Xmas presents!

I know it’s a bit early still but what do you (realistically) fancy getting for Xmas this year? (apart from a magic wand to wave bye bye to medical things!)

I’m trying hard at the moment to divert myself from unpleasant things by planning ahead for Xmas as I love Xmas time and all the preparation and especially planning what to get for people etc. Looking through brochures and making lists is proving good therapy for me at the moment!

My 7 yr old is currently undertaking extensive research from the Argos catalogue before writing his letter to Santa. I only let him ask for one thing and so far it’s probably going to be Golden Balls (a board game!!). So, Santa has got off lightly there.

I have the Harrods Christmas Hamper brochure and see they have a very nice “Chairman’s Choice” hamper in there for only £5000! (I once ordered a food processor from them and am now on their posh mailing list!) That’s probably a bit out of dh’s budget though so instead I’m hoping for a Radley purse.

Anyone else?!


A magic wand would be nice. How about a nice long dream where I have two lovely pert breasts, long flowing hair and less wrinkles, laying on a beach topless!!! yeah right…

Great Idea Nicola!! This is just the conversation I need.

I hadn’t thought but until you mentioned Xmas I fancied some tree lights in my front garden. Maybe somethig silly too. Might not have anouther year of father Christmas so potentially very excited.

I Moved house in May and so this will be our first chrissy here. Fancy doing something I wouldn’t have bothered doing before too! Not enough to get on This Morning but just a little Jazzy to say “Hey, I’m still having Christmas!!”

Mind you I have been therapy shopping on the internet and already spent a fortune with Boden, Pumpkin Patch, some online perfume site from America, Dixons (fancy new LCD TV), hmm…better stop now, no money left for my garden lights!!!

Hi Nicola

I’m planning on wearing my long blonde wig for Christmas and fancy a gorgous black dress to make me feel great (or as good as I can under the circumstances). I, too, absolutely love Christmas and everything to do with it. My kids are four and one and the whole thing will be so much fun seeing their little faces opening pressies!

I’m excited already!

Hi Nicola 71 great posting probably getting our minds of BC for a bit I went to B&Q yesterday and we spent a fortune on xmas things new tree and all the new baubles and loads of tinsel. I was diagnosed with BC last December and we had just moved house a week before so it was really quite bad. We moved back to Scotland from England and it was really awful finding this happen to me.I had my masectomy 3 weeks after being here I

sorry my computer just went funny where was I cant even remember what we did on xmas day as life was such a blurr I am now finding life a bit better and I know we will have a wonderful xmas this year. Done the masectomy and the chemo (no rads) I have now found a new job which is good I do feel life is good but I also feel my life will never be the same again. I think I am BRAVE then some some nights I go to bed take my Arimadex then I lie awake and think is this my last night. Please dont think I feel self pity its just this scare will it come back. My husband is of no help as he thinks OI am cured he doesnt understand any aff my feelings. I do feel I have been too brave during all this and to-night it has all came back to me. I never thought I would have to have come on here and say this, Please tell me if anyone feels the same or is it just me Thanks So Much linda xx

Hi there

Christmas has always been my most hated time of year… hard to explain, but suffice to say we had “economonical difficulties” when I was a child. However this is EXCEPT for this year, as having being diagnosed in early June, Christmas has been my milestone for end of chemo and op, and on the road to rads and recovery.

So I have found myself willing it to come along so that over half of my journey is over. Our difficulties are in the past and my family and I are hoping for a great Christmas now. Sadly my Dad won’t be with us this year so that will bring it’s own difficulties, but at least we can celebrate something.

Cecelia. x

Hi All

I have ordered up a new hair dryer! My husband wrecked the two I had defrosting our ancient freezer a couple of weeks ago. I hope to have some actual hair to dry by Christmas. Otherwise an nice new inflated boob would be good, plus rads over and done with.

Let’s just celebrate getting there. Personally I have had worse times when my mum died over Christmas in 2003.

Not meant to sound dismal, but we do have a lot to be grateful for! Wecan celebrate something as Cecelia says.



Are you having tissue expansions done Dilys? I’m still to have my first one and might get two expansions in before Xmas if they get on with it. Peacocks do some lovely vest and knicker sets for only about £3 or £4 each of which I already have a few but having been a C cup before, I’m currently barely an A on one side and nothing on the “bad” side. But… you’ve given me an idea - if I have some expansions done, I might buy myself something a bit more expensive to wear…

i’m hoping of for a machine washable cashmere sweater (how do they do that??) from m&s…and shopping for a nintendo ds for my seven year old. she has kept up her campaign for 8 months - i just hope she isn’t disappointed my the reality of it…
great thread - i’m another xmas lover and this year it feels really good to focus on it…

Will have finished my rads by christmas (next monday in fact)
All my building work to be finished
then have got two glorious weeks christmas shopping for the first two weeks of December in San Francisco, staying with dear friends
We did nt have a holiday in the summer as i was going through chemo so this is going to more than make up for it.
Worked out we can take six suitcases so thats two for clothes and four for gifts!!
can’t wait

Hi All

Well thought would join in about xmas. For the first year ever, I am organised. After being dx in July and not knowing how I would be for my children (3 and 1 (next week)), I have got all their birthday and christmas pressies already and my sisters little baby, who is a week older than mine (he is 1 tomorrow). So am so organised and impressed with myself, and if I do feel crap then at least they have all their pressies.

