What's the best time of day to take tamixofen?

Hi all

This one’s probably done the round lots of times but just after your expert opinions!

What’s the concensus on the best time of day to take Tamoxifen.
I’m about to start mine so want to set off on the best foot. Is bedtime best?

Your thoughts please.

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HI Mammabee,
I take my Tamoxifen after my last meal at night

Have not had any side effects up to now,

All the best June x

They do say evening but its worth experimenting if you get side effects.

I take mine every morning after I put my contact lenses in. No side effects apart from hot flushes and I get those day and night.

I take mine last thing at night - have no real side effects to speak about. Am on Novaldex D - just one thing, did miss one evening and took it the next morning and felt DREADFUL. Think the general consensus from other threads is to take it at night and sleep through the nausea etc. Works for me.

Sally xxx

My bc nurse recommended that I take my Tamoxifen in the evening so as not to be bothered by nausea (as Sally mentioned). Haven’t taken it any other time so not sure if there’s a difference. I did have nausea for the first few weeks but not since. I guess everyone’s different!

Jacki xx

I wasn’t given any advice on when it would be best to take the Tamoxifen, just to take it straight after a meal. I have been taking it after my breakfast for about 9wks with no side effects, so far.
Caz x

I am post menopausal and as such had started night sweats after I came of HRT in May this year. I think it is because Tamoxifen brings on the menopause that you younger girls are getting these effects. I personally take mine at night, and sometime have one or maybe two flushes in the night but none in the daytime. Has anyone else noticed that if you wake up and say turn over or get out for the loo, it’s then that your flush comes on? Mine seem to come on when I move position!

Norma X

Thanks ladies - tonight it is then…wish me luck!!


Last thing at night with a small glass of milk, no major side effects just the odd hot flush through the night.

Hope all goes well

Clare (S)

I take mine straight after my evening meal and have never felt nauseous or been sick with it. I once forgot to take it and took it just before I went to bed, not with food, and I did wake up in the night with tummy pains. Not sure if it was related but do prefer to take it with food.


I take mine last thing at night, too.


Normski - very interesting to read your post above. I have taken both Tamoxifen and now Arimidex and been looking for years for someone who finds flushes occur when they wake up or go to the loo in the night. This happens to me every night - I do think it is the start of the flush that wakes me up but I have also found over the years that as I wake up in the morning so I have a flush - it is like clockwork! And I hate it! Am also post menopausal.

I took mine at night but had really weird dreams and found it hard to remember to take it so now I have a pill box and take it in the morning with my vitamins after I have had breakfast. I have been on it for 13 months and have forgotten to take it twice, but, on each occasion, have not realised until it was time to take the next one. I have hot flushes morning and night but they come and go according to my monthly cycle.


interesting posts and how we are similar in some things and not in others.
I thankfully have never felt sick taking tamoxifen, however sometimes when i take it on going to bed i get the most awful stomach ache. I have IBS so i dont know if its that or the tamoxifen though.
Interesting about the flushes coming on when you move or go to the loo. I am exactely the same. A few weeks ago i had 2 nights where i slept all night, I was so excited as obviously no flushes but its gone back to normal now awake so often and hot. Does anyone find the flushes less now its so cold? I definately do.

Debbie did you have chemo how old are you? chemo finished my periods and the tamoxifen is keeing them away too and i definately dont think they will come back. Although i do have moods like when i had PMT, not often though.
Anyone find they have a flush about and hour after taking the tablet? I wont take it tea time if i am out in the evening.
Also found tea coffee or alchol brings on a flush.

Oh the joys hey.



Have just lost the whole rambling thread I have just written. It was an epic…Lucky you. I am 45, 43 at dx and didn’t need chemo…v lucky


found this post interesting i was advised to take my tamoxifen at night to stop me getting hot flushes during the night (was waking abt 3-4 times) and after taking it at night for a week or so it did reduce the sweats i have at night - but get more in the evening!! thought it was interesting abt the waking up to go to the loo same thing was happening to me. I also find i get more sweats after alcohol…so had afew more over christmas. dont seem to have had any major other side effects

on another point I was told that i was on tamoxifen because i was pre menopausal (but only just) and that post menopausal women had arimidex im a bit confused because normski seems to be taking tamoxifen even though she is post menopausal??

Hi Elaine

I am posting links to factsheets about Arimidex and Tamoxifen published by BCC which may help you to understand more about these treatments:



Best wishes

Definitely get a hottie about 45 mins after taking my Arimidex - like clockwork. Looking forward to a cold day tomorrow according to the TV!

My doctor advised me, today, to switch to morning doses in the hopes that this will lessen the palpitations I get every night. I’m not convinced he’s right - surely, once you reach a certain level of drug in your bloodstream, each tablet is just keeping it topped up and therefore it shouldn’t make any difference when you take it? Anyway, I’m going to give the morning thing a try - I’m so desperate to get a normal night’s sleep, I’ll try anything!