Your thoughts please: Ideas for secondary breast cancer symbol

Hi everybody

As promised, this is a new thread for you to discuss the ideas for a symbol or emblem to identify secondary breast cancer as a cause in its own right.

Just to recap, there are three symbols currently under discussion

  1. A candle (pink, black, and maybe yellow for the flame)
  2. A circle (circle with arrows with perhaps the lettering SCAN TREAT REPEAT in the centre and the circle gradually becoming lighter in shade)
  3. A pink ribbon with black edging

This thread is yours to debate the options.

Best wishes


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PS Our giftshop team will be happy to input if you’d like any feasibility assessment for manufacturing the symbol as a pin and they’ll report tomorrow on the early view of option 3.

Thanks ,Nicole ,I’m in favour of a pink and black ribbon.
As its already a BC symbol and the black is to remember our lost friends and the never ending treatments.

Can the ribbon be a bit like the mans but black and pink on the other piece of ribbon at the back as this may be easier to get going than the black edge so we are not still debating next year and hopefully can get our own pin.
Helen x

Hi, I think, for the ease of universal recognition, the pink ribbon edged in black is the best choice.

I agree with you ladies, pink ribbon with black edge, everyone knows what the pink ribbon represents and to edge it with black will get peoples attention and raise awareness
Janette x x

I think pink and black ribbon too, as others have said, it represents hope and sadness.

I agree with the other post both here and previous posts. Pink ribbon with black edge.

I think that “scan, treat, repeat” is more positive than the black edging, as it does imply some hope for us.  Maybe the edging could be made of that wording in small letters?

Ha 2catlady, well done to notice the change : )
Some years ago I tried making a pink fabric ribbon with black edges, but much better if BCC can make it as a pin badge!

Thank you, belinda - and other well-wishers!


I still have two homemade pink-and-black candles here, probably I`ll ask for them to be lit at my funeral  (thanksgiving service).

Yes, very articulate Bumpkin. I too agree with the pink ribbon with black edge.



There are some really poignant comments on this thread that reflect how hard it is to stay positive. Being brave is exhausting! Sparing primary ladies the truth,why do we do it? there is no such thing as being cured with breast cancer, I had 14 years before a recurrence, yet I find myself almost apologising to ladies I meet who have ‘beaten’ it because they don’t want to be reminded of what could happen to them. I’ll admit it, I feel so envious of them as well.
My last sadness is that I truly believe that there will be a cure for cancer in the next 20-30 years, so I’ll just miss out. Bit depressing, sorry, just felt like venting…

It’s interesting that there is very little information available about regional recurrence and what there is is also unclear. I developed skin metastases after my initial loco-regional recurrence and although it’s not classed as secondaries it’s just as incurable. I was told probably 2-3 years survival following that diagnosis, but a bit longer with a good response to chemo.


Bumpkin so well said, very touching, truthful and it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye!!
SBC needs to be highlighted sooo much women need EDUCATION!!! I had never even heard of mets before my dx last year, how can you have breast cancer that is not in your breast??? i thought they had got it wrong.
I feel like i want to shout it from the roof tops…LADIES YOU ARE NEVER “ALL CLEAR”
hugs Janette x x

Hi JulieD - No, I don’t find your comments upsetting or offensive. As far as I’m concerned if it’s incurable it’s no different to secondary cancer. I do use the secondary sections now and have found it really helpful, though I haven’t been on the Forum much over recent months. I’ve received a lot of support for which I’m very grateful. There are a few of us who have skin mets and so someone set up a thread specific to it, which is really useful. On a very positive note, I just found out yesterday that, following a good response to Gem Carbo chemo, I’m now NED!

Bumping up too. Great news Flori
hugs Janette x

Thanks ladies. Wishing you all NED and looking forward to getting the pin to raise awareness.



Dear All

Your positive responses to this thread have been amazing and very informative to read. We are sharing all the responses with various departments within Breast Cancer Care. As yet we do not have a timeline established and this is a first step in user input regarding the new pin badge. We will be engaging with other people who have or are affected by secondary breast cancer for their thoughts as well. I fully understand that now you are seeing some movement forward you are eager to see that movement take on speed. There are processes which we need to follow and we will keep you posted as to how it is all going.

Thank you all once again for your continued support of each other and Breast Cancer Care.

Best wishes


Forum Coordinator

Dear All

Thank you again for all your responses. This thread has definitely been used for its intention of discussing a symbol or emblem to identify secondary breast cancer as a cause in its own right. I have read the responses to my post this morning and I can hear the frustration already. Breast Cancer Care is an organisation which does have processes to follow and people to answer to. The stage we are in at the moment is talking to people who have secondary breast cancer, of which you are an important part of. We will also consult with others who have secondary breast cancer but do not use the forums.

I understand that you want concrete answers and dates but sadly that is not something I am able to give you as I simply don’t have them. I do assure you though that this is not something I want to allow to fade away and promise to keep you posted and updated as it moves along. I also know, because you have told me, that time is of an essence and I understand the fear that you won’t be here to see the end result.

You are all an important part of this process, we started with you! And I thank you for your continued engagement with this and I will do my best to keep you all informed of the progress we are making.

Best wishes


Dear Everyone

I am sorry you are feeling disappointed and let down with regards the pin. The gift shop will be marketing a new butterfly pin this summer, as per their marketing plan, and felt it would be an idea to dedicate it to secondary breast cancer. With this in mind they opted to consult with you, the forum users, to choose which you felt most appropriate. There was an overwhelming majority that considered the butterfly not to be an appropriate dedication for secondary breast cancer and that a new or different pin would be better. Listening to your feedback and respecting the views of the majority the butterfly pin will not be used as a dedication to secondary breast cancer and this new thread was started for you as a group to discuss different pin/badge options and ideas.

We are still listening to what you want and really want to help and support you with this, but this is now a new and different project and as such will need to go through organisational processes. Listening to your views is the first step of this process; we also have other people affected by secondary breast cancer that we will include in this consultation, for instance Breast Cancer Voices . As this pin/badge will be a new addition to Breast Cancer Care, costing and feasibility will need to be established.  Designs agreed and improved, budget allocated and prototypes commissioned. This unfortunately takes time and I hear the understandable groans as I say this.

At this moment I do not have a timeline and I am so very sorry for that. Metastatic breast cancer is not secondary in importance it is very much equal to all the other areas of breast cancer we support.

With best wishes


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Hi all
I’m writing this in hospital. Now on palliative care. An effort to post so this will be my last to the forum. I’ve other uses for quality time, you’ll understand. Good to know some of you on here over the years.
Let’s keep pressing for better sbc awareness in UK
X x x