Waiting is hell

I was recalled after routine mammogram, had core biopsies in breast and underarm & told it’s definitely cancer. A week until find out type/ stage/ if it’s spread / treatment
Up early hours yesterday & just can’t sleep tonight


I’m so sorry you are going through this. It is the worst time. Once you get your diagnosis and then plan it gets a little easier. In the meantime know we’re here and understand.


Thank you
24hrs with no sleep now. Not sure how I’m going to get through this week


We have all been there and we all know and feel what you are going through. I promise it gets easier. When I was waiting for the results I was barely functioning throughout the day. They were the darkest moments of my life.

Remember though BC is one of the most treatable cancers and they will sort it.
Do you know what they will be looking for in the biopsy? I had no idea in the early days so when they told me I didn’t know what any of it meant. Happy to explain it if you don’t already know.

In the meantime, hold on tight, you will discover how strong you are. It won’t be long before you can start moving forward and sleeping well :wink:

Sending big hugs and strength


I just know they’ll be seeing if it’s spread or is “in situ” & identifying which type & stage it is based on size & whether or not it’s spread. Mainly info from Google.
Just up again - managed 2.5hrs sleep at last.

I am in the same situation as you, although I haven’t been told it’s cancer, high ferritin levels, irregular margins on the lump and a letter with an appointment for Monday tells me to expect the worst.
The wait is awful, I’m not sleeping either, googling all night, panic in telling my children, only started a new job on the 6th Nov with no sick pay.
The wait is horrible so sending love to you. I read on here somewhere someone referring to BC as not a death sentence but an inconvenience and that is how I am thinking and getting through it.
Sending you love and sleep dust for tonight xx


Know BC treatments have advanced so much but it’s still scary. My sister pulled through it 7yrs ago (not a genetic type BC)
All say it’s a little easier once you have full diagnosis/ know what you’re dealing with & what treatment is needed :crossed_fingers:
I’m lucky as in my job 9yrs so sick leave is paid. Sure Breast Cancer Now, Macmillan etc can advise ref the financial side if you get the news you’re expecting & need time off.


Hi there. I hope you get your results very soon. Your feelings are 100% normal. You are only human and this is not fun! What I would say helped me was trying my hardest to focus on what I could control. Do whatever you can that helps you to calm down. Deep breathing when you get that horrid knot in your tummy. Going for a long walk. Having a nice bath. Having a big cup of tea - camomile helps me at bedtime. I listened to a load of true crime podcasts which is ridiculous to me as I never listen to them normally but it totally distracted me. I promise you once you have a plan it will get easier. Lots of love xxx


Thank you xx
Still a week to wait for results - told it was cancer on Monday


My daughter’s an adult & telling her was still the hardest - hate causing her stress :cry:


And it will feel like a long week…but one day at a time. It is really hard but you can do this xxx


Yes I know the feeling, I have 2 boys, a 15 year old and a 25 year old. My eldest lost his dad at 17 and I know I will have to tread very carefully with him, my youngest will just want to smother me. It’s harder when they understand xx


So sorry to hear you are going through the dreaded wait hiker50. It really is an awful time. I had a 2 week wait after biopsy, confirmed it was invasive ductal and lobular 1 week ago. Now waiting for MRI results and a plan. Each day feels like forever. Have told my close family and friends and been inundated with visitors and support. … I am already fed up being the ‘sick person’ even tho everyone means well…and I’m not even sick yet.

I really do hope that you get promising news and that it’s all easily treatable. We are all in this waiting game together and hopefully we can look back in the months to come and support others going through the same.

My eldest is 25 and lives abroad so was awful telling her over video call. She came home last weekend for hugs and that was amazing. I almost feel guilty for bringing this on my family, even tho it’s out of our control. I completely get what you mean about causing them any sort of stress or pain.

I hope that you can distract yourself over the coming days, podcasts, books, walks or whatever you enjoy. Its an awful wait and the not knowing is torture. Hopefully with all the info and a treatment plan things will be clearer.

Sending hugs

Clare. x

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Thanks, Clare xx
9 days wait feels like forever. I live alone but my daughter’s travelling across for the day Friday. Hate causing all family stress.
I’m hoping I get an idea of the plan next week.
I hope you get best plan possible - know none are easy.


The waiting is hell, it really is the worst time. As others have said, once you know what you are dealing with and the plan you have ‘targets’ if you like to work towards, its some kind of focus at least. At the moment it just feels like your swimming in outer space floating around not knowing where you are going or what is in front of you. I really can relate.

I found small things helped, I had some lavender oil and I used to inhale deeply and say to myself ‘steady’ about 10 times over whilst deep breathing. Okay it wasn’t a miracle cure but I can say with certainty it reduced the overwhelming feeling. Try a few different things out to calm your nervous system and hopefully sleep comes, even if its in bursts. Take care x


I’ve always been a keen walker & hiker but struggling just to take the dog out.
Didn’t help that my Manager told someone else at work unnecessarily yesterday (Manager knew as I had to show appt letter for time off / was supposed to be working from home afterwards but couldn’t so told her it was cancer) Who knew & when was all I had felt I had control over until then. I flipped & sent email to the whole team before any others told behind my back - regret it now despite lovely personal msgs.
Photos of my 9mth old granddaughter (printed online) arrived so putting them in the album is my distraction today.

Hi @hiker50

So sorry that your manager was indiscreet . I can understand your regret re sending everyone the message - too easy to press the send button sometimes. However it’s out in the open now and that may be for the best in the long run.

I’m glad that you’re now doing something that you love . Try to stay off Google and control your caffeine intake while you’re waiting .

Hang in there
Joanne x

When I was waiting for results it was so bad that the day I got diagnosed with actual breast cancer was a good day. It was because I was let out of purgatory and what I had imagined (worst case scenario) wasn’t the case. So I actual felt relieved and that translated to happy. It didn’t last but I will say say that those weeks of waiting to find out were the actual worst. Nothing else has ever been so bad since then. So know this does get better, you will sleep again, you will have joy and happiness again. In the meantime if you need some help in the form of medication don’t hesitate to ask. Doctors tend to understand and will help.

Hi - we all appreciate the wait is the worst thing. However you will get to understand more as you go along and you’ll find you will get your head around it more. I believe knowledge is key and more you understand whats happening the more youll be able to relax and before you know it , it will be full steam ahead. Only go onto reputable sites to get your questions answered and order some books from breast cancer now once you get your results they really helped me understand
Virtual hugs :people_hugging: x

The wait is killing me
Just need to know if stage 1 or 4
I chemo or not
Climbing the walls here alone until know :sob: xx

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