Bra advice following lumpectomy

Hi all,

I’m having lumpectomy surgery next week and looking for advice as to what bra I need to buy, something soft yet supportive and obviously non-wired.

Is there a particular brand you recommend please?


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Hi @sunshine7

I’m sure someone will share their advice with you but in the meantime, you may find this thread useful, in which members discuss different kinds of bras they’ve tried, what worked for them and what didn’t: Number of bras! - Diagnosed with breast cancer / Recently diagnosed with breast cancer - Breast Cancer Now forum

Sending our warmest,


Hi sunshine . I had a lumpectomy 3 weeks ago . Marks and Spencer do front fastening post surgery bras .
Make sure you have front fastening pyjamas too .
After about a week , I wore my non wired sports bra in the day and the post surgery bra in bed . Good luck x


Hi Sunshine
I had M&S front fasting bras (don’t foreget when you purchase to get vat removed just fill in a form at till ) I also used soft crop tops to sleep in which are comfy as well , the postop bras do help with keeping swelling down . Good luck with your surgery x


Many thanks Lucy.


Thanks klf,
I never thought about front fastening nightwear. x


Thanks charlottebee, I’d better get looking.

My surgery is next week and I’m dreading it. x


Hi Sunshine
Please don’t worry I have had 3 and each time was fine , front fasting blouse or top to go home in it’s mainly the dressing they put on for the first 24/ 48 hours make it difficult lifting your arm , you will find the nurses are lovely and give you support and advice , do let us know how you get on x


Hey all! I had fun trying to find bras etc suitable for post surgery. This is what worked for me.

  1. M&S crop tops (3 pack) for immediately after surgery and to sleep in later on.
  2. Tesco crop tops (2 pack) for when more support was needed - but not too much.
  3. Asda front fastening sports bras. About £14 and perfect for more support and low under arms so don’t rub on slnb scar.

I didn’t buy front fastening nightwear. Just my usual pjs in a larger size. M&S cropped pjs at £12.50. These also worked well when I had a drain/drain pouch after axillary node clearance.

Other items I found useful are a heart shaped pillow from Cancer Research UK online shop, drain bag from flat friends online store (got one from breast care nurse too).

Hope this helps. The info shared by others has helped me massively. Thank you xx


Hi pinkisbetter,

Thanks for your help and suggestions
Were the M&S crop tops the seamless ones?

I think I’ll need to send for a pillow. I’m having a lumpectomy on both boobs, I usually sleep on my side so I doubt I’ll get much sleep lying on my back!

Thanks again.

Hi - I bought a zip up front fastening sports type bra from sainsbury’s. Really supersoft and comfy. Easier to do up than hook and eye fixings too :grin: Also only around a tenner, so not too expensive. I also went for front fastening pj’s - and a front zipped up hoodie type top for coming home after surgery. Something nice and comfy.
I see your comment about side sleeping, I do this too. I bought a ‘v’-type pregnancy / breast feeding pillow. Was great for supporting me at night and helped me sleep on my back. Good luck with your surgery x

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Yes, M&S seamless crop tops £18 for 3 x

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Hi Water72,

Thanks for your reply.
A zip up front fastening bra sounds great :slight_smile:
I’ll have to sort out some front fastening pj’s, as I’ve always wore a nightdress.

The v-shaped pillow sounds ideal for me if I have to sleep on my back. I’ll also have to ban my cats from the bedroom or they’ll be leaping on top of me! :smiley:

Thanks for the good luck wishes x

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Thank you x

Yes really needed them !
Hope it goes okay x

Hi charlottebee,
Thanks for the reasurrance, it helps a lot.
Good idea to take in a front fastening top.

I’ll keep you posted x

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I had a lumpetomy last thursday and have brought Asda front fastening support bras £16 for two a d they are so comfortable


I second the Asda ones. Still wearing them 5 months on! I also got a sports bra from M and S which I wear to bed (still bit swollen post radiotherapy). Please try not to worry too much about the op. You will be sore for a few days but honestly it is very manageable as long as you keep on top of paracetamol and ibuprofen :heart:


I don’t get on with front fastening bras. I am probably a funny size and found them either too tight or loose. I like the adjustability of the hook and eye option.

I bought some sports bras from Decathlon. I fasten them at the front, then swizzle it round before putting my arms into the straps.

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My lumpectomy scar was round my nipple so if that’s the case with you then I found I could not wear a bra with a seam in the cup for months until it had all healed up. (they had 3 goes at getting the blighter out)

Also my SNB scar was highish in my armpit and again normal bras just hit that spot, so crop tops that come up higher in the armpit to go over it were my go to for a long time.

In fact I now prefer crop tops as they fit better as one boob is now smaller than the other and normal bras tend to show up the difference more

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