Worried and waiting for appointment only 24

Found a lump in my right breast going back june time, I cant really say if I thought it was unusual as this was the first ever time I properly checked my breasts, however I made an appointment with my gp right away, seen a locum who dismissed it and said it was nothing to worry about, so took her word and tried to get on with things about 3-4wks ago I remembered the lump checked breasts again still there I wasnt happy and made made another appointment to see my gp who was my usual gp. She felt lump right away and sais she was refering me this will be 3wks tomorrow since my appointment. Still no letter has come with a refferal appointment date nothing. Worried sick cant help thinking that I found this lump in june and feel like I have left it too late.

How long have people waited for appointments? I have been waiting 3 wks and still nothing. I have a 3 yr old so trying to keep busy but I am such a worrier and cant help thinking the worst.

Any information would be greatly appreciated also I am in wales so unsure if guidelines are different to england.

Thanks for listening you lot are amazing and so brave x

Hi Hun, I’m in the same boat as you. I found a lump
In my right breast 2 weeks ago and my gp referred me under the urgent two week wait…well I still haven’t heard from the hospital and am a nervous wreck. I’ve got a 4 year old daughter and am a single mum so I’m
Trying to keep busy with her but it’s so hard. I’m giving the hospital till Monday then going to chase them up. Maybe give your gp a call and see if they can contact the hospital for you. I really hope things turn put ok for you but if u wanna chat feel free to send me a private message babe xx

Hi, I went to my GP yesterday with a lump and inverted nipple. My surgery made my appointment straight away. I go next Thursday. I would ring as I’m sure you’re supposed to be seen in two weeks. I hope you get your appointment soon

Thanks both. Apparently it can be a 6 week wait in wales! My GP didnt say if I was being refered as urgent or non urgent she just said that she was refering me and that I would hear off the hospital. She also said that it could be one of 3 hospitals so im unsure who to contact or what to do! I just have the lump no other symptomns but its coming up to 12 wks since I first found it so I just want to know what is wrong worried sick.

Sorry to hear that your in the same boat as me annamarie hopefully everything will be ok for you and you get your appointment soon.

Hi all

I thought you may find the following link to the BCC  ‘Your breast clinic appointment’ publication useful to read :


Please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any concerns and queries on 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Take care

Lucy BCC

Just rung my GP. Referral letter sent gave me the number off the hospital and told to ask see how far down on the list I am. The consultant is off till tues and if I ring back next week they MIGHT be able to tell me how far down the list I am and how much longer I have to wait but thats a big MIGHT. I would of been waiting 4 wks by then surely I should be seen by then! Considering going private as am sick of the worry.

How are you doing hunbun ?

That’s ridiculous 8 weeks is too long … Even if results are clear you would be after making yourself sick with worry … I rang the breast clinic my original referral went to , they still had it in file so I’m hoping appointment will be the 3rd October … Even if you could just get an ultrasound done private like I did it might give you some reassurance :slight_smile: … I’m bringing my little girl to Disneyland on the 09th oct so distracting myself with that for the min … Good days and bad :slight_smile: but please god in another few weeks this will be all over for both of us x keep in touch and if you need to vent you know where I am :slight_smile:

Thanks shopaholic praying we are both given good news ive already been worrying about it for 5-6wks now and they expect u to wait longer I ended up breaking down on the phone to the receptionist as she said that is the earliest appointment is 15th October it means I either spend the next few weeks wworring sick or my father has kindly offered to pay for me to go private but I just feel sick as to why he should pay when I work and pay taxes and the nhs are there to use yet they keep us waiting this long! I hope you enjoy disneyland shopaholic we are planning on taking our little girl for her 4th birthday in november but I feel like atm I cant plan anything untill I know. I know it sounds silly :frowning:

Poemsgalore thanks I have been ringing and ringing the clinic but to no avail the only option left is to go private and my father has offered to pay . I will keep you all updated with how I get on. Thanks for everyones words of wisdom x

Just to update everyone I have my appointment monday afternoon in a private clinic as the wait is unbearable and if I stuck with the nhs then I still have a further 4 wk wait when I have already been waitin so long.

