Anyone from East Kilbride/Glasgow area?

hi all

Yeah managed to get some rest today, the snow has came on again here hope there is lots tomorrow so the girls can go outand build more snowmen i am in stepps.

I didn’t know you had to book the feel good day I will need to call them… Think I will go along soon could be doing with something to make me feel better about myself !!I will call the number you left sharon.

You seem to be having a nightmare just now Pauline take will speak soon

lol jo x

Hi All

Pauline, no I havent made the cakes, I usuall only make them when I have someone to feed them too. Im big enough hehe!! I have 2 weeks till the Rads start. Im treatment free at the mo Yay. Hope you are feeiling better.

Jo, Im on the Look good course on the 16th Feb so If you manage to get on that I could meet up with you.

Sharon, Are you feeling OK? Unfortunatly the more drugs in your system the worse it feels, Hopefully it will only be for another few days till you are back on your feet.


Morning people…

Hope we are all doing fine today.
I am feeling a bit better today after the doc seen me @ the house yesterday afternoon…got some drugs…so they have worked so far!!!
Still to have bloods taken today…joy.
Will tell you all a bit about myself…will keep it brief.
I am 39…have no children but live with the big kid aka OH.I work as a nurse in the SGH.Love life & hope to stick around for a good while yet.
Take care & keep your spirits up…no vodka @ the mo.

Hi sorry not been on, was really knackered past few days, tried to go out Frid afternoon but had to come back home, felt as though legs were stuck in treacle and was really light headed.
Feeling better now, not going out though as nice and warm in here :slight_smile:

I’m 34, single and have no kids (which I did want but not thinking too much about that just now), I work for the MoD in Glasgow and live in a 1 bed flat, love life, my family and friends, enjoy going out all time whether it be fun nights out or lunches or dinners.
Hope that doesn’t sound like a singles add!! Hahaha

Hope you guys are doing good, P hope your feeling better.
You will get there in the end

Hugs and positive thoughts to all

Sharon xxxx

Hey Sharon…
You sound like a very upbeat kind of gal…bet you have a wicked sense of humour too.
Just back from RAH…marker clip now in situ via ultasound…was not too bad in the grand scheme of things.Discussed my chemo too…will be reducing the amount of 5FU in the FEC regime.My GI system has been well upset…still is!!!No chemo again this week!!!
Still theres hope for me next week.
Hope you feel better yourself…need to get the family to spoil you rotten.Ifound I slept loads with the FEC…SO GET YOUR FEET UP.Its too cold to be going out galavanting.
Waiting for the benefits people to arrive this afternoon so they can fill out the DLA form…to much work for me
Jo & Angela what have you been up to over the weekend?
Everybody,crank up the heating.
Sending you all a big hug


HI everyone,

Had such a busy weekend!!!

I am 32 married with 2 girls aged 4 & 2 which keeps me very busy…
I work part-time doing marketing for a wholesaler. I like running, going out with my friends and family I also do enjoy the odd bottle of red wine.

I am planning to do the 10k this year, I done the 5k last year the race for life, which was so strange didn’t know i would be running for my self…

I have been feeling great all weekend, my brother took the girls on friday so I had some curry and a bottle of wine and watched a dvd, it was good to get a nite off. whent for lunch on sat to the Loft in ashton lane (west end), with my brother and his girlfriend then whent back to his to have more wine.

I called the maggies centre,no answer i will need to call them back.

I have got to go for my chemo this friday at the Beatson, not looking forward to that !!!

lol jo x

Hi girls
I’ve found that I have been really positive since I was diagnosed, nothing seems to phase me at the moment, just can’t understand where all this is coming from, even friends and family are saying how well I’ve reacted. I always have a smile on my face, even did before all this.

I haven’t been sleeping that much, although my body is really knackered this past couple of times but it only lasts few days, funny how before this I could sleep my life away.
I can’t eat curries, add chillies to meals or drink red wine anymore, tastes buds are now officially shot, crisps are also tasteless :frowning: i will have a lot of catching up to do when this is over, heehee!!

I wish I could have been out over weekend, did get a few invites but just enjoyed lazing on couch, keep trying maggies, i left a message and it took a few days for them to call back, also happened for angela.

Sharon xx

Hi Girls

havent been on in a while, sorry… Seems as though we are reintroducing ourselves so…

Im 34 Living with a great guy (yes I know Im lucky) was just looking to try for kids before this kicked of… charming eh! I am a computer programmer (such a geek). I was diagnosed in June 2008. That was fun!! I went for a biopsy and was told it was clear, went for another Biopsy a week later and was told that it was also clear. My lump was 4x2x2 and because of the size the surgeon wanted to remove it anyway. Once it was tested it was confirmed as cancer grade 3 with lymph npdes involved. Im tripple negative and I had to go for another operation for a mastectomy… so Im now lop sided!! Had embrios frozen (2) that was fun sticking needles into my own somach!. I started chemo in August and have been finished about 4 weeks now Yay. Start my Rads next Tues so I have that to look forward to. Hopefully I will be back at work in April… Once the Rads are done there is nothing else they can do for me since im tripple negative so I just have to move on from there. I can see an end in sight though, Yay

Hope you gals are all doing ok.


I found this this morning, its a free elizabeth arden make up kit worth £12, all you have to pay for is the postage, you need the discound code of YNEA1 to get it. Thought you might be interested. I bought it just now. Something nice for pampering yourself.


