Liverpool Meet Up, IDEAS??

Hi R,
No,I’ve finished Chemo for the time being-thank goodness! Will be carrying on with Herceptin though.Having 7th one next Thursday.They are going to give me another MRI scan in July to see what’s happening in my liver,so maybe more Chemo then! I’ve been to work a couple of days this week.Tired now though! Having a bit of a school reunion on Sunday with three friends which should be good.
Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!
Love Alli x

Ta Al
How is everyone?

Hi Liverbird
I’ve just caught up with this thread, can i tag along to?

Liz x

Hi all … got my t shirt at the ready … is there a dress code in the restaurant ??? was gooona wear ne best jeans
maz xxx

I am so jealous I can’t be there -you have to all take your diaries and let me know of next meet - hiowever I wlll then be the new girl and you will all know each other and I am so shy -----------------

Gi all

Oh Mary, don’t be shy! Have we decided on Pink T-Shirts then? I am well looking forward to this. I think we are from a truely wonderful and unique city and I feel honoured to be part of this group meet!

Was at the MaCartney gig last night. How wonderful, had a ball. Decided I am going to go to many more of this type of event! Shame about the queues, put us in a bad light.

Were any of you lot there? If any of you are interested, my quote to the reporter is on the BBC website, just below a photo of Wayne Rooney!


HI all
afraid I wont be there either. I’m up in liverpool for a couple of things over the next few weeks , mid June and for the tall ships in July so coming up from London probably wouldnt be an option.
Can I ask where you are all up to in your treatments ? have any of you finished ? I feel a bit in limbo at the moment , I finished my 9mths last thursday and have my next follow up appt on July 8th.

(Irene my sister went last night and said it was fab too)

Hi mazaroo,
Cafe Rouge is just a French style cafe so very casual and relaxed.Wear whatever you’re comfy in.

Hi busylizzie,
Got you on the list. There’s now 9 of us.

Hi Irene,
I saw Macca the last two times he was in Liverpool,so didn’t go this time.Watched it on telly though.He was great but he was struggling to hit those high notes! It was lovely that he dedicated one of the songs to Linda.

Hi maryfrod and cally,
It’s a pity you can’t make it but we’'ll do another one when you can.

Alli x

Any of you Liverpool ladies at LMU this Thursday?
Alli x

Cally .and mary …soz we wont meet you deffo next one …Cally u asked boiut treatment I was lucky enough to escape rads and chemo just WLE on left and mastectomy on right no node involvement on Tamoxifen and all its side effects since last Nov when I had my surgery had a recon in Jan and got a follow up appt on 01 july …got off lightly compared to all the rest of you … I sometimes feel a fraud for coming on here when I listen to your stories ,worried that I didnt have other treatment in case they left some lingering but I am sure the dox know what they are doing !! I hope
Really looking forward to seeing you all … lets kick some ass !!!

Maz xxx

Diag oct 06, full mast, aux clearance, chemo, rads, arimidex just changed to tamoxifen. Still on 3 mth checks at hosp.

Maz, don’t be daft. You have been through more than enough for anyone!


Hi - I would love to be included in your next meet - can’t make 4th as on a course at Macmillan centre. I’m from Preston.

Liz xx

Hi Lizzie

4th of which month?


Think I may be a bit tipsy, sorry just read your thread properly!

Good for you- I’ve just poured myself another glass. 4th July was’t it !

I’ve been following the thread and haven’t wanted to intrude but it would be good to meet up with northerners ! Do you live in Liverpool?

another glass? xx

Yes and yes! Just got another glass, chilled, white, lovely! From Liverpool, nr Aintree, Old Roan as mentioned somewhere on this site tonight (getting confused as jumping from thread to thread!).

Where are you from? Where are you now?

It would be great if you could meet us at the next one after July. I am sure it will get posted on here. I think it is great how us scousers seem to be able to get on with anyone and everyone!


I’m not a scouser but god I do love them. So easy to get on with and a damn good sense of humour. I remember years ago when I was looking for a job and phoned up where I am working now just to ask about the job (you following this ?) and I spoke to a lady who was a scouser and I thought yes ! love to work there.

I am actually from Llandudno and came to Preston when I was 16 - many years ago. 53 now but still consider my home as Wales.

I am having a glass or two of rose - thought I’d try it - very nice. Had three quarters of the bottle last night so just finishing it off !


Only a quarter of a bottle? You need more practice girl! I think Llandudno is luvely too! I love the wild sea and the tame prom! So agree with you re scousers though I suppose I am bias! But it shows from this thread how sociable we are. Any groups of folk from London arranged a get together? Sorry, hate Preston, souless, sorry.


Yeah - do you feel sorry for me? No more in the house ! Make up for it tomorrow - going out with sis and niece to somewhere “lively” they say ! No wig now so no chance of me taking that off and throwing it about in a made moment.

Preston souless? mecca of the north (as if !!)

My 2 girls have told me that they are going to leave me on the prom at Llandudno with the blue rinse brigade !

(think there is a London meet)


There prob is a London meet, just felt like being contentious!!! Anyway, enjoy your night out, arn’t sisters great? Well mine are. I know what it’s like to just have a 1/4 of a bottle in the house and it’s a bit of an uneasy situation. Do you raid the bottle of Creme de Menthe that is 12 yrs old? Or Do you abstain (is that spelt right? never had to spell it before!) and have a brew, water, or even go to bed?

That’s where I am off to. Night night Lizzie, and good luck with having to live in Preston (only joking, I’m sure it’s lovely if you have to live there!)