Really scared and nervous about the appointments does anyone have any information ? Been told I will see specialist and have ultrasound… the closer monday gets the more scared I am becoming!

Hope everyone is keeping well
Sending positive thoughts love and hugs x

Thanks Jo, I have read that booklet was hoping someone whos been along to a breast clinic would be able to share their own experience and thoughts with me. Thank you.

Thanks zuzy for your reply . Am so sorry you was given the dreaded news and I hope you are finding it all ok with your treatments etc. I hope you get rid of the nasty c word soon!

To say I have had a nightmare is true I first found the lump in june but was sent away from my gp as she said your only 24 . And then I had enough and went back age is just a number and I have seen more and more younger women get the dreaded c word I have cobvinced myself that I also have it the not knowing is making me feel physically ill . I am lucky in the fact my father is so kind and has offered to pay me to go privately as my appointment in local hospital wasnt untill 15th oct and I simply feel I cant wait any longer . How old are u zuzy if you dont mind me asking? Yes I am taking my brother with me as my partner needs to fetch our daughter from school. Just worrying myself sick that it will be bad news and that I wont be here to see my little girl grow up :frowning: being silly I knoe but cant help it.

Am so glad have found this forum and all your lovely ladies support. Has kept me going through a tough time of just waiting… and waiting

Sending positive thoughts and hugs xxx

Hi, I had my appointment at a private breast clinic yesterday.  Im luckly that my employer pays my healthcare premium.    I saw a consultant, then was taken for a mamogram and ultrasound.   Everyone was very kind and put me at ease.   Thankfully my lump is a cyst so I will not need any more treatment.   Im am 34 and have stong family history so the consultant has referred me to a family history clinic so I can have yearly screenings in the future.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me angel79. So scared but I know I have to go through with it and praying I have been worrying for no reason but cant help thinkin the worst.

Am glad to hear you only have a cyst and nothing nasty dont they drain cysts anymore? Also did they tell you there and
then your results?

Thanks foe your time big hugs x

Thanks angel79 I have been trying to keep busy but find my mind wanders during the evenings and then I sit and think. I will let u all know how I get on after monday thank you x

Feeling sick with worry today as have started getting shoulder pain in right shoulder same as lump is in right breast. Done probably the worst thing ever and googled pain in shoulder blade and advanced breast cancer came back at me. Feel so sick and scared :frowning: sorry for the moaning everyone just can’t really talk to anyone else about it.

Thanks for the reply poemsgalore - I feel a bit better now like you said I have been so stressed for the past few weeks I am probably carrying all the tension in my back! I wont be in a rush to google again everything is so negative on there! I have my appointment 2:10 on Monday I am a bit worried about it but I know I have to get it done and I pray for a good outcome.

Ladies like you are so inspirational and If I hadnt of found this forum im not sure what I would of done! as no one in my family mother, nan etc has ever gone through this

I will update monday to let you all know how I got on
Sending positive thoughts and hugs xx

Hi Hun bun hope your doing ok … When I went to private appointment the lady was lovely , she done the ultrasound which showed two lumps … She waited to do a biopsy there and then but I couldn’t afford it … I’ve my appointment in triple assessment public this Wednesday … Can’t wait for all this to be over and done with … Sending you positivity and lots of luck that you get good results xxx

Hi shopaholic1982 . Sorry to hear that your still waiting like me did they say what they thought your lumps could be when you had your ultrasound? I have my appointment tomorrow at 2:10 told I will see consultant first then ultrasound then I guess we will just go from there! Couldn’t sleep last night just keep thinking its going to be bad news tomorow and feel really nervous and scared for the appointment!

Sending positive thoughts and hoping you also get good results on wednesday please update us and I will update you all tomorrow got my fingers crossed :frowning:


She didn’t really tell me much to be honest other than saying she was a bit concerned and that she’s like to stick a needle in it … She was going to do biopsy then and there but couldn’t afford it … Fingers crossed its nothing and we both get good results xxx