even got round to making a wig viewing appointment yet!! Well done you xx

That’s fantastic Xena!

That’s wonderful Xena. I love the idea about a private Facebook page for updates and charity events. I might steal that idea if you don’t mind. I tend to forget who I’ve told what to!

Have a great Sunday everyone xx

What an inspirational post - go girl! Xx

Fantastic, Xena75 - you are well-named!!!

Ah thanks everyone ? 


WhyteFawn- Steal away! It became exhausting answering everyone once I’d told a few groups of people, this has made life so much easier!


SueW- lol, I was years before that Xena! Think I was named after some random chef from tv in the 70’s, not quite so impressive haha!!!

Well done Zena75
Truly inspirational and strong! I have an idea! When we are all mended we will have a big charity event at my restaurant for BCC and we can find a hotel with a SPA for the next day b4 everyone leaves:) How does rhat sound SueW and Jencat who are going to be part of the organising??? I’m getting excited…and it’s the night b4 my first chemo!! Look how well we support each other:D xxx

Ck I would love to come to your restaurant x what a fab idea as long as you can join in and not have to cater for everyone xxx

Sue and Jencat
More plans for us to hurry and get better for. We will need to plan 2/3 days of enjoying whilst we raise for charity with Dena and others.xxx

I meant Zena75! The one Cherry calls Superhero!!!
Great lady with great outlooks! Bit like us lot??..

Yes, all hot and confused!!!
I am so looking forward to it when we are all mended! What a big celebration for us to look forward to although it will be further into next year it will be well worth it! And security guards…


So, our spa day and now the charity extravaganza - I may have breast cancer but my social life appears to be on an upward trajectory!!! ???


I imagine us all like a British version of the girls from Sex & the City - but far more glamorous, obviously!!


I will be able to get ready quicker than them as won’t have to do my hair ??? X (ps hope my warped sense of humour does not offend anyone) xxxx

Damn!!! Good job…you would ve probably gone up to them and given them a big fat kiss after your results???

Jencat I am flashing my boobs to all and sundry my scar is underneath my right breast and I showing both so they can see it don’t look they different… my hubby said he feels like he needs to knock before entering a room and he has seen my boobs more in last 3 weeks than last 30 years the cheeky beggar x
Cherry my great niece had told me my hair is the colour of candy floss since I went pink she is our little ginger ninja and she wants to know why I didn’t choose orange to match her x
Ck I deffo won’t be kissing anyone at my hospital unless they got different staff to yesterday lol x

Scars can be sexy!!! Mine are at the side so not noticeable but they aren’t big enough to show off anyway?
Is the postman hunky??? Now that’s a thought…

Ck have you got a thing for uniforms ? Postmen, security men ???