Just thought I’d give this a go!


The one with the geordie woman, but worse still, the one wioth that awful bloke being ‘videoed’ by his wife!!!


Mr Henderson, REMEMBER where you are!! Yeah, whatever!!!

Picture Loans - drives me insane, when I saw the forum heading I just had to say which was mine and surprisingly princess18 had already mentioned it!!! that bl…y women “josh dads found yer scooter” I could scream. I was telling my Daughter and she said that on “Facebook” they even have a section of people that despise the advert so much - this is the link to it if your interested, its quite funny some of the comments, I like the one that says dads fallen over josh’s scooter and smashed his face in and that’s why she needs a loan to rebuild it! ha! i have to leave the room when it comes on ! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

have fun reading the comments princess18 - it put a smile on my face on a wet dreary Saturday morning.


The ones that drive me mad are the ones for hair products…especially when you have no hair because of chemo


Ones that make me mad are the chocolate ads that have all those thin beautiful women munching on chocolate bars - yeah right they either do not eat them or I am doing something wrong!!!

Sheila’s wheels car insurance. It’s the music! Have to switch over before I hear it or it’s in my head for the rest of the day.
Doh … I really have watched too much daytime TV this summer.

I hate the Diamond advert, where the blonde woman makes a show of herself both in and out of the cafe!

June Whitfield and her over fifty life cover plan!

I think we all have too much time on our hands, sitting about watching TV!!!. But I have to say the few times I have succumbed to daytime TV, I am amazed that all the ads are for car insurance or consolidation loans.

Sharon x

Can’t be specific but Ainsley Harriott is one offender - ads for cleaning products that feature men!

I have a man who would (and sometimes does) clean from top to bottom but he’s surely in a minority. But then I suppose we’d complain about chauvinism if all cleaning product ads featured only women.

P.S. My man doesn’t do loos - he thinks they clean themselves so he’s not quite perfect yet…

The Cillit Bang advert, now that really really is bad! would you go into a house that had such a dirty bath or toilet? i think not, but i don’t believe many people would ever let their loo get that bad!

and the Vanish adverts, the only good thing that could happen to them would be if they really did vanish off our screens!

I agree - the Geordie woman with the scooter, definitely, I have to mute the sound or turn over when it’s on. My husband doesn’t know the one I mean!! He claims he never watches the adverts! Also Injury Lawyers 4 U, is there really any need to be so aggressive? and also the other Picture one (I think) with the bloke talking to the call centre about football.

I do love the two boys talking about their Safira though - ‘over tired’ - but I’m sad like that.

Thanks for that thread folks, I’ll keep my eye on future comments!

How about the double glazing advert, the loud one “ya buy one ya get one free, i say ya buy one” etc etc

cant you just hear it now!!

Oh Twelch, my daughter can imitate that bloke to a t!!! its so very irritating!

Yes definitely the Picture loans one with the Geordie woman - I just can’t bear it! Also the injury lawyers one, or in fact aren’t there lots of them, probably all different companies! And round here there is one about woodland burials which I think is local rather than national, anyway I could do without it to be honest especially on my down days! All of these seem to be on every time the adverts come on.

Alisoncamera - you must be a very patient person!!!

Oh i have been for just over the last two months lol

Glade touch ‘n’ fresh

The one with the chinese boy sat on the loo. Lovely!!! NOT!!! And how did he manage to remain sat on the loo AND draw a picture of an empty aire freshener AND push it under the door???

Ones for ‘Dulco-ease’ and ‘immodium’ every bl**dy evening when we are sat down about to eat our tea!!!