Request to join the Secondary breast cancer private discussion

You can request to join the Secondary breast cancer private group to join the discussion on our private category for those living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Please only request to join if you have already received a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer.


I get a “422 error” every time I try to request access, could you please check?

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Hi @ScarletBea, I reported this issue to our team.
We’ll keep you updated.

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I have been diagnosed and am on treatment for secondary breast cancer. When I request to join the group an error message comes up.

Hi @daffy, I added you to the private group now.

Also 422 Error - would like to join thanks

Thank you so very much.
Take care, Daffy

Hi @michellem55, we have contacted you by email while we sort out the request to access the private group.

I am getting the same error.

I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.

Can you add me please.


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Just tagging one of the moderators for you , seems to be happening to a lot of people .

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Thanks Jill. There are so many glitches since the website was changed. Very frustrating.
K x

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Hi @KazED, while we fix the glitches I have invited you to the group.

Hi @Bernard_BCN , it seems you’re adding everyone manually except me :frowning:

HI @ScarletBea, I have sent you an invitation to the private discussion now.

Happy to report that Matt and the team identified what was causing the error, and we’re fixing this.

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Ok so how do I join this group?Just by asking here? I have secondary breast cancer for the last two years and am currently on treatment.

Please let me know if possible?

Usually you would just click on the tab to request to join the private group but the link doesn’t appear to be working @Bernard_BCN can you also invite shamrock ?

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Help please I don’t seem to be able to request to join. I have had Secondary for about 5 years.

Hi @margaretb61, I added you to the private discussion.