Worried about skin mets.

Hi Everyone

I asked for this thread to be moved from secondaries to the recurrence section.

Thanks Lucy

I am not to sure if I should be posting in this section as I have not been diagnosed with secondaries. However, in December 08 I had a regional recurrence which had spread to the skin. I have since had a bilateral mastectomy with LD reconstruction which until last week was healing very well. I noticed last week that my scar was becoming itchy and put it down to the healing process. This week it has begun to ulcerate again and now I am petrified. I have not told anyone as my husband and children aged 7 and 11 have been through so much since April when I was first diagnosed with a malignant phyllodes tumor. I am currently recieving chemo again and now worried what this means if it is further spread. I am 39.
I would really appreciate some advice. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.

Hi Dee,

You really need to tell your medical team about the changes you have described, are you able to talk with your breast care nurse? Do phone the helpline and have a chat with the nurses here, who will support you through this. Helpline open again on Monday, 9am - 5pm, calls are free, 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Jo,

Thank you for your advice. I will mention it to my team on Tuesday but cannot help feeling anxious of what they might say. It would be extremely helpful to hear from anyone with similar experiences or symptoms. I am in admiration of the courage shown and support given by everyone throughout these forums. I can see they are a real lifeline for MANY.



Hi DosyDee

Sorry to hear you are going through this worry, I’m unable to help I’m afraid, but hopefully someone will be along soon who can offer advice. I hope everything goes ok on Tuesday.

Take care x

Hi Lynni
Thank you for replying and your support for Tuesday. I appreciate it.

Please let us know how you get on.

all the best for tomorrow Dee x i have to go and have an ultra sound scan on friday as my surgeon found something in my armpit last week, so i know exactly how you are feeling, fingers and toes crossed that we both get some good news

Hi Alison

Good Luck also for Friday. The not knowing and the waiting is always very dificult. Everything crossed also for good news.

Take care


yes the waiting is the worst, its knowing what to do with yourself that i find the hardest, and trying to put the little demons in my head to bed!!! will be thinking about you Dee

Hi Lynni and Alison

My consultant is quite sure this is skin mets. Plus there was definately vascular invasion from my last surgery in December. I have to have a biopsy and a MRI ASAP. Until I have the results of these I do not know what the next step is. To be honest I do not quite know how I feel. I have had one knock back after another recently and as you all can identify with, you have to keep fighting it. I have not told any family or friends until I find out for sure. I am gutted but I am going to remain positive.

Thanks for your support. It really helps to share this with people who know what you are going through. Really hoping you have better news Alison.


Ohh Dee, really sorry to hear this, your head must be all over the place. I have secondaries so understand what you are feeling or not feeling, I remember being just numb and in a daze. Hopefully your MRI and biopsy will be very soon, again its this waiting. I found once my mets were confirmed I could start dealing with it whereas before then my head was all over the place. I did tell a couple of people the possibility of mets when waiting for my results, but I didn’t know about this forum, and you need support from somewhere. If you need to get things off your chest, rant or cry, send me a message or just post on this thread. Its an awful place you are in at the moment, but you do move out of it.

Hope you have good news Alison.

Take care xxx

like you Lynni, i will be happy just to get the results, no matter what they are as the waiting is just so very stressful, and its so hard to make the time go faster!
Dee, i am so sorry as well, but as Lynni says, well, once you know at least you can deal with it the best that you can.
and thankfully we have this place to come and be ourselves without our masks on

Hi ladies

Thank you so much for your support. Yes my head is all over the place at the moment and it is that dreaded waiting game again. You are both right that once you know you can begin to deal with it as it somehow gives you that little bit of control back which this rotten disease takes away from us. I am really trying to carry on as normal, but it is VERY hard. After all what is normal anymore??
I’ll keep you both updated.

Lynni I am so sorry for you also you’ve had such a tough time, and I am really glad you found these forums and they’ve been of help. If I can be of any support I will do my best to help. As we are all here to support each other.
Still hoping the best for Friday Alison.

Take care


Hi Ladies,

Like you I am playing the waiting game,and like you I am scared stiff!! Just wonder how much of this we can take!

I finished chemo, mastectomy and rads in Nov and a couple of weeks ago found a lump in my armpit, I have to wait until next Thursday for an ultrasound.

I had a bone scan three weeks ago which was clear thank goodness,I desperately want to move on, but wonder is this the pattern of my life from now on.

Good luck with your results I will be keeping everything crossed for you!!
Take care,

like you Toronto, well, i wonder now if this is some sort of set pattern that we are going to have to go through everytime we find the least little lump and bump, i find that i get to the stage were i am coping really well, and then like you they go and find something in my armpit and bang your up the wall again. i think we do move on, but its a bit of one step forward then two steps back.
its good to hear that your bone scan was fine, lets hope the other is as well
lots of love

Let us know how you get on Toronto.

Good Luck

Hi Jan

This is such a difficult time, especially when you thought you were beginning to put that horrible time behind you. Try and be positive-I know it is easier said than done- and take one day at a time. Fingers crossed for good results all round. Let’s hope this is not now our pattern but just a little blip in our lives!!! Or BIG blip.

Let us know how you get on.

Thinking of you for tomorrow Alison.


hi all, just wanted to let you all know that it was scar tissue, i am so relieved at this. good luck to you all that are still waiting xxxxx

Hi Alison

That’s brilliant news!! You must be over the moon. I am so pleased for you so now relax and have a glass of wine or two or three or…

I have my MRI on Monday and biopsy Tuesday so I’ll keep you all posted.

Take care


Hi Alison

What good news, really chuffed for you.

Take care xxx