Takes your mind off all this too, to get into the spirit of it. I hate shopping at the best of times, but crimbo is different, although not quite got the energy as normal. Just had 2nd tax, so only one more chemo to go.

Jools, what a fab holiday and soooooooooo jealous. We too missed out on our hols this year, as had to cancel, but might try florida and disneyland in March.

Anyway, hope everyone doing ok today.


Hi All,

I dont care what I get for xmas to be honest, I will be just happy to have finished chemo - I finish chemo at end of Nov so I would like to say some hair but I very much doubt it. I will enjoy seeing my nephews and nieces opening there pressies just to see there faces is enough for me.

As for the holiday me and OH may be going to India next April as we were meant to be going to Sorrento in July but was dx in July so that went out of the window so we are planning somewhere special next year.

But if I could wish for anything in the world it would have to be a cure for the bl**dy disease.

Love to you all


Gosh. Linda: you don’t have to be brave. It sounds like you are doing so well…Maybe its just all been too much. Being positive “gets me down!!!” sometimes.

My third chemo is due in the week inbetween Christmas Day and New Years; yeeha!! Not expecting much as you can probably understand. Just worried about my hubby and him getting through it all in one piece too. He ironed for the first time yesterday, whilst watching a repeat of X-Factor! I just watched him. It was lovely. Lets see how long it goes on for!?

I found out at the end of my summer holiday in July, so am hoping to go back to Italy, again with my family next summer. I like the blonde wig idea. Any good wig websites???

Don’t know what I want. To not feel too bad with chemo. To be halfway through and an MRI showing the tumor *is* shrinking?

We have decided not to go down to the in-laws this year. We didn’t last year, either, and it was much more relaxing. No 500 mile trip one wya with two young kids, all the pressies hidden in the roofbox, then getting it all packed up to come home again another 500 miles a few days later.

Instead we are going down to Edinburgh for the weekend and staying in the lovely, posh Balmoral. We’ve done this twice before right at Christmas time, and it is a real bargain as they just aren’t busy and really reduce their rates (book online for the best deals). The staff are wonderful, and you are right there on Princes Street. The Christmas market is wonderful. And both years they gave us a room with a view of the castle. They are wonderful with the children, too. Opulence! And we are going to see The Wizard of Oz. Exciting! I love the theatre, and the kids do, too. Last year we say ChittyChitty BangBang, and it was pure magic.

We’ll come back home for Christmas. Last year hubby did most of the cooking and did a superb job. I have a feeling he might do it again this year. Just hope the chemo doesn’t knock me out too much, but we think from the timing, we ought to be OK.

Ooooh, Edinburgh sounds lovely. We last stayed there when I was (heavily) pregnant with my now 7 yr old. It was mine and dh’s last few days of “just the two of us” and my poor feet were so tired from all the waddling around I did. I remember baby being startled when we stopped at the castle to listen to the cannon go off. He didn’t move again for about 20 mins, I think he was scared stiff of the big noise, bless him! He still loves it when I tell that story to him! We were staying in a £50 a night travel lodge type place though. Not quite the Balmoral but maybe one day… I remember seeing that hotel and dh saying “we’ll stay there one day”. Well, a promise is a promise!

Oooooo, Chistmas, I’ll be nearly done with chemo, with only one Tax left (between Christmas and New Year) and we will be in our new house.

So my Christmas wish is for a new kitchen!!! It will be our first house together, I met my partner 2 years ago, and we lived 120 miles apart. Just over a year later I sold my house and moved in with him, but his place is a bit small for us, so we’ve been house hunting. We had a house fall through in May, and I was dx in July, and looking back, I’m glad we lost that one, it needed so much work and would have been too much for us. We have just had the most stress-free house purchase imaginable! We are not selling his just yet, as again, the new house needs work, so partner wants me to stay here until the house is ready. So no downward chain. The house we are buying is empty, no upward chain! So I’m really looking forward to our first Christmas in our first house, and he has promised the kitchen will be finished bless him.

So for many reasons, Christmas this year is going to be special. And I’m looking forward to starting 2008 with the prospect of no more chemo!!!


Nicola, I’m guessing right before Christmas you would be getting very good deals. That is why we stayed there the first time two years ago on our trip down to Oxfordshire. The hotel isn’t even half-full, I’m guessing. Hubby tried phoning them last week, and the prices weren’t that great, but he found a much better deal on the internet. He’s making a special effort, with what is going on this year. A week later and it is bumper prices and booked out months (years?) in advance because of Hogmanay!

What I’m getting for Xmas is… a day off radiotherapy!! Will be there on Xmas Eve and Boxing Day, so will welcome the day away from the hospital. I went away on holiday last year over Xmas and loved it, but not to be this year… so I’ll plan for next year! And hey, I get New Year’s Day off too!

Never mind Xmas… just roll on 2008 :slight_smile:


What I really want for xmas is my hair. It’s starting to grow, but I think I’ll still be a scarf lady by then. We’re going skiing in the Feb half term, so I will hope for hair then instead.