Hi Sharon and other ladies,
how are you doing Sharon i met you at the look good feel good day at Maggies i was the one with the same wig as yours.Hope you are feeling a bit better this week,it was really nice meeting everyone and being able to talk about treatments and side effects.I had my 4th Epi yesterday and am still doing well no side effects yet although i know this could change when i go onto my CMF but hopefully not.I am going back to work on 25th FEB as i am keeping well just now and know i might need time off later, i work as Pharmacy Tech at Yorkhill Hosp have spent my career making up chemo for other people only to end up getting it myself.I am married with 2kids aged 12 and 14.Love going for walks eating out and drinking ha ha havn’t been put off that yet. Will try to log in more often to see how you are all doing take care everyone and chins up xxxx

Evening everyone…
You are all sounding in good form.
Not much news from this neck of the woods barr the ongoing saga of my GI problem.Getting sick of tablets …hate them with a passion…but I am hell of a good @ handing them out to other people.
How long do I need to stay attatched to the toilet for? Think I will start taking bets.
Getting very weary now with this.I had been doing ok prior to this.
Sorry,need to cut this short as the the toilet beckons again,

Hi eveyone

Angela… i couldn’t get on the look good course until the following monday the 23rd, which is a shame we could have met up.

Been really tired today think i am stressing myself about getting my chemo on fri. Great valentines i am going to have … Any of you doing something nice for the weekend (health permitting ) of course.

Take care lol
jo x

good morning

Angela the maggies centre just phoned, said they could fit me in this monday 16th hope you are still going will catch up with up if you want

lol jo x

Hi girls

And big hello to tracy, great you managed to find us on this site.
Great to hear your doing good, I did on my FEC but now had 2 Tax and its been a bit harder, body looses energy after 2nd day for a few days, mouth has been bad, sore and dry, have mouth wash to take and a gel. Taste buds shot also, but appart from that I’m still good.
Was good to meet everyone on the course, it was good afternoon. Myself and Angela went on a cooking course which was really fab as we got to eat what we made and it all tasted great.
Please keep in touch.

Angela which web site did you find the make-up set on?

P- hope your off the toilet now, just remember it make feel like this is going on forever but it wont really.

Jo- don’t get yourself stressed just go with it, we all need this to get better, you can’t afford to get yourself stressed out, focus on something else to take you mind of it, you have 2 beautifull girls to keep you going (focused). I was really stressed when I got my first Tax but once it was in I thought, to hell with this stress just get on with it, we put ourselves through enough stress in day to day life for What? absolutely nothing! this is a major thing we’re going through, we have to focus on the good, positive things to get us through it all.
Sorry if that sounds terrible it wasn’t meant to, I just want you to get better.

Enough ranting from me for today

Hugs and positive thoughts to you all
Hang on in there girls we can do this!!!

i know i’ve already been on the course but I’m jealous you guys are going to be able to meet up xxx

Oh and no plans for the weekend yet, prob most people will be doing things with their partners xxx

Morning girls…
Looks like a nice bright but cold day…wish I could go out.LGFB workshop had to be re-arranged again for beg of March…Angela& Jo I hope you both have a fab time.You must go out for dinner after being well glammed up!!!
Awaiting result of sample today…maybe its the old C-DIF caused by the 5FU.Onc team are suggesting my dose of this be reduced or stopped.Taxane is the next option.Still all will need to be confirmed.
Not doing anything special this weekend…How I long for a curry or a mean fish supper…they do great ones in Oban…the one across from borders bookshop.I am starving all the time now…will make up for it big time.Love talking about food but by far love eating it.
Need to be content with my BRAT diet just now & dirolyte sachets…bless.
Take care everyone & look after yourselves.
Love & hugs
Pauline xxx

hi sharon

Thanks for your support i know what you mean about staying focused just feeling tired!!

Maybe we should all meet up for a coffee soon…

Ive got no plans this weekend the girls are going to stay with my mum on sat so me and hubby have a nite off. Dont think we are going out he said he will make my dinner for a change… He will probably phone a take away or go to marks & spencers.

take care lol

jo xx

Hi Jo, Thats good you got onto the course next monday. Sharon thought it was great so it should be a good afternoon. Hope you are felling a little better, just remember its only a few days till pampering for us!! You are right, we should all meet up.

Sharon, the code doesnt work now, it was only valid yesterday and I got a slap on the wrist from the moderators fpr posting it on here… Opps. I had emailed it to a couple of friends and they tried last night but it had already expired, sorry. You could always meet up with Jo and I after the course if you want. If Jo had time to of course.

Pauline, I hope you are felling better, I think maybe a good book sitting in the bathroom may be called for if you are spending so much time there hehe, just promise us the computer doesnt make its way in there hehe

Hi Tracy, glad you could join us. If you get a chance for the cooking course Sharon talked about, go, it was a good day. It was also great getting out of the house for a while.

I have just found out that my Rads have been put back 4 days because they want to use a different machine on me. Thats just since having the CT scan… Wondering what they saw to change their minds!! Its a bit of a bummer though because work have stoped paying me so I need to get back asap. Was planning to go back first week in April but that would mean I only have 1 week between the end of Rads and the begining of work… may have to rethink.

I have talked the OH into taking me to “Two Fat Ladies” for dinner on Friday, He refuses to go out on the Saturday, says its to busy and money grabbing!! but I still get a nice meal out this weekend so Im not complaining.

Hi again,
Ang…how long have you been off work for.Have you claimed disability living allowance?I have been off work for 3 months now …have had only 3 cycles of Fec so far.Got a home visit from the benefits people as come May I will go on to half pay.Does your employer not do the same?
Have you thought about applying for a McMILLAN grant? Worth a shot.Are you getting a phased return to work when you do go back.Your employers have to be very kind to you!!!
Enjoy your meal on friday…need to report back what you had.
Take care all