Very curly hair!?

I was wondering if anyone else’s hair has grown back incredibly curly? I was prepared for this but it seems to have got thicker too and I look like a 1980s footballer! I’m curious how long the curls will last before my previous straighter hair returns (if at all!) - I’m not sure whether to get it cut very short again or wait until it gets through this ‘difficult’ stage! I’m not complaining really as I lived without hair for many months, but just wondering how it will grow out. Thanks :o)


Vicky’s hair grew back curly after her 1st chemo ended and even though she lost it again last year it stayed curly when it regrew. She’s got used to it now and like you is just happy to have hair again :slight_smile:

All the best, Stuart

My hair grew back thicker and curly after chemo. After each haircut a little of the curl disappeared. Now 3 years later I have kept it short which I love, it is a different texture maybe a bit wirier and a little wavier but I am just glad it grew back. I aam on Tamoxifen and wonder if it is this that changes the texture of the hair as I have heard it can affect hair.

Hope your well

Carolyn x

mine is like a little afro! i was devastated at first but it is a little longer now and it is soft, thick and curly and i am growing to like it. It is so low maintenance as if i brush it it goes frizzy so its a wash and leave job. I use frizz ease to make it look more defined and a bit of wax. I would probably be sad if it goes straight now! it is darker and greyer too.

Hiya all
I was told recently by someone who has had chemo, that it damages the base of the hair follicle which distorts the hair re-growth. She said if you had straight hair, it went curly and if you had curly hair, it went straight after chemo.

In 2003 mine went curly when it came back, but after about nine months it was as it was before, straight and ginger-ish.
Hope it will be the same this time. I’ve just dyed it orange before it all falls out in 2 weeks (1st chemo yesterday)
Make the most of what every you’ve got, I say.
Love Maria

Just be grateful it’s grown! Mine was thick and wavy and is now sparse and straight (18 months post chemotherapy)
My daughter has last her hair twice through chemotherapy and both times it grew back curly initially and then reverted to type.

I think I am at the same stage as you! My hair is now probably about three inches long and curly. I really want to grow it longer but it seems to be at a really awkward stage at the moment, and the temptation just to have it all cut off again is growing as I ‘can’t do a thing with it’ Ultimately though I do want longer hair again so am just trying to grin and bear it. I have booked an appoitment with my hairdresser for a couple of weeks time, maybe he will have some suggestions. This will be the first time that I have seen him since Feb 09!! I feel quite nervous about it!!

Yep another one in the curly club! It is now just long enough to get the beloved straighteners on it thankfully! I look just like Ken Dodd in the mornings (yes I am single with little chance of attracting anyone new with that look) LOLxxxxxxxxx

After 5 years of hormonals, (Arimidex made my hair curly?!) and now just over 2 years of Xeloda…my naturally thick, black hair is now getting back to normal…the curls are going. I had my hair cut into a short bob and having it cut every 6-8 weeks has finally straightened it out. It feels really weird (but nice) not to have curly hair now, I’d got so used to it over the last few years.

still waiting for it to pass the baby hair stage and I’ll take it curly or straight !!!


I’m 6 weeks past chemo and I have just a patch of hair, nothing more, just a patch in the middle at the back, well apart from some very blonde fluff on top. I think I’m just growing a rats tail. I’ll be happy however it grows, my hair was wavey before so it’s going to be interesting how it grows back. I’ll just be extatic when I have full coverage.

Em x

Mine is only at the baby fluff stage, however one side seems o be coming through dead straight, bu the other side has a definite curl. Hopefully it will make up it’s mind before it gets much longer.

Mine went from fine and poker straight to quite thick and really curly! It seems to have ‘receeded very sparce areas’ at the front, but they’re easily hidden by my fringe! It took about a year to straighten, as the weight pulled it down as it grew longer. It is still wavy, but I attack it with the straighteners everyday. It does still go mad if I am in a damp or steamy environment though!

Regards Nicky


Very curly too! 18 months after chemo it is still a tight curl if I don’t straighten it, also a bit thinner, like other women have mentioned I think tamoxifen has thinned it a bit. So great to have some, mine is still pretty short, but I do like a short style now.

C x

Im the complete opposite lol my hair had always been naturaly very curly all my life, but after having chemo it came back Poker Straight, think your friend may be right Everton babe, its definately not as thick as it was but think that may be the Tamoxifen.

Mine grew back curly but when I got it cut I lost my curls- I liked them so was a bit sad! Some people seem to stay curly but from people I know most go back to near original state but often greyer!

I finished chemo in Oct 2008 and used the cold cap so did not lose all of it. My hair is now double in thickness, curly and I went back about 7 years in greyness my hairdresser says. A very welcome bonus. I reckon I look like George Michael on the Last Christmas video!! Mine is chin length and still curly after a whole life of fine straightish hair. I have just changed off tamoxifen to femara so wait to see if the curls stay. The leaflet says hair can thin on femara. I hope not. I wonder if the regime makes any difference as I know some people have a tough time with hair on tax. I had e/cmf.
Take care
Lily x

Thanks for your comments, I am so pleased to have hair again - it took a while to come back through after chemo so should really make the most of it now! Bev x

sorry to jump into your thread, but i was interested inseeing what might happen to me, i had my first fec 2 weeks ago and today my hair is like straw and hairs are coming out, so think i will say goodbye to my straight brown bob as it may be replaced by a grey curly do! any idea what the split is like between poeple who keep their own hair type and those who have a big change?