Hi all,

here I am again, with yet another question but thankfully no ‘wobble’ to accompany it this time!! I have just completed my second full cycle of CMF, hurrah!!! However, I have noticed that as this has gone on I am becomming increasingly troubled with wind!!! To be honest, I just can’t seem to stop farting! Its well embarrasing, especially as I’ve spent so long trying to convince my boyfriend that I’m a lovely young lady who doesn’t do such things!!

The worst is when we’re in bed at night and they ‘slip out’ involuntarily, not nice for him but bless him he never says anything! We’ve got one of his friends comin to stay next week for a couple of weeks. God only knows how I’m gonna cope then 'cause its really quite painful trying to hold 'em in!!!

Anyone else have a similar problem with wind?? Any top tips??

Cheers in advance,


Hi kelly

I also had terrible problems with wind during chemo. Sorry no tips on how to control it but my view was that friends, family etc just had to put up with it. I did pre-warn them though that this was just another side effect of the chemo.


Hi Kelly

I had relentless wind on Taxoterre - in fact I’d say I was at competition level!!! Only trouble is in competitions you have to perform on demand and I just couldn’t do that but every time I bent over in the garden my neighbours must have been saying “tut, tut” to my toot, toot.

It subsides as soon as your chemo is finished - I had a wind free holiday 2 or 3 weeks after chemo ended.



I’ve had my 2nd FEC and all I have to say is “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” - I haven’t even got a dog to blame it on.


Oh Ladies - how funny !

You’ve made my day - thankyou !!

Julie xxx

P.S Have just asked my lot (husband & kids) whether they’ve noticed I’m more windy since being on chemo, but they said “no more than usual” !!

OOOh glad I am not alone…I blame it on the baby of the house…she is only one and half so she can’t say it wasn’t her…HA HA HA…evil laughter heard throughout Sweden and beyond…

Oh yes!!! My wind is outrageous, it just slips out at any time it feels like it… wherever I am.

No one to blame it on either. It’s like a little clapping sound constantly emitting from my backside whenever I stand up!

Cecelia. x

Oh yes - this sounds familiar. I have a problem anyway as I’ve got IBS but the chemofarts during chemo were quite amazing - frequent, completely involuntary and embarrassingly noisy !!

Take care everyone
Love Anthi

Hi All

Presumably I have got this lovely side effect to come … ooohhh can’t wait, that will please hubby - be able to make him pay for all the times he lets loose!!!


Hi All
Boy can I relate to this one. Had second Tax on Friday and this weekend was so windy I couldn’t even bear to be in the room with me!!My husband who has put up with a lot initially found it funny but after about 4 hours the joke was a bit thin. I went for a walk to try and clear the air (literally). My tummy was visably swollen - what nasty stuff this is.
I felt so disgusted with myself - normally nice girls really don’t do that!
Anyway it passed ( pardon the pun) and now am back to my gorgeous non smelly self.
I have no idea how to avoid it. My mum came to visit and I ended up leaving the room when I felt a cramp coming on and going into the utility room.
The family joke is that I have now morphed into my brother who is bald and farts for king and country.

Oh you have to laugh or what dignity do we have left!!


Oh ladies,

thank you so much for your reassurring responses!!! I am sooooo glad that I’m not alone in this, and that the wind is due to the treatment and not the fact that I have evolved into waynetta slob!

Its sooooo embarrasing though, I’m scared to go out at the mo!! I haven’t got a dog or a baby to blame, OH is trying to be sympathetice but I bet he’s secretly thinking 'vile cow, I’m sure she coulld hold ‘em in if she really wanted to!’. LOL.

Anyway, take care all and may our wind soon be a thing of the past!


Hi All

It does pass ( sorry for the pun ), I can assure you.

My M in law is the same at the moment. Every time she stands, bends or whatevr. However she doesn’t seem to notice and she’s not even on chemo.

I say just ignore it and look blameless.

Didn’t think at the time that it was chemo, I thought it was the odd combination of things I could manage to eat.

Surprising what you learn.

Marilyn X

I cannot stop laughing at this! When I did FEC I farted atrociously for weeks on end. When I moved into the spare bedroom for a bit my OH could hear it through the wall during the night. He insisted that we went to the cinema to see Casino Royale and I was letting go during all the really loud bits so nobody else would hear me! Trips round the supermarket were jet propelled, I was in and out of Sainsbury’s in 15 minutes :slight_smile: It got to the stage I didn’t want visitors coming to the house in case I disgraced myself.

The constipation was dreadful as well - I once sat on the loo for an hour in agony trying to pass something that felt the size of a cricket ball.

ooooooooooof i spent a fortune on OUST put it that way lol. Mine were soooo minging even the dogs objected! In fact they were so bad I had airfreshner in more or less every room…my poor hubs would go to bed before me so he could be asleep before me so he didnt ‘notice’ the gas ahem…didnt work cos hed wake up and mutter…jaaaaaaaaysus is that you again…me…well I learnt not to breathe through my nose…lol.

My argument were…chemo and movicol just dont mix lol…way to many noxious gases. My mates brought me a bio-hazard belly bar thing…and even got some signs for me to put on the loo for a laugh. The way I saw it…if my belly was bloating up…which it always did…better out than in, pegs at the ready…and hold on tight lol…but never to far from the loo

Ladies - I love you lot !

How good is it that we are all going through so much crap, and yet we can still laugh at ourselves ! And as you’ve brought up the subject of constipation cherub - OH MY GOD !! I swear giving birth to two large babies was a hell of a lot easier than what I was trying to pass the other day - sorry, maybe too much detail there !..

Kelly, thanks for starting this thread, I think its given us all a well deserved laugh !

Lots of love to you windy girls out there!



Hi All

Im loving this thread!!!
My OH can relate to all as he is sitting agreeing and laughing ( which we have not done much of lately)
I can relate to the WIND!!! I even tried eating bland food - so heresa a tip Dont bother it doesnt work and your meals are boring!!! bring out the curry and blast at out!!!
Sorry but after reading some of the comments it is so nice to laugh and giggle not just at yourself nbut with others!!!
Thanks Kelly for starting this I cant wait for the next one???

Thanks for the giggle!!!


Hi all - I remember this well - I didn’t want people to come to the house cos the smell was so bad!!! You know it’s bad when it even disgusts yourself!!!
I was told it was the ‘F’ bit that does it - Fluorocil 5U. It is a drug that is also used for bowel cancer so does have this rather unfortuntate side effect!!!
Good luck and if I see you floating around the clouds on my way off on holiday then i know why!!

Heck, i haven’t even had chemo, but the tamoxifen has increased the wind effect something awful, at 44 yrs old, its just not funny, been telling the hubby what a dirty sod he is for 20 years, now i’m worse than him!!! when does the humiliation stop!!! lol

Alison xxxxxx

Keep your windy tales coming ladies!

Looks like this is giving us all a well needed chuckle!!!


P.S. My ‘plug-in’ air fresheners are up to full max and working overtime!!!

I really have too say that i’m reading this trying to find tips on how to deal with my chemo next week and i now have tears of laughter. It’s funny how such a small thing as a fart can be so funny. I’ll get my own back on my OH now.