Which deodorant?

This is the first time I’ve posted so please bear with me. I attended a session on “avoiding Lymphoedema” & the nurse suggested using in future a deodorant without anti-perspirant in it. I did find one from Sanex but they’re not doing it anymore. It was a reasonable price too.
Has anyone got any suggestions or do you think it isn’t that important?

Looking forward to receiving your replies.
Thank you

Like you I was advised to use a deodorant without anti perspirant. I chose the Pit Rok stick. I bought it from Amazon as this was the cheapest option. I have been using it since November and it is barely used so will be good value in the end.
I was very dubious that it would work but it does and is excellent.

The big plus for me was that as it doesn’t contain any aluminium I was told I could use it throughout radiotherapy. Lovely to be fragrant during that!

Hope this helps

there are a lot of “natural” deodorants available without anti-perspirant.Crystal sticks are the most reasonably priced but I did not find it really effective.I use one by Green People but it is quite expensive and does not really last long.Luckily since chemo i find i do not perspire as much.Holland and Barrett do a good range of natural products and also deodorants.I am sure you will get lots more info as this is a well researched subject.

Lucinda x

hi, I have used Pitrock pump spray for years, it lasts months and months.

I’ve got a solid crystal PitRock (I bought it from Boots and it was quite pricey). I was very dubious about it but it seems to work well and I’ve sure it will last for ages so will probably be cost effective in the end.


I’m allergic to pretty much every commercial deodorant. I tried the crystal/rock ones and they were not very effective for me (I’m physically very active). The best I’ve found, which still isn’t anything like as effective as the full on chemical ones, is the stick by Tom’s of Maine which I get in my local independent health food shop. I’m not 100% sure it’s ok for lymphoedema prevention, but guess it should be. It’s nice and waxy/moisturisery, and doesn’t stain your clothes. Good luck! x

hi i use Bionsen, i get it from waitrose where they have quite a selection of different ones all natural or without parabens/aluminum


ive tried all the above and they just arnt good enough for me with the flushes i have! lol
do i float between, michum,sure naturals and sanex

Have used the biosen and the pitroc stick. Daughter bought me Body shop rose solid deod. stick and that is quite nice smell. Found biosen could be a bit overpowering.

Morning, Pit Rock is also stocked by Waitrose and it lasts a long time. I also use Aloe Vera one without parabens etc which is available from Forever Living Products, expensive but also lasts a long time. Most health shops stock good deodarants but read labels as often you find that some of these nasty ingredients do sneak in. I use the above, but who knows if they are the best thing! Happy to give it a try. Adi x

Hi Darcyannie

As others have said there are lots out there. Personally I really like Lafes deodorant, it has a lovely smell and doesn’t cause any irritation on me.
I’ve attached a link so you can see the ingredients (I buy mine from a health food shop though).


It’s important to bear in mind that some of these can cause skin reactions even though they don’t contain all the chemicals. My husband was using a different one and had an allergic reaction. He’s now switched to the Pitroc stick and is okay. It’s a bit of trial and error.

As for lymphodema, that’s a new one to me. I developed lymphodema last year and had stopped using the usual antiperspirant/deodorants a couple of years before my breast cancer diagnosis.

Hope you find something you like, Elinda x

Hi Elinda, but it still contains alum is this not from the aluminium family? I thought we should avoid aluminium too. Very confused you read so many different things. Anyone else know about alum in deodorants please? Adi x

I’ve been using Bionsen from Boots good and not too pricey. It has a pump spray, which I prefer to anything roll on. It doesn’t have any aluminium in, although I understood (from Cancer Research UK web site) that there is no proven link between aluminium and BC; a myth grew because we’re asked not to use deodorant with aluminium in when having RADs because the machine can ‘see’ it. That’s why I got the Bionsen, but am a bit concerned as it has alcohol in and this could dry the skin while having RADs?

After surgery last summer, I stopped using either deodorant or antiperspirant. Showering every day and wearing fresh clothes seems to be enough even with hot flushes.
Lilac x

Hi i used biosen all throough treatment as its also alluminium free but just found garnier on special at morrisons for £1 its paraban free and leaves no white marks its made from minerals and smells lovely

Hi Adi, you’re right, I hadn’t realised that. I’ve only had a quick look, but this link sums up the basic research which is inconclusive - some studies have shown links, some haven’t (also note the para on parabens).


I also looked up alum on Wiki and found that the crystal sticks are alum (there are different formulations - it’s both a chemical compound and a class of chemicals, all aluminium based).


I don’t know whether all deodorant crystal sticks are formed from alum, but I suspect so. (Sorry the latter two are Wiki, you might want to check the sources).


Sorry Nottsgirl, your post came on while I was writing mine! It’s not fully a myth re aluminium, there is some research linking it to bc and some not, so the conclusion is that the research is inconclusive (as usual) and that more research is needed. x

Hi everyone - just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the replies & great information. It’s a real good help. I’ll have a look round the places suggested & am sure I’ll end up with something safe.
Thanks again

About alum - that’s a good question. From what I understand, and I might be wrong, it’s a natural mineral salt rather than a chemically processed one. I think that the active ingredient in the Pitrok and in Bionsen is also ammonium alum, in fact probably in most of them.
In addition, these products tend to avoid things like parabens and chemical fragrances - that’s the big bonus to me.

Quite how this is so different from the types of aluminium found in the usual antiperspirants I’m not sure. It will be chemically different but why it is considered safer I don’t honestly know. They will probably also contain a medley of other chemicals such as parabens, pthlates etc.

i use the pit rock , the spray deod one.