Wendy Richards

Just heard the announcement that Wendy Richards has passed away.
I loved her as Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served and Pauline Fowler in Eastenders.

Love Debsxxx

RIP and God Bless her… A wonderful person

I just said to my husband a couple of days ago that we haven’t heard about Wendy Richards. This is such sad news. A lovely lady xxx

This is such sad sad news. Another tragic loss.

Sincere condolances to Wendy’s family and friends at this very sad time,

As Miss Brahams she rocked, playing a bit of a lush! Whilst she played a bit of a misery in 'enders and still rocked! Wendy will be sorely missed.

R.I.P Wendy, goodnight and godbless,


What a shame, RIP Wendy

So sad…(

RIP Wendy x

Such sad news. I was only commenting recently to my OH that it had been a while since she got married and I was wondering how she was doing.

My condolences to all her family and friends who are suffereing her tragic loss.

RIP Wendy.

Such very sad news.
Wendy Richards kept many of us 'entertained ’ for so many years on the television…a very brave lady.

Rest in Peace Wendy x

Hi everyone,

My wife was diagnosed in August 2008 3 weeks before our wedding. She’s had a 13mm triple neg taken out by lumpectomy and her nodes were clear as was her vascular system. She’s been through her chenmo, and started 6 1/2 weeks of R/T last week.

she’s a natural worrier, and the debacle of Jade Goody in the press has made it really hard for me to keep her positive recently. Now this news of Wendy Richards has come out, and it’s sent her right down in a panic again… She’s petrified about it coming back and being terminal. I’m starting to get emotionally exhausted trying to keep her afloat, her parents act like nothing is happening, as do her brothers. - I dread the front cover of the papers these days…:frowning:

Dear Wendy

You were a fighter as are a lot of ladies on this site.

My condolences to all your family and friends

Rest in peace


very sad news

Rest in peace x

Yes I felt very sad reading this news in the Evening Standard tonight. Eastenders is my favourite soap and I’ve been addicted since the early days in 1985.

Wendy Richard’s story is another ordinary story of a woman with breast cancer who happened to be well known: diagnosed in the mid 90s, recurrence in 2002, and then terminal in 2008…About 15 years living with breast cancer, she went into the 5 year and the 10 year survival statistics lauded about; not particularly brave or a fighter cause why do the press or anyone else have to use those adjectives? Wendy was 65; she’s died far too prematurely of breast cancer…like 12,000 plus others this year.

Condolences to her real family and the actors from her Eastenders family and all her friends.


Sad to learn of Wendy Richard’s passing.
God speed

I too was so very sorry to hear that Wendy Richards,like so many others,has died of this awful disease.She was the same age as me and I have enjoyed so many of her performances over the years.

Just watched the tribute to Wendy Richard on BBC1 - she came across as such a lovely funny lady and I am sure she will be much missed.


So sorry to hear this news. A very brave lady.

Hi Howard,
We are all saddened to hear about Wendy Richards death, and it does bring the fear of death from cancer home to you when it is splashed across the newspapers. I am really sorry your wife is feeling so fearful, and how tough it is for you too, especially when other members of the family don’t always acknowledge it.
I hope that you will be able to gain some understanding and support from this website; often friends and family are so afraid of cancer, they just don’t talk about it, and that can be very frustrating. Sometimes, I just want to scream when ‘normal life’ is discussed and all I can think about is cancer!!
It is not all doom and gloom, although it may feel like that at the moment. I was diagnosed with triple neg tumour 2 years ago, which was large and aggressive and had spread to most of my lymph nodes and vascular system, but have somehow managed to limp through to 2 years without secondaries, but several scares!!
Please don’t feel isolated,you can always rant on here, and someone will always listen.
Best wishes,

Hi Howard,

You’ve come to the right place for support, the users of this site have a wealth of information between them and are always willing to support each other through this.

If either yourself or your wife would like to talk to someone in confidence then please do use BCC’s helpline, the staff here offer a listening ear and are here to support you both. Calls to the helpline are free, as are all of BCC’s publications, some of which you may find useful, just follow the links from the home page for publications.

I hope this helps you both. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator


Thanks so much for the support, even just a few understanding words and a listening ear (or reading eye!) really helps. You guys are amazing on here, you really are. :slight_smile:

So sad to hear the new about Wendy Richards.My thoughts are with her family and friends.

Howard,I understand how your wife is feeling ,I was a bit low this week but the news of Wendys death has sent me spiralling down further and I feel very down and weepy.Its very hard when things like this remind us of our mortality.Its important we remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean the same will happen to us.Every BC is different.
However sometimes its easier said than done.
Has your wife been offered counselling? I had some and it does help with your thoughts.
Take care,

RIP Wendy