Waiting to hear

Hi All,

I am just waiting to hear back from my results. I had a mammo and biopsy on Friday and was given an initial ‘you have cancer’ diagnosis. I don’t know how I feel/what to think currently. I am swinging back and forwards between emotions. I think I am thinking too much :frowning:

I am finding it all very hard to deal with. I have a partner, but I know he is also dealing with this in his own way so I don’t feel I can explain everything to him. when I try, I get ‘try to be positive’ I can’t imagine what is going through his head.

I need to go to bed now to try to sleep (not that that is coming very easily)

Thanks for reading this far

Karen, from everything you will read on this site - the waiting is the worse!! BUT, you will get through it.
At my initial mammo and biopsy I was told that they were ‘very concerned’, so I knew it was something… that said, the unknown was terrible. I had to wait one week for my results.
My partner found it very hard to talk about it, with countless comments like ‘it will be ok’, ‘might be a cyst’, ‘dont worry’ - absolutely none of it helpful, but he was struggling more than me.
The initial waiting week I worked constantly, cleaned my house from top to bottom, checked all my health and critical illness insurances… and this site, invaluable.
best wishes

Hi Karen, Hope you got some sleep last night and i agree with Marguerite this part is very hard.

I was the same had biopsy and mam and told they thought it was cancer but also had to wait a week. I was lucky that my partner spoke to me about it but i was terrified that week and thought all sorts of things and my emotions were all over the place. Once i had a treatment plan and i knew more it felt a bit more settled as i felt things were being done to make me better.

One thing i have found with this disease is lots of people don’t know what to say to you and sometimes just say “be positive” because of that. Can you try asking him how he feels, maybe he will open up. I hope he can talk to you as you need support just now.

It is hard to say how you feel sometimes as these thoughts are all totally new and it is scary saying them out loud. For me, it’s been good to talk, and cry and tell people that sometimes i am scared.

Am sending you a big hug. If you need anything just let me know.

Lots of love


Thanks for your kind thoughts. It might seem funny, but since Friday I have been sleeping much better - I guess some of the uncertainty has already gone. It’s not properly restful though as I still have some discomfort where they did the biopsy.

We made the most of the weekend, spending it camping with friends. I did manage to tell a good friend of mine and she was very supportive.

I probably just need to wait for him to tell me and LISTEN properly. He is the sort of person that you can’t argue with… He just doesn’t argue!

I think it is something that we are both going through and that he needs to find someone he can talk to.

I think we are both finding it pretty hard to deal with - especially, trying to keep things going for our children. I know I will need to explain it to them, but that is another hurdle I need to look at another day


hi im karen im in the same possition feeling stressed and anxious waiting for the results. I was told the lump is small and i was lucky to find it, i had a mammagram, ultra sound and core biopsy. They said my lymph glands looked clear which is a good sign but i still cant seem to cope with the waiting. In 8 weeks time we are travelling to florida which i have been waiting so long for and now this has put a downer on everything.

karen here, one more day to go and i will know my results. Im feeling quite numb at the moment my emotions are all over the place. Just hope that after tomorrow i will be strong enough to cope with what ever is in store for me. This site has been extremely helpful to me knowing that im not on my own and that there are people in the same possition has me .

Hi Karen

I’m in the same position as you only I don’t get my results until Monday and am absolutely terrified

Hi I’m Kath I’m also waiting to hear my results had mammogram and was recalled on Monday drew fluid off and took core biopsy get results on Monday bit stresses and very scared

Karen, Karen, Kath,
Just a quickie to let you know that lots of ladies are thinking about you, and hope that your results are good ones. Do let us know how you get on.

hi marguerite
Karen here got my results today got to have a lumpectomy on aug 9th. I feel much more at ease now i know whats going to happen . I told the dr that im booked to go to florida at the end of sept and he seems to think i will be able to go so thats taken the stress of the op . I want to say thanks for all the support xxxx

Sorry for the diagnosis Karen - but good news on the holiday! It makes a big difference knowing what surgery, when etc…
You will get lots of advice on here re surgery, what to wear, take to hospital, healing time etc
Again, sorry that you have had to join us - but best wishes for the upcoming treatments.

Just had lump removed on 22nd July. Hosp keeps changing my appointments as they say the results are slow to get thru to them. So instead of having treatment plan and confirmation today now have to wait til next Thursday. No date to start treatment and really starting to worry as have no bench mark to tell whether these delaysare “usual”. Help

hi moth, i think a few weeks is pretty average for results to come through, it wouldnt strike me as meaning there was anything suspicious or especially bad about your particluar results. Mine took 9 days from op to results, but was told that they may not have them back by the time of that appointment so not to stress myself too much over a delay. In the event, they did have them that day for me, but they were faxed over from the lab as i was waiting as my bcn had asked them to hurry up! Hope it all goes well for you



Have been through this and the worse is waiting for resutls/the course of treatment. Once you know how they are going to treat you, things will feel alot better. I was terrified and couldn’t sleep etc… my husband did the same and still does - keep positive. But as you go through it what he is saying actually begins to help!! It is very easy to slip into negative thinking and it’s okay to do this (it’s only natural) but the danger is staying there. You have to fight it…it’s the only thing you can do. I am writing this knowing that I wil be having more chem in a few days - it’s hell but it’s not forever.
Good luck. xxx

Hi all new here ! have been watching the forums all week… had a mammo and biopsy last wednesday and i too was given the intial cancer diagnoss… this week has been the longest of my life…have an appointment tomorrow at 10.50 at Norwich hospital …today i,m having a mad housework day which is unusual for me … Just need tomorrow to get here so i know what will happen…the waiting is awfull.
Don,t know if this sounds right but have found some comfort reading these forums just knowing others are out there.
Been trying so hard to keep it together all week sometimes i feel i want to just get out of the way and howl.My husband has been wonderfull but can,t tell my mum yet. will send you all hugs if thats allowed.? xxx

Hi wills

Welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you will receive lots of support from your fellow users. In addition I am posting a link to our newly diagnosed information which you may find helpful to read:


Our helpline is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000 so please do call for further support and a ‘listening ear’ if you feel it would help.

Take care

Hi Wills
Sorry you are having such a worrying time. ‘Pleased’ you felt you could join us.
Hope tomorrow brings you the news you want, but either way we are all here to help with any questions you may have.
I never told my mum until l got the results, didn’t see any point in worrying her until l knew. Sadly my cancer was confirmed, but l am halfway through chemo and it is very managable.
Let the tears come, you need to be able to cry, nothing like a good howl or scream!
My Mum lived in Norwich, are you going to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital?
Good Luck for tomorrow, can l suggest when you come back with your results, you start your own thread! If you go to to the section you want on the left hand column on the home page. Then on the right hand side in purple you will see ‘post a new comment’ or similar. click that and you can have your own thread! that way more people will see and and respond to you.
Sandra xxx

Wills, welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will feel better when you have an action plan in place, I know I did. I was diagnosed last march, had a mx in April and now am nearly halfway through chemotherapy. It’s not pleasant but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Good idea of Sandra’s. look forward to seeing you on you new thread


i hope tomorrow goes well for you wills, thinking of you,


Hi thanks for all your really nice comments, two hours to go and still doing housework !!! be back later with results xxxxxx